Concepts We Wish Were Real

As the week comes to a close, we take a look at a group of concepts we feel deserve a spotlight.  


Marco Polo










Marco Polo is an ice cream company who believes in the power of adventure. They wanted an identity system for their ice cream products that would embrace a sense of adventure, and encourage kids to use their imagination and dream big. 

I created a design solution that told their story with the use of color and illustration. Each one of Marco Polo’s packages brings the consumer on a unique and colorful adventure. Included with every container of ice cream is a themed adventure book. The adventure book continues to encourage kids to explore, be curious, and dream big. 

Designed by Kayla Dohmen

Country: United States


Brain Damage | SoulBeer










A beer that will knock your brains out. Designed by Spyros Partsinevelos, this beer range is bold, unapologetic, and thirst quenching. With a design inspired by street art, the range caters to the more youthful crowd in their early to mid-twenties. Dressed in vibrant colors that range from a bright yellow to an electric green, this packaging truly knows how to stand out on supermarket shelves. 

“Brain Damage | SoulBeer is a concept project for a Brewery company somewhere in the known universe. The story behind the brand name is a well known story that goes… “Damn i‘m totally burned out! I wish i had a cold tasty beer to relax and refill my mind and my soul!” The colorful design delivers the goal with a pop aesthetics.”

Designed by Spyros Partsinevelos

Art Direction, Copywriter: Spyros Partsinevelos

Country: Greece









Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.58.51 PM.png

Every girl loves herself some luxurious undergarments. Designed by Elise, cheek delivers high-quality underwear with packaging that is too pretty to throw away. With a playful logo placed on the side of each gift box, a ribbon is used as a tie elevating the brand in a whole new way. A feminine color scheme of blush and pink is used in a subtle manner to preserve the minimalist aesthetic of the brand. 

“Cheeky is a fictional women’s underwear brand. The packaging, typeface and color palette elevate the brand, yet the logo and hand-drawn elements give it a playfulness that creates a feeling of comfort and approachability for every consumer.”

Designed by Elise McIntyre

Country: United States










Whiskey on the beach never felt better than it does with a cold bottle of SHAKINU. The debut flavor trilogy features LEHUA HONEY, PINEAPPLE LUAU & COCONUT PALM. Each flavor will soak any consumer with a warm taste of Aloha. 

Eric Collier, Graphic Design Major at UW-Stout, created the mock-brand, SHAKINU, in hopes to develop a Whiskey that provided its drinkers with a “Hang Loose” experience, straight from the bottle. The visual language was crafted to be simple, welcoming, and appetizing. Each flavor is based off a Hawaiian specialty that is unique to the Islands. 

To further push the Hawaiian language, screen-printed, burlap bags package each bottle – pushing itself off the shelf “from the locals to your glass”. Each cap has a graphic symbolizing its flavor, making for easy identification when the burlap bag covers the label.

Designed by Eric Collier

Country: United States 


Chakra Aroma Energy










In the Hindu culture, a chakra is believed to be an energy point in the subtle body. Positioned in a cross-legged, lotus pose the 7 chakras are aligned starting at the top of the head, to the base of the spine. Each chakra holds a specific point along the spine with a number of unique attributes. 

Aroma therapy holds a prominent spot in the Hindu culture that serves as an ailment to many situations such as stress, pain relief, mood enhancement, relaxation and many more. 

The combination of the 7 chakra energy points in the body and the benefits of aroma energy allows Chakra Aroma Energy incense to create positive stimulation in your life in the mental and physical realms. Each of the 7 scents focuses on an individual chakra energy point to allow the user to target a specific mood or stimulus they are looking to achieve. Chakra Aroma Energy is here to provide and promote positive life energy to anyone looking to benefit themselves physically and spiritually.

