Sơn Tinh Original Rượu

Sơn Tinh Original Rượu is a range of 12 Vietnamese traditional rice spirits and liqueurs comprising of a clear distillate, a Vietnamese version of port wine, 4 fruit liqueurs, and 6 herbal varieties.The diversity of flavours is reflected in the design elements, fonts and colors of each individual variety. 

The bottle has a traditional yet trendy appearance incorporating both Eastern and Western elements. The elegant and pronounced edges and curves reflect a strong conviction in the uniqueness of the product. The broad range of colours and fonts
are a centrepiece to Sơn Tinh’s philosophy of diversity, advocating curiosity and
experimentation. The values of craftsmanship and maturity of a traditional product are asserted via the hand-drawn fonts and graphics. In contrast to other Vietnamese spirits, which tend to adopt generic or regional denominations, the personal commitment to quality and distinction of the founder is attested to by the raised signature on the neck of the bottle. 

The bottle volume of 375ml was chosen to allow, in the Vietnamese way, the consumer to finish the bottle during a single session as an accompaniment to a sumptuous and hearty meal. Similarly, the fruit varieties are recommended to be enjoyed on ice and thus a bottle passes quickly between friends during a warm summer’s day. 
The name Sơn Tinh means “the essence or esprit of the mountains” but is also used in traditional Vietnamese folklore to denote the ‘mountain genie’. The three-peaked mountain logo, drawn by Hanoian artist Nguyen Anh Tuan, harks back to Eastern calligraphy and is actually the graphically rendered Sino-Vietnamese character for ‘mountain’. 



Since first attending an international spirits competition Sơn Tinh faced the lack of an appropriate category for its suitable (and accurate) submission. Staunchly refusing to register its distinctively Vietnamese liquor as Vodka, Shochu, or any other nationally branded variety, Sơn Tinh had for years to resort to the category “Others”. However, at the 2014 Asian Spirits Masters competition of The Spirit Business publication based in London for the very first time Rượu was acknowledged as a liquor category in its own right. Rượu (Pronunciation: /ɹɨəu/ in the south of Vietnam, /ʐɨəu/ in the north) is how
Vietnamese in general, refer to stronger alcoholic beverages, and the attribute
“Original” refers to the national origin of this distillate made from indigenous, 
fragrant rice varieties. 

As with the bottle and label design, the capsule design continues to emphasize
differentiation and diversity, repeating the product-specific color in two separate color strips around the top and base of the poly-laminate capsule. The capsules are produced by the Spanish company Ramondin, another pioneer with more than 125 years of expertise. The matte black capsule has a background pattern of the Sơn Tinh mountains and provides a strong tear-strip to tear open the capsule, exposing the branded mahogany wood cap beneath. The top of the capsule is crowned with the
full Sơn Tinh logo, raised on a product-specific background color. 








Produced by Saverglass, France (bottle & decoration)

Coordinated by Markus Madeja

Designed by Marc Portell

Client: Sơn Tinh

Country: Vietnam

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/29owDBY

Lanikai Brewing Company: Four Seasons Edition

Travel to the island of Oahu with Lanikai’s Four Seasons Edition. Designed by Jim Hargreaves, beer produced with fruits and flowers from the town of Kailua are packaged in brown tinted bottles and embellished with line drawings of the coastal region. Palm trees, sailboats, and the ocean blue form the landscape with the beer style’s name written below. 

“Lanikai Brewing Company is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Starting out as homebrewers more than a decade ago, the Lanikai team created the first brewery in the town of Kailua, where they produce island inspired craft beers using local fruits and flowers. Hampton Hargreaves recently designed these special edition labels for LBC’s partnership with the new Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina. The resort wanted to bring authentic Hawaiian beer to its guests. As one of the island’s first breweries to brew 100% of their beer locally, LBC was a natural choice.”

Line art, which plays a secondary role on the brewery’s standard labels, was made the hero this time around. HH developed custom illustrations, including a depiction of the famous Mokulua Islands and the well-traveled Route 70 bus line. The rest of the layout was kept clean, allowing the landscapes to really shine. 

Starting with the Moku Imperial IPA, these new bottles are now stocked exclusively in the resort’s guest rooms, bars and restaurants.








Designed by Jim Hargreaves

Client: Lanikai Brewing Company

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/28ZRz09

Cheese Vitayem!

