Macondo Chocolate Co

Book illustrations are normally saved for children’s books, but we love them on these single origin chocolate bars based off of the mythical town Macondo. The setting for the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude is brought to life on this chocolate packaging from illustrator Stephen Smith and A-Side Studio.

“We were approached by an established chocolatier who wanted to produce a range of single origin bars under a new brand, to reach a new audience. Starting from a blank slate we set about our branding process, starting with name generation, then moving onto developing a brand identity and packaging concept. art directing the supporting imagery and producing a suite of marketing materials.”

“The winning concept: ‘Macondo’ is the fictional town in Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, this immediately brings a sense of magic as a starting point. From there we wanted each product to take you to a mysterious and unfamiliar place.”


“We enlisted the talents of illustrator, Stephen Smith, to create an image giving a sense of place and highlighting the characteristics of each bar. A carefully arranged typographic hierarchy leads with the country of origin, then drills down into the product detail. The logotype itself is deliberately regressive, placed consistently and changing in colour to further reflect the individual product.”

The illustrations on each bar tell consumers a little bit more about Macondo and give them a sense of the place. Chocolate bars are square rather than rectangular, making them incredibly unique. Packaging is split down the middle—half for the illustrations and half for the origin name and chocolate information. Everything is written in a non-uniform font that speaks to the handmade nature of the bars.


Designed by A-Side Studio

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Lucha Libre

Subtle is definitely not the word to describe Lucha Libre beer. With “punching notes” of blueberry, mango peel, or grapefruit, each one has a completely distinct flavor and appearance. DUSK created the fun and playful rebranding for Lucha Libre Brew Co., playing on the brand’s Mexican heritage and turning the cans into small Luchadore masks.

The lucha libre inspiration is humorous but also does a great job of showcasing the different beers. Masks give each flavor a bit of personality—an intense, zesty Rojo Ale and a tangy, rich Golden Ale. Text on the back of the can follows suit with the concept of lucha libre wrestling, making it even more of a full experience for the consumer.





Designed by DUSK

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Probus Brewery

The love for sci-fi and good beer finally intersect. Probus Brewery turned to FLOV Creative Agency for a series of fun labels that craft beer lovers would enjoy. What they got was out of this world.

“Probus Brewery is a Polish brewery with a strong historical background, located in Lower Silesia. When they decided to start to brew craft beer, using new wave styles, they asked us for help. We created whole concept of label series, dedicated to craft beer lovers. Labels present fictional events and heroes from the future, show our vision of the world without ‘human and nature.’ The second series of beer is based on traditional beer styles and the real, historical labels. But that is another story…”











The date for each superhero is listed at the top of the label, and the beer’s variety is listed at the bottom. Between the illustration style and font choice, it looks like a sci-fi novel cover from the 80s. The illustration style for each beer is consistent, with the different types featuring a new hero in a fantastical environment, and every consumer will have their favorite. Instead of just drinking a beer, though, this feels like reading a page from a book.








Designed by FLOV Creative Agency

Country: Poland

City: Wroclaw

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home


Make no mistake—Twist is better than the ordinary light bulb. Communal Creative developed some amazing packaging for this bulb that can have its brightness adjusted and also be accompanied by audio.

“Twist is a smart LED light bulb that combines adjustable lighting with high-quality audio, via a built-in AirPlay speaker. The seamless technology removes the annoyance of hubs, wires and installation, providing a simple solution for a smarter home. With the elegance in product, we elevated the delivery experience by creating a packaging system that adds polish and delight.”

“The unveiling journey is mapped by the rich brand colors, playful illustrations, and unique product display with a footprint that doubles in size once opened. An attention to material was key in final execution—each box is finished in a soft touch paper, creating a great hand-feel for those opening, and spot varnish moments to add visual depth to branding and text. These moments translate into a system that houses the one, two, and three-bulb packs.”

The goal for Twist is to appeal to those who want smarter homes. By combining two needs into one, life is easier for the consumer. Communal Creative’s packaging makes things simple and sleek, yet at the same time it feels revolutionary and better than the average box. A few bold colors and a logo made from one continuous line are striking elements that are equally subtle. Twist encourages buyers to “Just Twist and make yourself at home,” so they want to focus on making things as uncomplicated as possible. The box opens in a unique way but with a few easy moves, and it also protects the bulb until it reaches its new home.





Designed by Communal Creative

Country: United States

City: New York, NY

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Så ursnygga fåtöljer till vår veranda




Vi fnular på vad vi ska ha för möbler på vår veranda här i Lofsdalen. Jag vill så gärna ha rotting – men… Funkar det att stundtals ha dem utomhus i regn och snö är frågan? Någon med erfarenhet? Vi kan ha dem inomhus när vi inte är här, men när vi är i huset måste de stå ute…

Se så snyggt det är med rottingfåtöljerna på bilden! Huset påminner om vårt och jag är så säker på att det skulle bli helt fab med sådana möbler på vår veranda.

