Kamiki Carries the Spirit of Japan

Erhan Özden designed the packaging for Kamiki Whisky, a spirit that takes inspiration from Japanese tradition.

“Kamiki’s story takes place in a truly ancient land—one of spiritual and carnal harmony—in the temples of Nara in Japan.” 



“The ancient capital of Japan’s Nara Prefecture, Nara holds many temples from the 8th century that imperturbably give the holy capital its power. Ōmiwa Shrine in Nara is one of Japan’s oldest extant Shinto shrines. It is a tutelary shrine of the Japanese alcohol producers. Most well-known alcohol producer families are in Nara and these families have a centuries-old tradition of producing alcohol for Ōmiwa.”

The alcohol produced by these families is served as blessings at Shinto temples. One of the families that produce alcohol for Kamiki is one of the last Samurai families. Because of this our Logotype has a Samurai’s ‘Katana’ sword. The sword looks like a cut-out of our logotype like KA-MI-KI. Our name was Inspired by beautiful breezes coming from the ‘Mountain of the God’, so we named our whisky KAMIKI whereby ‘KAMI’ means ‘GOD’ and ‘IKI’ means ‘BREATH’. Swords cut the logotype and because of this our logotype is not in a horizontal or vertical form. This is the first logotype usage in the whisky category.”


Designer: Erhan Özden
Photographer: Bengü Akman Aynur
Brand: Kamiki Whisky
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Celebrate the Year of the Rooster With This Cognac

LINEA designed this exquisite cognac packaging in celebration for the Year of the Rooster.

“Especially designed for the Year of the Rooster, Maison Hardy is unveiling its new special bottle called NOCES D’OR SUBLIME. This original creation, presented by LINEA – the packaging design agency from the Spirits Valley – takes up the emblem of the Hardy family. All along its history the cognac company has always worked with top glass and crystal makers to present real master pieces. NOCES D’OR SUBLIME keeps up with this tradition. The ‘Noces d’Or’ historic bottle has been accessorized with a unique finishing touch in pressed glass. In the Art Nouveau style, a bas relief representing the Hardy rooster has been shaped in 3 dimensions using an innovating technique (presented by Martineau workshop). Then, a fully personalized glass mould has been created (thanks to Waltersperger glass makers). Each pressed glass plate is thus hand-cut, embossed and polished in order to assure its uniqueness for this ultra-limited edition. Eventually, this unique bottle is presented in a fully open box so that you can appreciate better the lighting effects obtained by the opalescence of pressed glass.”


Designed By: LINEA

Location: France

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Nami is the First Mexican Produced Sake

Ancla Studio has designed the packaging for Nami, the first sake that has been produced in Mexico.

“The challenge for us was to create a visual language that would both be beautiful but also speak to the wine enthusiast. We decided to tell a story that would position Mexican Sake as a Premium product without borders. 
Nami® means wave in Japanese. We executed a Kanji Stylized logo to keep in tune with the origin of Sake. The wave has a slight Hokusai style and the eagle takes inspiration from the Mexican depiction of our nation’s flag.”


Designed By: Ancla Studio

Location: Mexico

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Monashee Spirits: Made in the Mountains

Hired Guns Creative designed the packaging for Monashee, a new line of spirits.

“For Monashee Spirits, a new distillery amid the mountains in Revelstoke, BC, we were tasked with creating branding and labels that feel classic and playful, while communicating the giant scale of the local landscape.”



“We decided to focus on the image of a flying anvil, a juxtaposition of heavy and light. The anvil embodies the bold, handcrafted spirit of the company’s ‘Made in the Mountains’ tagline, while the wings lend a light-hearted twist and a nod to Revelstoke’s elevation. The strength of the image allowed us to build two versions of the brandmark: the first rendering is highly detailed and three-dimensional, perfect for the centerpiece of a large paper label; while the second is distilled to its essence for limited colour spaces or smaller contexts.”