A cheese that smiles right back at you. Designed by  Fabula Branding, Cheese Vitayem! is given an unconventional redesign that makes it stand out from its competitors. Cheese singles and wheels are adorned with a smiling man ready to entertain your hungry guests. The illustration as a focal point gives the brand personality and connects with the consumer immediately. With such an inviting face on the front of cheese packaging, who wouldn’t want to take this product home?

“Fabula Branding conducted a comprehensive development of the brand semi-hard cheese for one of the largest Belarusian producers of dairy products – Rogachev Dairy Plant.”

“The new brand is mainly focused on the export to the CIS countries, and develops the idea of the main national characteristics of Belarusians – hospitality and friendliness. “Vіtayem!” – a traditional Belarusian-language greeting, brand character – a cheerful «cheesy» Belarusian with the golden mustache, beard and freckles who loves to have fun and entertain guests.”




Designed by Fabula Branding

Client: JSC Rogachev milk canning plant

Country: Belarus

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/293wXaF


Give your dog the ultimate pampered life with Barkables. A subscription box designed by openmint, is delivered to your door every month containing healthy treats your pet will go crazy for. When you open the orange colored box, you are greeted with 2 pouches of doggie treats, specially chosen according to your dog’s life stage and weight, a squeaky toy, and an immunity booster. 

“Their mission is to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of dogs through the use of legal non-synthetic oils, extracted from the best quality hemp plants available today. The story of the brand has begun after the company founder’s german shepherd recovered from a serious illness thanks to the treatment involving these oils. So the brand was based on the boundless love to the pets by their owners. And we thought that this very idea should become the basis of the brand communication. The dog face in the shape of heart has been established as a logo, and it can also be a funny character that appears on the brand items.”







Designed by openmint

Country: Russia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/298vnWT

9 anledningar till att jag alltid kör LCHF på sommaren




Men åh vad härligt väder det fortsätter att vara. Hoppas hoppas hoppas att det håller i sig till nästa vecka då vi åker till västkusten och Åstol.

Nästan varje år omkring den här tiden, börjar jag fundera på att köra lite lchf diet. Anledningen till det är följande:
1. Hatar att bada i vassen!
2. Det är så enkelt på sommaren med färska primörer lätt tillgängliga. Finns i landet, på torget och förstås i vanliga affärer.
3. Semester = jag har tid att noggrant planera måltiderna. Inte som när jag jobbar och är vrålhungrig och bara slänger i mig första bästa macka när jag kommer hem.
4. Turkisk yoghurt 10% med nötter och frukt är magiskt svalkande på sommaren, men blir kallt och ruggigt i magen på vintern.
5. Jag kan äta några färska jordgubbar med grädde till dessert varje dag om jag vill.
6. Basilikan till tomat och mozzarellasalladen håller sig i kruka i flera veckor och under gynnsamma förhållanden blir den superstor utomhus. På vintern dör den oftast innan jag hunnit lämna affären.
7. Tomaterna! Fritt att äta hur många jag vill och de finns egenodlade överallt, hemma hos mamma, i min egen trädgård och hemma hos de flesta kompisarna.
8. Semester är lika med minst en obligatorisk resa till västkusten varje sommar, och västkusten = magiska skaldjur att äta sig tokmätt på! Lchf tillåter hur mycket som helst.
9. Vin! Jag vet, man kan inte dricka ohämmat med vin när man kör lchf, men jag kör oftast inte så strikt så ett eller annat glas vin till maten spelar ingen roll för mig. Älskar också att jag på semestern kan ta mig ett glas vin till lunchen, det gör jag inte på vintern.


Kram kram



from Drömhus http://ift.tt/29buFZs

Natural Meat

The success of strong brands is determined by the ability to clearly communicate their values, ethos and philosophy. Jam&Co Design Pty Ltd was asked by the Arcadian Natural Meat Company to update the Cleaver’s brand after realising that an opportunity existed to capitalise on simpler labelling for consumers. “Consumers felt confused about the differences between Organic & Free Range beef products which only deterred them from purchasing meat that wasn’t labelled clearly.” 

Given this insight Jam&Co created a labelling system that has an honest kind of simplicity reflecting the traditional heritage of butchers signs. The new designs give clarity between Organic & Free Range products to help consumers make more informed choices about clean and humanely produced meat. 

Clear and straightforward – a great example of how to facilitate navigation for consumers in store through packaging.