Ghaaa, vill ha!!!


Kram kram


from Drömhus

Birbant Brewery

With this extensive line of craft beer, it’s practically impossible to sit down and enjoy just one brew. From a Belgian Blond Ale to an IPA, Birbant Brewery has a series of regular beer as well as a few unusual ones to try. FLOV Creative Agency developed the packaging for Birbant Brewery’s impressive lineup.



“Birbant Brewery is known Polish craft brewery, established in 2013 by two brewers and beer enthusiasts. Their mission is to make flavorful and exceptionally aromatic beers, they would like to drink themselves. Birbant Brewery is working with us almost from the beginning. We’ve prepared for them two different beer series. The first, regular series—presents large black silhouettes on dedicated backgrounds, where you can find the elements that describe the beer style. The second series contains special beers: cooperative, associated with events or single, often crazy recipes.”





Each beer in their regular series has its own unique character silhouetted in the background, giving a bit of personality to the brew. The Belgian Blond Ale features a somewhat sophisticated man sipping away at a drink, while the Dr. IPA Dark Pale Ale shows a somewhat deranged character. Colors and font choices are specific to each variety, making it easy to tell them apart and also understand more about their flavor notes.

The special beer series includes more variety in the illustrations from beer to beer. The focus is still on one main part of the label, but there is a scene playing out that gives consumers a richer story. They’re playful, colorful, and fun, making any craft beer lover keen to try them all. 






Designed by FLOV Creative Agency

Client: Birbant Brewery

Country: Poland

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Ett av de absolut bästa mest opraktiska köp vi gjort



Vi är inte kända för att tänka särskilt praktiskt när vi inreder våra 2 hem. Form går garanterat före funktion alla dar i veckan.

En av mina allra bästa väninnor och hennes man är ingenjörer och de är våra raka motsatser kan man säga. De behöver lite av vårt tänk och vi behöver egentligen en del av deras tänk, men vi har bara inte kommit dit ännu, hahaha!

Två av mina topp 10 favoritmöbler är våra stolar från Gemla. Jonas Bohlins Vilda 2 och Vilda 3. Så vackra, men så känsliga. Vi försöker vara rädd om dem, men det är omöjligt att inte få små fläckar och märken på dem. Hade nästan varit bättre att köpa begagnade då hade man sluppit de där första smärtsamma märkena. Men nu gjorde vi inte det och måste ”genomlida” varenda liten ny prick varje dag…


Kram kram




from Drömhus

Inte bara musmeloner!



Dags att börja skörda lite smått från växthuset…

djungelgurka, musmelon

Djungelgurkan eller musmelonen som den även kallas för, växer något otroligt trots att jag ihärdigt klipper ned den en aning varje vecka.
Hade jag låtit den växa helt fritt tror jag den tagit över mitt lilla växthus totalt, gurkan slänger ut sina lianer hej vilt!


djungelgurka, miniphyssalis

Lite smått & gott i skålen jag plockade med mig upp från växthuset nyss.
I år testar jag en för mig ny variant av physalis, en mini variant, riktigt god, aningen sötare smak än den traditionella … men alltså väldigt, väldigt mini.



växthus, diy

& ser ni här ovan, det är alltså inte bara musmeloner som växthuset levererar ….
vi kan väl titta lite närmare …


Tadaa…. min allra första nätmelon.
Hade ingen aning om att jag äntligen fått frukt, förrän sonen kom förbi i
går kväll & plockade fram den åt mig -den låg helt dold av löv & jord –


Nu har jag har placerat den på en träslev en bit ovan jord,
är så rädd att den ska ruttna annars.
Denna måste jag verkligen vårda ömt, hade ju varit så roligt att kunna bjuda familjen på en egenodlad nätmelon.

gamla fönster


Dags att skörda en squash, lite krispsallad, några potatisar från
pallkragarna & starta upp grillen, tid för kvällens middag.

Önskar er en riktigt härlig sommarkväll!

k r a m åsa





from @my casa

Syrona Organic Agave Syrup

Agave may be well-known for its role in tequila production, but it’s actually a delicious and healthy sweetener for foods and other beverages as well. Toro Pinto designed the packaging and Syrona Organic Agave Syrup, focusing on the product’s health benefits and healing properties.

“Jalisco may be the state of tequila but it is not the only product that can be produced from the agave or maguey. Syrona is a brand for a maguey syrup. The name comes after a goddess in celtic mythology, related to the moon phases, femininity and the concept of caring. As agave syrup contains lower glycemic content than sugar and it is an effective antioxidant, we worked on a brand identity that would relate to nature and it´s healing character.”






