Whimsical Playing Arts

When you think of the word “whimsical”, playing cards are probably not the first thing to come to mind. This deck of cards designed by Oksal Yesilok, take “whimsical” to a whole other level with a variety of fun and intricate illustrations. The black and white color scheme brings a sense of classiness to the deck, while the pop of neon reinforces the bold and unpredictable nature of playing a card game. 

“This deck of 54 cards are the reinterpretation of the well-known playing card symbols. Inspired by the logo of the whimsical, the concept of the design is determined and supported by illustration.”

“Spades are listed on top of all playing cards in bridge and typically symbolize death. Hearts are the second in ranking within all playing cards and typically symbolize love or romance. Diamonds are the third in ranking in bridge and typically symbolize health and wealth. Clubs are known as flowers or clovers in some parts of Africa. They are the last in ranking within all playing cards in bridge and typically symbolize war.”




“The simple one-color design is only simple with respect to the use of narrow lines and a single color. The images for each card are elaborate, intriguing, and add joy to your game of cards. The back of each card is decorated with a 3D-appearing diamond texture. Based on the concept of the logo design that I created, whimsical illustrations are identified and encouraged. Line art was made by creating vector based graphics.”

Limited Edition. 200 decks. Deck Available for Purchase at oksalyesilok.com

Designed by Oksal Yesilok

Country: Turkey

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Define the Difference

Noble Development is a leading property developer in Thailand, well-known for its unique take on architecture. Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok were briefed to create gift sets to represent Noble’s uncompromising approach in consistently applying its “be different” design philosophy with over 20 projects for 25 years. Each of the 8 gift set designs they created were inspired by one of Noble’s condominiums. 

“A prominent architectural design cue of the building – whether its architectonics, the interior design, or even the unique interplay of light and dark on tiling – was translated into unique designs for edible snacks and food. The Limited Edition Gift Set, be it chocolate, a stack of crackers, pasta, sugar cube, candy, granola bar or cookies, acts as a reminder that even the most familiar objects can be seen in a different light. 

“The gift sets are intended for Noble’s VIP customers and are on-sale at every Noble condominium café for those who have a taste for the unique. Products include “Chocolate High Rise” – The tracery and depth of the Noble Reform façade is translated into a three dimensional design; “Candy Cupola” – A rendering of the interplay of light and shadow cast by the afternoon sun onto Noble Reflex balconies; “Sugar Cubist” – The kaleidoscopic pattern of the vent shafts on Noble Re:D is articulated as a cubist polygon; and “Triagonal Pasta” – Seen through a ‘twisted’ eye, the detailing in the Noble Revent façade is a unique signature which can be flattened and stylized as a uniform design. “







We love when different design disciplines cross over from one medium to another. Ogilvy & Mather used the common threads between the three design disciplines to create a memorable and unique gift set. 

Designed by Oglivy & Matter

Country: Bangkok Thailand

Client: Noble Development 

Creative Director: Puripong Limwanatipong


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Snejana Hill Cosmetics and Inspired by Kyoto Line

Snejana Hill Cosmetics are a line of lotions, creams, masks, and oils inspired by nature. Suprematika designed the packaging to celebrate the pure ingredients used in each product, highlighting all its natural goodness.





“The logo and packaging for the cosmetics, which 90 percent of the ingredients have prefixes ‘Organics’ and ‘Bio.’ Line called ‘Inspired by nature’ and is literally dedicated to nature objects, that inspires Snejana to create her cosmetics. [‘Inspired by Kyoto’] are assembled by hand near the Japanese city Kyoto and Mount Fuji.”




Snejana Hill Cosmetics uses a crisp white background with subtle, delicate illustrations. This gives it a light, airy feeling, allowing the consumer to feel like they’re simply enhancing their natural beauty. Images look like they’ve been drawn with charcoal or a thick pen, indicating that the products are carefully made by hand. The brand’s logo is a clever arrangement of the initials, and in a sans serif font it gives it a cutting edge vibe. Each product is described in a traditional serif font, contributing to the “inspired by nature” and down-to-earth approach.












The Inspired by Kyoto line features some of the gorgeous colors of Mount Fuji, giving each item a unique and vibrant personality. Consumers only get a peek of the overall image of the mountain, allowing imagination to spark. Bottles and jars remain white, just like the rest of the brand, keeping the overall look consistent.







Designed by: Suprematika

Art Director: Vladimir Lifanov

Client: Snejana Hill

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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Kis•met Essentials Coco Rinse & Bath Salts

Get refreshed with these delightful products from Kis•met Essentials. Designed by Caribou Creative, this Vancouver, British Columbia brand aims to bring organic, non-GMO and ethically-sourced products to the market with their oil pulling kit and bath salts.



“Caribou was hired to create a brand that aligned with their guiding principles of simple, clean and natural health products. This started with a minimal logo design that could reflect their mantra while staying relevant over time. To differentiate themselves in the market, we used gold foil accents to stand out on product shelves and loads of white space.”



Designer Laura Prpich stated, “Erin and Paul are two young, savvy start-up millennials with big goals and an unwavering drive. I am excited by their enthusiasm, complete understanding of the significant role branding plays and importance of investing into packaging that stands out on shelves. Kis•met Essentials has hit the ground running and is already launching new products into the market which I’m thrilled to be a part of.”





The Coco Rinse is an oil pulling kit for teeth, packaged in individual packets to make it easy on the consumer. Shining gold text adds a touch of luxury, and the crisp white background makes it clean and minimal. The packets come in a box that features a tropical background—light green leaves that speak to the natural ingredients and also the light minty flavor.










For the Kis•met Essentials Bath Salts, hands express the different varieties: Soothe, Chill, and Float. A clear bottle allows consumers to see the bath salts before purchasing, complete with specks of rose petal or dark black lava. The sans serif font gives it a modern look, appealing to those who want simple yet meaningful products for the bath.





