Enkelt & gott en tisdagskväll!



När livet ger dig kantareller …


då är middagen räddad.

Jag hade kalkonschnitzel liggandes i kylen,

rörstrand, ingelsta kalkon, kalkonschnitzel

rörde ihop en marinad av  olivolja, dijon senap, honung, salt & peppar.
La ned kalkonschnitzlarna i marinaden & lät dem ligga & dra i 20 min.
Sen stekte jag kalkonschnitzlarna på lagom värme cirka 3- 4 minuter på varje sida.
Fräste på kantarellerna i smör med salt & vitpeppar, på med lite mellangrädde &  Lantbuljong .

ingelsta kalkon

serverade med ugnsbakade potatisklyftor.

Ibland är det enkla verkligen det godaste!



from @my casa http://ift.tt/2c9f8qu

Viktigt lysa upp i mörkret



I vårt land är det mörkt stora delar av året, vilket ställer krav på belysning både inne och ute.

Ofta finns bara en entrébelysning vid ingången på huset och så är resten av trädgården och fasaderna mörka. Det blir ganska tråkigt och och huset känns mindre än vad det kanske egentligen är.

Ute hos min svärfar har det inte sparats på krutet när det kommer till belysning både på huset och i den omgivande trädgården. Det är väldigt mysigt och gör att man känner att man kan vara ute även efter mörkrets inbrott.

Visst ser det trevligt ut när trädet och buskarna runt om är upplysta?


Kram kram


from Drömhus http://ift.tt/2c5JAkO

Show Your Creativity and Design a Future Pack


EPDA is carrying out an incredible design competition this year and YOU should be part of it!
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a health product or an everyday non-food product … whatever you can think of!
You may use new materials, create a new product, an innovative form of packaging or suggest new production technologies.

Show your creative power to design professionals from East and West – we have big personalities in the Jury! A comprehensive report about the trends that will influence our lives from now till 2025, put together by Trend Researcher Cate Trotter, is available for free.

Deadline for Entries: 15 September 2016
Winner notification: by 1 October 2016
Award Ceremony: 27 October 2016

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VT Beauty & Health Lifestyle Brand

VANT36.5 needed a rebrand to clearly situate them as a beauty and health lifestyle brand. They turned to Eggplant Factory to revitalize their look and diversify their product line with some high-end items and children’s products.


“VANT36.5 is a cosmetic brand created based on the theory of Vant Hoff, a Dutch chemist who discovered the principle of osmotic pressure, and the theory that higher temperature increases osmotic pressure, and it offers cosmetics that are effectively absorbed at the temperature 36.5 degrees. The brand grew rapidly in a short time, thanks to its market position that allows them to offer new products developed by top-level specialists according to the fast-changing cosmetic trends.”



“Eggplant Factory worked with VANT36.5 for rebranding, package and promotional material design, and interior design, and our partnership goes back to our experience of managing the brand even before the rebranding project. The latest renewal was an attempt for the brand to establish market strategies for the constantly changing cosmetics market and come up with design and marketing plans, in order to recreate VANT36.5 as a beauty and health lifestyle brand. As a result, we developed a premium line for VANT36.5 named ‘VT,’ and diversified the dental line through collaboration with the character the Moomins.”











Designed by Eggplant Factory

Client: (주)곤센

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2bCg2KE

PROFUS – health solutions for professionals

Aconitum is one of leading food supplement manufacturers in Lithuania and was seeking to create something bold, eye-catching, with strong in composition and created exceptionally for people who do not have time to drink lots of food supplements, but at the same time need multifunctional effects. This is how Profus line was developed. 

Profus is a unique, totally different food supplements line which is designed to meet the needs of active and busy people. Let’s start from the beginning… 

First of all, we were tired of standard pharmaceutical products and generic design solutions… Therefore, design-marketing team had a vision to create something new and get the personal touch to customer… There was a challenge of bringing 3 key messages into a current pharmaceutical market: the aesthetic package with eye-catching design, the purpose and the strong-compatible composition all in one. 

Packaging design. The primary goal was to attract attention with graphical elements which are unusual for any pharmaceutical product. To reach this, designer used crayons to create the hand painted and recognizable visuals for the line. In order to make a product aesthetic, designers made synthesis between clean-white package and colorful-informational design elements. Therefore, the packaging design helps the customer to recognize the unity of the products line even if any product stands separately. 