Designed by Jam&Co Design Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/291fFwt

I’m back in my usual blogging position (in bed with a cup of tea) listening to the rain pattering away outside – dammit there goes my morning walk! Today’s recipe is one I put together for Fairfax: wholegrain jumbo oats and chia seeds soaked overnight with dates, quickly cooked in the morning into a big bowl of nourishing porridge. To serve, you can stir through a lovely big blob of fig and date puree, and top the lot with smooth, creamy Greek yoghurt and crunchy honeyed nuts. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but I usually detail what flavours and textures you can expect in each recipe – to me those combinations (and their balance) are so important. Anyhoo – balance or not, it’s nutritious, hearty, and will sustain you for hours…and tastes good too! (Also the ideal start to a wet, cold winter’s day..)
In other news, I’m so excited that Rich arrives back from his visit with Henry in Melbourne today – and has eight nights in Auckland before heading back to uni in Wellington. Hurrah! I have no doubt that he will want to spend a minimal amount of time being uber-nurtured by his enthusiastic, son-starved mother and will be more keen on catching up with Auckland mates…but I will grab the moments that I can and make the most of them! (That may be sitting drinking tea while he plays play station, but that’ll do!). Meanwhile poor old Pog has developed a crappy cold, but is being ably looked after by the lovely Will who arrived on his doorstep last night with pizza and flowers – perfect! (Ohh, the rain has stopped, up I get!!!)

1 ½ cups wholegrain jumbo rolled oats

2 ½ tablespoons chia seeds
3 cups whole milk plus 1 cup extra (or use almond or rice milk)
½ cup roughly chopped dates
½ cup walnuts
½ cup pistachios
½ cup whole almonds
2 teaspoons honey
1 cup Greek yoghurt
Put oats, 2 tablespoons of the chia seeds, 3 cups of the milk and the dates in a sealed container in the fridge over night. Dry fry walnuts, pistachios and almonds in a large frying pan, over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Add honey and cook a further 3-4 minutes until lightly toasted and glazed with honey. Stir occasionally so that the nuts don’t catch and burn. Although toasted the nuts remain a little sticky, so store in an even layer until ready to spoon over porridge. To cook porridge, bring the oat mixture to a gentle boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, and cook, stirring for 8-10 minutes until thickened. Add extra milk to achieve your desired consistency. Remove from the heat and serve immediately with a dollop of date and fig puree, a spoonful or two of yoghurt and a sprinkling of nuts. For garnish, sprinkle with the extra chia seeds if desired. I find porridge serving sizes vary wildly – and while this would happily serve four of me, I know some men would demolish half of it, so use your judgement with regard to servings!
6 dried figs, stems removed, roughly chopped
10 dates, halved and stones removed
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
finely grated zest of half a lemon
1 teaspoon honey (optional)
Put all of the ingredients in a small pot with ¾ cup water and bring to a gentle boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes then remove from the heat. Leave to cool for 5 minutes before mashing to a paste with a fork – or for a smoother consistency blend in a small food processor. For a thinner consistency simply add ¼ cup more water. Cool and store in a covered container in the fridge until ready to use.

from From The Kitchen http://ift.tt/2918zb3

Dags för en tur till Rosenhill!

i dag dök längtan efter ett besök på
Rosenhill upp


efter det charmigaste växthuset här på ön


där julstjärnan fortfarande hänger kvar


tillsammans med björkris & färgglada pom poms
i en helt fantastiskt härlig blandning.
& blandningen på rosenhill … det är det man gillar
allra bäst.


tillsammans med den pappalediga sonen
& min lilla favoritkille


smaskade vi i oss den allra godaste rabarberpaj.
lill-killen han fick en alldeles egen roskaka.



har ni vägarna ut mot Ekerö, så vill jag
varmt -som alltid- rekommendera detta härliga ställe.


på vägen hem stannade vi & köpte med oss jordgubbar,
söta, ljuvligt goda röda gubbar


de ska vi nu sätta oss i växthuset & äta
tillsammans med gräddmjölk.
det är för mig något av det allra bästa med sommaren …
rosa jordgubbsmjölk!



from @my casa http://ift.tt/299AlmU

Kinfolk Magazine Community Gatherings in Tokyo: Flower Potluck by Tina Minami Dhingra

br> Directed by: Tsukaya Suzuki
Music: Yuri Miyauchi / JKD Collective

On April 29th 2013, Tokyo hosted a Community Gathering on behalf of Kinfolk Magazine.
In the spirit of May Day (an American holiday where traditional baskets of flowers and gifts are left on friends’ doorsteps) we encouraged guests to make bouquets to gift to friends.