Hilltop Cafe by Good Start Packaging

br> Ken Jacobus of Good Start Packaging visits with Ben Reed of Hilltop Cafe in Wilton, NH to learn about the local cafe in an historic farmhouse using fresh produce and eggs in their dishes right from the farm, just steps outside their back door.

195 Isaac Frye Hwy, Wilton, NH 03086



Essentially brand movie by CYRIL EBERLE

br> Essentially is about the power of plant based food. We believe everyone is entitled to live their healthiest potential therefore we created a no fuss approach to health and vitality that will give your body the components you need to live your best life. Our products are a superfuel mix of cold pressed juices, juice cleanses, dairy free nutmilks, essences, herbal infusions and deliciously creative dishes. Every product is carefully curated to promote body health and overall well-being. All Essentially products are raw, vegan, organic and sourced from the best. As entrepreneurs, there’s no greater feeling than providing a product or service that people feel will make their life better.

Director I Producer I Director of Photography: Cyril Eberle
Editor I Colourist: Maryam Foruhi
Music: Michael Meinl



Kinfolk Saturdays: Picking Berries by Kinfolk (kinfolk.com)

br> Our Kinfolk Saturdays film series is all about giving you lots of ideas for things to do on weekends, inspiring you to try new things and making the most of those precious days off.

This week is all about getting out there and picking your own berries (or fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc.!). We made a list of ideas of places to go here: http://ift.tt/1TjqAC3

Film by www.SeaChant.co
Sound Mix and Design by http://ift.tt/1XWWovr
Music by http://ift.tt/Yw2PGp



Kinfolk Saturdays: Flying High by Kinfolk (kinfolk.com)

br> Our Kinfolk Saturdays film series is all about giving you ideas for things to do on weekends. This week we head up up and away in a beautiful balloon!

The last thing you should do on weekends is go anywhere near an airport. Instead, perhaps you should fly high in a hot air balloon. Way back in 1783, the Montgolfier Brothers in Annonay, France, figured out how to send the first hot air balloon into flight by holding a flame near the opening at the bottom of a large, paper-lined silk balloon, causing it to lift into the air. We also advocate helicopter rides, air gondolas, blimps, zip lines, parasailing and jumping from tall cliffs into the sea. Try to fly!

Thanks to the Balloon Flying Service of Oregon.

Film by Andrew & Carissa Gallo of www.SeaChant.co. Photographs by Michael A. Muller. Music by Drew Thorson. Sound Design by Clint Snow.