The purpose idea. The names complement graphical elements and have a meaning of short expressions used to describe the immunity, memory and vision in a daily life. What is more, this combination of names and graphic elements help to get the personal touch with a customer and associate the product to the lifestyle and health solutions. For example, UNBREAKABLE IMMUNITY is for someone who is always on the run and has no time even to think of being sick, BRAVE BRAIN – for the one who works with huge flow of information and needs a non-stoppable brain power every single day from morning till midnight, whereas SMART EYE fits to someone who has all day long to concentrate look to the smallest details or just likes computer games. 


Designed by Sandra Montvilaite, Agne Rinkeviciute

Country: Lithuania 

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2byyOWc

Bohemian and Exuberant Wolffer 139 Cider

Discover summer in a bottle. Wolffer 139 Cider offers a dry rose and dry white cider that are equally refreshing and fun. IWANT design developed the branding and packaging for these beautiful bottles that emanates a bohemian spirit, artistry, freedom, and youthful exuberance.

“Wölffer Estate Vineyard is ‘In The Heart of the Hamptons’ NYC, we have been working closely with them for three years working across all aspects of the winery’s output. We now act as art directors across the entire brand developing new product and managing their digital platforms.”

“Wölffer wanted us to create a brand for their new cider, beginning with the name, that harked back to a bygone era… the Hamptons of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s filled with bohemian spirit—artistry, freedom and youthful exuberance where artists flocked for inspiration and relaxation, when it was cooler than cool without trying. We began with the name—taking the 139 from the iconic winery where the apples are grown.”

Wolffer 139 Cider’s imagery is wild and exuberant, with bright colors and a combination of different photos and graphics. It feels messy, lovely, loud, charming, confident, relaxing, and fun, all at the same time. An Escher-like pattern channels the artistry, while flowers, geometric shapes, and pin-up girls collide. Bright colors allow the light pastel hues of the cider to make the perfect background for the bottles, and a black twist-off cap makes it easy to enjoy just about anywhere.








Designed by IWANT design

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2bFYuPm

Bounce Protein Energy Bites

A blast of energy in your pocket! Bounce is a brand of healthy snack options, famous for their Energy balls, and they are currently launching a new product, the Bounce Protein Energy Bites. This bitesize product innovation aims to broaden the brand’s appeal to a more mainstream consumer and capitalise on the growing market in shareable snacking. 

Biles Hendry created their packaging for this new innovation, having worked with the brand for six years. The challenge was to evolve the existing identity to capture the brand’s unique personality and improve standout within a more mainstream environment, whilst capturing the higher energy nature of this product and format. 
Creative Director Anthony Biles commented, “Our design features bright flavour variants and utilises a bold lightning bolt device to communicate the energy delivery. The larger format packs also build flavour cues with product and ingredient photography.” 

A very energetic and dynamic design, with a clear brand hierarchy and a simple yet impactful standout.


Designed by Biles Hendry

Client: Bounce

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2c1WcdT

Great Circle Coffee

Great Circle came to market with the goal of leading the craft coffee industry and design agency Pilot partnered with the company on a cross-functional role, from polishing the brand story to naming the business – all the way to crafting their packaging and building the web presence. 

The team at Pilot strategically set out to build the brand from the foundation up. During the naming generation process, the name Great Circle quickly rose to the top. “It spoke directly to their ‘high tide lifts all boats’ philosophy, while also being a geographical reference to the earth’s equator and coffee belt that parallels it. It was a natural fit. The tagline ‘Roasted with Care’ enforced their mission statement while also bringing context to them as a roastery.”

“A heart was a natural concept for the identity. It spoke directly to their passion for the product and compassion of their mission. The construction was also designed to incorporate a “G” for Great Circle while overall reflecting the forms of the cross section of a coffee bean. We paired the heart icon with a palette of typography that pulled its inspiration from times when handcrafted goods were the norm.”

“The final packaging solution was a dynamic label system that utilized one common label size for both singleorigin and blend roasts to simplify logistics and lower the required packaging inventory. As a small roastery, the single product label allowed Great Circle flexibility to bring a small run of products to market. We paired a bright colour with the utilitarian typography to easily communicate different product segments. Over-arching brand information was fit into one label on the back of the packaging to succinctly communicate Great Circle’s mission.” 

A well thought, powerful and well-crafted brand identity package that differentiates Great Circle from the competitors.







Creative Direction: Erik Weikert, Bill Concannon

Design: Sean Morse

Copywriting: Chris Antonowich, Marcelo Urjel, Sergio Boppel

Designed by Pilot

Client: Great Circle Coffee

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2byS3eV

Always Fresh Redesign

Boxer & Co. were briefed to revitalize the Always Fresh brand and its 100+ strong range of packs and imbue it with excitement and emotional engagement. 