Designed by Zach Pater

Country: United States


Tequila Azuara



Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 6.21.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 6.21.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 6.21.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 6.21.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 6.21.54 PM.png

When asked to design a product that could represent my Mexican roots, Jose decided Tequila was the perfect choice as it can only originate in Mexico and is a product that can be shared and experienced through generations. After research and actually visiting factories in Guadalajara Mexico and speaking to professionals to understand the product and industry, he approached the design as he went to a bar and saw many bottles stacked up next to each other, Jose then compared these bottles to people walking in a crowded street like New York.. How do we physically stand out from the rest apart our culture? Things like jewelry help us call attention as they reflect light, suits help us look more elegant and professional. He took this thinking and implemented into the design of Tequila Azuara. A traditional and elegant bottle yet with details that make it unique such as the pattern on its lower body that do not only reflect more light but represent a pattern of the agave pina (part of the agave plant Tequila is extracted from). 

“The tradition of enjoying a good tequila with the ones you care for will always bring new stories that will transcend for generations. Azuara Tequila is a proud example of an experience that can only originate in Mexico. We want to share this experience with other families and all our friends. We want our traditions and roots to be a gift to the world.”

Designed by Jose Luis Santiago

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Tea India

For those not accustom to the spiced delicacy, Chai has been served in India for centuries and Indian families each have their own recipe. In the surrounding world the popularity of chai has recently soared and the UK, in particular, has been taken by storm. 

Having developed two new flavours to add to the range, Tea India decided that it was time to develop their brand further, revisiting the packaging designs to better equip the brand to compete in an increasingly competitive market. 

As chai originated on the streets of India, the brief was to create a more evocative aesthetic that captured both the atmosphere of that environment and communicated the flavours within. Inspired by an eclectic mix of Indian sign and language writing styles, we created a collection of textured fonts and hand drawn graphics. When combined with a vibrant colour palette, these elements produce a contemporary aesthetic which also reinforces the provenance of the product. 

The resulting look and feel helped to drive listings of the products almost immediately. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are now stocking the new Tea India Masala Chai in over 1200 stores and Waitrose now agreed to stock products in 290 stores.





Designed by Salad Creative

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

TANGENT GC organic soaps

The organic garment and shoe care specialists Tangent GC is now venturing into personal care. First out is TGC100, a series of perfumed, organic soaps. One perfume oil is infused for each variety using natural ingredients only. No color, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. 

“Drawing upon the garment and shoe care series, our design use the same clear information hierarchy, mirroring the minimal ecological footprint with a minimal visual footprint. This time using an exclusive beta version of Akkurat Mono Bold from Lineto as primary typeface. The launch campaign features the fragrances as fabrics, swirling inside the box. Prelaunch took place in New York, Stockholm and Paris at NY Now, Formex and Maison&Objet. In stores in November.”






Creative Director: Carl Johan Nas

Designers: Nuno Silva, James Cotton, Athanasios Lazogkas, Remy Williams

Designed by Carl Nas Associates

Client: Tangent GC

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Mortier Pilon

Chez Valois, Montréal created a striking design for a new contemporary brand, Mortier Pilon whose goal was to bring the fun back into the D.I.Y process of preserving food at home in a modern way. The team was involved in all the steps of the brand creation, from product design, to the visual identity, packaging platform, design, photography & more. 

“Mortier Pilon is a new contemporary brand that strive to bring the fun back to the D.I.Y. process of making Kombucha, kimchi, pickling, sauerkraut and canning at home. Mortier Pilon drew its inspiration from ancient fermentation traditions to create reinvented, well designed, crocks and jars for the modern home kitchen that will help enrich the daily diet bringing a wealth of health benefits. The vivid vintage color matches, the polka dot patterns, the graphic veggie patterns and bold Japanese inspired typogram, mixed with the slick, pure lines of the crocks and jars creates a fresh and fun visual identity platform, leaving the impression of being on a playground, setting the imagination free to create great homemade recipes.”




As someone who grew up with a grand mother who prided herself with her preserved goods such as her homemade pickled ginger, Thai olives and mangos, this brand caught my attention in different ways. First of all, the brand concept itself is unique, to bring a more modern look and feel to a very much an old tradition amongst serval cultures. Then the used of fresh and bold graphics of vegetables (that are already colorful by nature), and simple line of the products themselves creates an eye-catching, fun and memorable design. 

Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot

Art direction & design: Michel Valois

Pattern design: Michel Valois, Michael Ferrier

InfographyMichel Valois, Mariette Parod (Mmtum) 

Photography: Sylvie Racicot

Designed by Chez Valois

Client: Mortier Pilon

Country: Montréal / Canada

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

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NICE Mint Sparkling Water

This refreshing sparkling water is the key to happiness on hot days like these. Designed by Fabula Branding, a hint of mint and your fruit of choice will elevate your taste buds to another level. 