“The goal was to create a brand that would project the warm feeling of a caring product, yet at the same time the elegance of a life dedicated to pleasure and nature. We also needed to represent the origin of the product for the new consumer that is not related to the agave products. Custom types and original artwork were carefully crafted alongside the naming and storytelling of the brand.”

While a sweetener might not seem like a healthy ingredient, Syrona’s intricate design lets consumers know that it’s good in moderation. The clear bottle allows us to see the rich color of the agave syrup, which the black label helps to make look even more sophisticated. A set packed up with a wooden spoon and on-the-go packs has a bit of a rustic feel while also catering to the convenience of busy people looking for easier sweetener solutions that are still healthy. Patterns of the agave plant dripping right into a cup of coffee tell us that the product is pure and comes right from the source, processed as little as possible.




Designed by Toro Pinto

Country: Mexico

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home


Sofisticada is a skin care brand that translates literally to “sophisticated,” and it certainly lives up to its name. The products are “Locking the skin time,” targeting customers who are concerned with anti-aging products or who want to keep their skin looking and feeling young. Robinsson Cravents developed the identity and packaging for Sofisticada, creating something youthful and radiant.

Sofisticada features a clean design that does a wonderful job of eliciting certain feelings from the consumer. A glimmering rose gold and peach hue feel fresh and lively, and simple yet purposeful icons make the products seem strong yet gentle on the skin. The brand name is written in a modern sans serif font, telling buyers that Sofisticada is skincare for today’s woman. Additional materials, like stationery and business cards, have a light sheen to them, similar to the dewy glow of healthy, hydrated skin.




Designed by Robinsson Cravents

Country: Colombia

City: Medellin

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Galanga Chico Rei

CD artwork sometimes just displays the lyrics to the songs, but sometimes it can help be part of the story the album tells. Designed by Oeste, Galanga Chico Rei by Mauricio Tizumba uses a unique technique and choice imagery to portray the life of Galanga Chico Rei himself.



“The design of the CD reflects the strength and the struggle of a black Brazilian hero. The graphic design developed portrays the life of Galanga Chico Rei: his slavery, his fight for freedom and the construction of his reign. The biography has water as a striking element and the design of the cd, using the graphics represent: the sea that separates the hero of its land and the waters where the slave ship sailed until arriving in Brazil; the sweat from the skin in the mines of gold exploration; the water used as camp technique by using ‘bateias,’ the Galanga’s path to freedom.”

“The technique of oil paint and water was chosen for the design artwork, so they could use water as an array. In this way, conceptually, the graphics are a portrait of water. The chromatic choice enhances the plot and emphasizes the central elements of the narrative: blue for the sea; black for suffering; gold for wealth and the gold itself. The type design developed, exclusively, as a graphic brand of the project was inspired in African geometric prints and results in a great quality aesthetic design.”

The design for the album combines elements in just the right way, helping the consumer to follow a particular journey and not miss any of it. The oil paint and water technique makes the inner pamphlet almost look like a map and the white space appear to be continents. The color choices are representative of Galanga Chico Rei’s life and work, and the gold especially makes certain parts stand out (like the text, for example). A geometric and unusual font is used, giving the album a more striking appearance.


Designed by Oeste

Client: Napele Laboratório de Produção

Country: Brazil

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

The Glamoury

“You don’t have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive.” The Glamoury is bound to make everyone who walks through its doors feel like an absolute knockout. Glasfurd & Walker created all of the packaging applications for this luxury salon, including shopping bags, tissue paper, in-house candles, and their makeup line of lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers, and powders.

“The Glamoury is a luxury makeup and hair styling salon is a contemporary approach to beauty where classic and timeless meet modern and magical. It offers a high-touch personal approach with tailored looks suited to reflect the personality of each woman who walks through its doors. Channeling its Gaelic meaning of ‘old magic,’ The Glamoury creates memorable experiences where women feel transported to a place they can quite literally let their hair down. A luxurious approach is reflected in The Glamoury’s custom branded satin robes and in its lavish decor to create an experience which blends art deco with a contemporary aesthetic. The brand is built with a custom typeface that is elegant, classic yet modern.”



With a little bit of art deco inspiration in the logo, flashes of gold, and a sleek, black base for its products and packaging, The Glamoury oozes luxury. Because it’s often the simple yet extravagant things that make people feel like they’re truly indulging, the salon opts for a mysterious and hushed appearance. The font adds to the elegance, giving the makeup products an especially lavish look. They keep their product line focused (a few makeup items and candles), allowing the focus to be on the actual experience of walking in and having a hair or makeup service.








Designed by Glasfurd & Walker

Client: The Glamoury

Country: Canada

City: Vancouver, British Columbia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home