“For the ‘Monashee’ typography, we created custom letterforms with an elegant upright stance and sharp angles set off by serifs that echo the base of the anvil. We designed the lineup using a shared palette of sepia tones contrasting with a bold shot of colour to differentiate each product. 

The diamond shape forms a motif that’s carried throughout, from the legal info to the background to the top of the stopper, as well as the decorative edges on the cap strap and neck strap that tie it all together.”


Agency: Hired Guns Creative
Photography: Sean Fenzl
Printing: Okanagan Label & Print 
Location: Canada

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Check Out This Unique Aphrodisiac Packaging

Geometry Global designed this electrifying packaging for Flora for Fauna, a line of aphrodisiacs geared specifically toward the Chinese market.

“Illegal wildlife trafficking has prevailed for centuries and today reaches an estimated market value of $19 billion USD (source: Havocscope). 
The demand for aphrodisiacs containing these ingredients is one of the drivers of this trade and has clearly led to the poaching of endangered animals and plants, many of which risk extinction.”

“China is a significant consumer of these aphrodisiacs, the ingredients for which are sourced from all over the world. The Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development became aware of the demand for its own wildlife species and wanted to stop this illegal activity. So they turned to Geometry Global Colombia, their partner agency since 2014 with whom they created several successful campaigns to save their marine ecosystems from the invasive Lionfish species.

Geometry took a novel approach. Instead of trying to change the behavior of the poachers, they would change the behavior of the consumers by subtly redirecting them towards sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

And Colombia has the perfect sustainable ingredient: the Chontaduro fruit, known as “Nature’s Viagra,” is believed to have powerful aphrodisiac powers and has been used for centuries by the Afro-Colombian communities of the Pacific Coast of Colombia.”

“Bringing in the expertise of Geometry’s Hong Kong office and WildBond Hong Kong, a conservation group dedicated to protecting endangered species, Geometry Global embarked on a complex project to invent new products with this fruit and create a new brand that would appeal to the Chinese buyer of erotic merchandise and aphrodisiacs.

Multiple products were developed including massage oil, candles, and an energy drink, and marketed under a provocative Chinese brand name (She Shou Tau, or ‘Orgasmic Peach’) with a compelling package design to suit this unique sales channel.”



“Edwin Pineda, ECD Geometry Global Colombia commented: ‘As an agency we focus on changing behavior. In this case we realized that it would be nearly impossible to change the behavior of illegal traffickers. So instead we focused on getting the buyers to switch brands at the moment of purchase. What a beautiful problem to solve!’

Juliàn Hernandez, ECD Geometry Global Hong Kong added, ‘Wildlife traffic is a global issue that requires global thinking. That’s why we’re thrilled with this collaboration, that has given us the chance to invent new products, a new brand, and craft an effective marketing and distribution strategy in China with the goal of saving endangered animals across the globe, while supporting farming communities in Colombia. It is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity.’”


Agency: Geometry Global 
Executive Creative Director: Edwin Pineda
Executive Creative Director: Julian Hernández
Creative Director: Julian Guarin Barkach
Art Director: Carlos Bedoya
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar
Chief Creative Officer: Juan Jose Posada
Location: Bogotá, Colombia

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If You Lust for Pizza, This Might Be For You

Do you lust after pizza on a regular basis? Then this project just might be for you. Futura designed the bold and funky packaging and branding for “The Pizza Affair.”

“When a French project’s name is ‘The Pizza Affair’, you can’t help but think of a passionate game of seduction and an impulsive desire for pizza. This is why we disregarded fraternal love, and we full on gamble for packaging that incorporates erotism found in 70s soft porn, using suggestive illustrations that seek not only to accomplish an unforgettable pizza box, but also inspires actual lust for food.

 The packaging for ‘The Pizza Affair’  is an invitation for seduction, an invitation to lust after pizza.”






Designed By: Futura

Location: Monaco

Year: 2017

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