The old design was black and white and had been replicated by several other brands. As research confirmed, the shelf was dark, dingy and confusing. There was limited emotional connection or relevance and a real need to brighten & lighten the Aisle. 

All of Always Fresh’s product is made in The Mediterranean. In a time when provenance & brand story is translating to a new premium, it felt right to bring to life the abundance and authenticity of the region on the new packaging design. Since ancient times, The Mediterranean has been a region known for its farms, markets and providores… bursting with nature’s bounty. 

“There is a genuine connectivity story to tell about The Mediterranean. There, food stands for connecting with friends and family and bringing together the right mix of people for a special time. Traits that the Always Fresh brand was keen to embody.” 
Gwen Blake, Managing Director, Boxer & Co. 

The Always Fresh target market is broad and transcends life stages, but is united by a passion for good food. The strategic positioning ‘The Good Life’ was arrived at the design stemmed from this joy of delicious food and sharing it with the people you love. 

The Mediterranean countryside produces foods with an unparalleled depth of flavour, vibrant colours and wonderful aromas. Boxer & Co. and the Always Fresh team needed to capture this on the packaging. 

The final design centres around a carefully crafted circular logo, the top half of which houses wood-carving style illustrations of a Mediterranean landscape, depicting the story of provenance. The bottom half features an olive picker which drives home the hand-crafted nature of the product and the lid seal device gives artisan cues. EST 1977 portrays the element of heritage that the brand should rightly own. The ALWAYS FRESH brand mark is bold and white and sits proudly in the centre of the logo, ensuring stand-out and memorability. The logo brings over a small amount of equity from the previous logo in its black, white and gold colouring. 



Around the logo, four images form a quadrant, which takes its inspiration from colourful tiles found frequently in the Mediterranean. The four pictures follow the same pattern on every pack; a coloured tile pattern, a Mediterranean landscape, a macro piece of detail from the region, like a door, a window or a serving suggestion. The bottom right quarter is an image of the product, shot in a relaxed and fresh style and overlapping the logo to bring modernity and dimension to the design. 

“When ranged together onshelf, the packs combine to give a bountiful vibrancy of colour, food and tiles, reminiscent of the Mediterranean.” 
Mark Haygarth, Creative Director, Boxer & Co. 

Always Fresh: Share the pleasure of true Mediterranean flavour.


Creative Director: Mark Haygarth

Designed by Boxer & Co.

Country: Australia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2c1QRDo

Volunteers Wanted!

Are you in the London area September 14 & 15? 
We are in need for volunteers in the London area who are energetic, love design, packaging and who would like to be part of our The Dieline Awards 2016 exhibit in London! 

Where: Olympia London for Packaging Innovation & The Dieline Conference September 14 & 15

A: West and Central Halls, Olympia
Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX

Compensation: Attending The Dieline Conference London and Packaging Innovation expo for free!

How to contact: jessica@thedieline.com
Please indicate what day (September 14 or 15 and time from 10:00am – 16:00pm and we would prefer blocks of 3-4 hours).
In the email header: London Volunteer




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I mitt kök denna förmiddag

I dag arbetar jag hemifrån, fotografering i sovrumsmiljö står på dagens  arbetsschema.   Perfekt för mig eftersom min bil fortfarande står på verkstaden & att det dessutom är ett underbart strålande väder härutanför fönstret.  Det  betyder lunch & fika på bryggan!


Har fått några frågor om jag inte kan tänka mig att göra en moodboard på hur jag vill att mitt -nya- kök ska se ut.
Det är så konstigt det där med moodboard, jag använder det alltid till mina kunder men när det kommer till mig privat så gör jag det aldrig.  Vet liksom med mig själv exakt hur jag vill ha det.
När det gäller kunder är det så mycket svårare, där är det lätt att man kan missuppfatta varandra -min variant av snygg soffa är väldigt sällan din variant av snygg soffa … eller hur? – så i de sammanhangen tycker jag att moodboard definitivt är ett måste.


Tänker att jag senare i eftermiddag ska ge mig på att alltså göra en moodboard till mitt eget kök, ska faktiskt bli riktigt kul måste jag säga.
Hemma blir min inredning alltså lite sådär på en höft, jag har aldrig någon riktigt plan…



Just nu har jag en plan, en plan för dagens lunch 😉


Har plockat in ett gäng tomater från växthuset, lite svartkål, en Burrata
från kylskåpet


tillsammans med basilika får det bli dagens snabblunch nere på bryggan.

Önskar en en fin tisdag!

k r a m åsa



from @my casa http://ift.tt/2bWNtv7