Designed by: Caribou Creative

Designer: Laura Prpich

Client: Erin Josephy & Paul Baluch of Kis•met Essentials

Printer: Ibox Packaging

Photography: Christine Pienaar

Country: Canada

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Mr. Paw

With pet product packaging steering in a bold and colorful direction, Mildred & Duck decided to take a daring chance on the classic black and white color scheme. As a way to represent the brand’s purity and all-natural ingredients in every product made, the design is kept simple with every ingredient listed on the front and back. Transparency is extremely important for this Melbourne-based grooming brand with a brand identity that mixes bold typography with softened round edges combined with playful brand imagery to complete the visual experience of the online retail store. 


Designed by Mildred & Duck

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

Styling: Nat Turnbull

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New Daisy Sour Cream Squeezables

The Daisy Brand has taken the dairy aisle by storm with their new squeezable sour cream pouches. In collaboration with AptarGroup, this stand-out package is great for families with kids who are prone to mess. The resealable flip-top incorporates a silicone dispensing valve to prevent spillage. A flexible film makes up the body of the package with the classic Daisy logo as the star. Although nothing has changed with the company’s brand identity, Daisy is making new and innovative steps to not only stay relevant in today’s marketplace but change the way people experience a 90 year old tradition no spoon required.  


Designed by Daisy Brand

In collaboration with: AptarGroup

Country: United States

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Naken dam har tagit plats i fönstret


(Jösses vilka skitiga fönster jag har)



Stängningsdag på skola och fritids idag så Lillan och jag planerar utflykt med mormor. Åsby trädgård i Hallstahammar blir det har vi tänkt. De har en maxad julskyltning som kan vara kul att se. Sedan blir det en fika där förstås 🙂




I ett av fönstren i vardagsrummet har den här nakna damen fått flytta in. Köpte den i en trevlig butik i Gävle. Har länge letat efter ”statyliknande” föremål till fönstren så jag blev jätteglad när jag hittade denna!

För övrigt kan jag berätta, eftersom någon frågade, att jag har inte tagit bort gardinerna i vardagsrummet. Jag har bara inte hunnit sy några till just det här fönstret, men de ska upp här också så småningom!

Dax nu att hoppa i duschen så kanske jag tittar in ikväll med lite julinspo från Åsby.


Kram kram


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Game of Thrones Wine

“HBO is partnering with Vintage Wine Estates to roll out a number of Game of Thrones-themed wines in the spring of 2017. They include a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend.”

Given the prominent role of wine on Game of Thrones and our previous success in the beverage category, an officially licensed wine for the show feels like a natural extension for our fans. Game of Thrones wines most definitely will add to the fan experience as the battle for the Iron Throne heats up heading into the final seasons. – Jeff Peters, the Director of Licensing and Retail for HBO





Cabernet Sauvignon



a proprietary Red Blend

Via: Fansided

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Luxe Life

Perfectly posh for the holidays. We always love putting our yearly gift guide together, and we found some elegant items that are sure to stop you in your tracks. Our Luxe Life Gift Guide is for those people on your list who believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, whose style puts Prince William and Kate Middleton to shame, and who totally lose it over shimmer and shine.

Also make sure you check out our Modern + Minimal and Color Pop Gift Guides to get all that shopping done in time for the holidays.

1. Nate Cotterman Vases
2. LSTN Speaker
3. Yield 850 mL Ceramic French Press
4. Reunion Island Coffee


5. The Bartender’s Knife


6. Grown Alchemist
7. Apolis Candle 

8. Apolis Fig Personal Fragrance

9. Diptyque Baies Large Candle 
10. The True Honey Co. 

11. Shine Papers
12. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select
13. Dime Winc Wine

14. Grand Cru 

15. Pineapple Shot Glass Set
16. Absolut ELYX

17. Compartes Chocolate
18. Makers Limited Edition Collection Box






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Som i en reklamfilm, yea right!



Jag är verkligen ingen fena på att baka, och inte tycker jag att det är speciellt roligt heller… Men vad gör man inte för att bidra till julmyset, och få lite smarrigt kaffebröd till 1:a advent.

Iförda våra tämligen matchande pyjamasar satte så Lillan och jag en saffransbullsdeg vid 9 tiden på söndagsmorgonen. Medan julmusiken strömmade ur högtalaren i köket och snöflingorna sakta dalade till marken utanför fönstret stod vi där och knådade och sjöng med.




Lite senare kom M yrvaket ned till köket och betraktade med nöjd min den pågående aktiviteten, samtidigt som han mumlade något om att det kändes som att han klev rakt in i en reklamfilm.

Jodå, visst hade jag plockat undan lite extra i köket och låtit Lillan behålla pyjamasen på med flit (för att maximera effekten lite förstås eftersom jag tänkte vara med på bild i min lika rosa pyjamas).

So far so good!

Bulldegen kom ihop sig och sedan blev det precis så som det alltid brukar bli. Frukosten plockades fram mitt i vår drömmiga kuliss, plastpåsar och ostkanter och filförpackningar störde hela den ljuva stämningen, och så stod det inte på förrän Lillan hade tröttnat…

Jaha, där stod jag så själv med en stor bulldeg som skulle förfinas efter konstens alla regler. Efter många om och men kom Lillan i alla fall tillbaka och hjälpte till med några ytterligare moment, men den där reklamfilmskänslan var som bortblåst.







Någon bild på mig blev det som ni ser inte, alltså var det helt onödigt att mjöla ned min nya fina pyjamas…


Men, åter igen, det blev riktigt goda bullar!

Kram kram 


from Drömhus http://ift.tt/2gobpa7

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