“Fabula Branding designed packing for non-alcoholic sparkling water NICE Mint drink produced by “Cascade”, the Belarusian manufacturer of seltzer water and soft drinks. The unique feature of the product is the use of lower calories fructose instead of sugar, mint flavor and the absence of dyes.”






Designed by Fabula Branding

Country: Belarus

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Apelsinblom sprider sig i vårt badrum & tips på hur man använder doftstickor bäst.


Tycker om när hemmen doftar gott … är doften dessutom apelsinblom
blir jag lycklig i hjärtat.

Ni kanske minns detta inlägg när jag var i Sturegallerian & jag hamnade i en butik jag aldrig besökt förut.
Där hittade jag en fantastiskt god doft av just denna apelsinblom
-en av mina topp fem favoritdofter- äntligen har den nu kommit upp i vårt badrum.


Där såldes dessutom en annan modell av stickor -pinnar-


som jag såklart direkt föll för



inte alls lika stela som de -vanliga- typ blompinnar som brukar följa med i dessa rumsdofter.

Ni vet väl att doftens styrka i rummet beror på hur många stickor/pinnar ni sticker ned i flaskan, ju fler pinnar desto starkare doft & desto fortare tar innehållet slut.   Jag som vill ha en väldigt lätt diffus doft i rummet nöjer mig nog med enbart en sticka.


from Åsa Myrberg @my casa

Sunrise Artisan Bakery

Wake up with the Sunrise. Designed by Siegenthaler &Co, this artisan brand takes its consumers all around the world with muffins, waffles, and crepes. Packaged with each city’s iconic “monument”, the detailed illustrations take the brand to a new level making the line stand out on supermarket shelves.

“Sunrise is a brand of artisan bakery, which has been characterized by having breads from different regions of the world, such as muffins, waffles or crepes. But they are made in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Bogota (Colombia). So for the packaging, we decided to steal the monuments or emblematic symbols of each country, such as the Eiffel Tower or The London phone booth and we placed them just in the middle of the central square of the neighborhood of Usaquén, where the bakery is located. It is a small part of the world, in the middle of Usaquén.”






Art Directors: Oliver Siegenthaler & Julian Jaramillo

Designer: Silvana Perdomo

Illustrator: Angélica Delvalle

Photography: Lucho MAriño & PaperProps

Designed by Siegenthaler &Co

Country: Colombia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Good Knight Condoms

Never to bed without saying Good Knight. Designed by Our Revolution, this brand of condoms not only has a great play on words but showcases its product in phenomenal packaging. 

“Our Malaysian based client is one of the leading manufacturers in condoms. As a country, Malaysia is the world’s biggest producer of condoms with manufacturers contracting to leading personal care brands. Our client saw the opportunity to introduce their own condom brand to the market to capture more of the industry’s value chain. With an ambition to become a leading global mass-market brand, focused on a younger male customer profile, a new brand and packaging suite was required.”

“Malaysia is a conservative country with the median age of a first sexual experience being 23. They have a higher percentage rate in using condoms compared to other nations so it was clear that the message of using condoms did not need to be laboured. The challenge for the brand was to communicate that the condoms are the highest quality in providing protection, without appearing sterile and too functional. It was also important for the brand to express a personality that was light-hearted and appealing to the twenty-something target audience with the undertone that using condoms was being thoughtfully prepared and a sign of confidence.”

“We created the brand name ‘Good Knight’ – a nod to the experience the condoms are intended for but more importantly to show that the ‘Knight’ is about protection and chivalry. The symbol of the shield is a shortcut to communicating protection with the end of the shield rounded off to signify the end of the condom. The execution is paired back and simple, avoiding any obvious category codes or cliches.

The master brand navy colour dominates onpack, with the shield device carrying the variant colour as well as the sash that stretches across the pack and wraps around the sides of pack. We extended the tone of voice across point-of-sale using the play on words to communicate the light-hearted nature of the brand – making it relatable and relevant. “








Designed by Our Revolution

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home