We’re Totally Girl Crushing on This NY Women’s Social Club’s Design

Yasss kween! Not only is The Wing, a new New York City social club made just for women, but it was also designed by an all-female team from Pentagram. Feminine, retro, and yet totally badass, The Wing looks like the perfect space for connecting with other amazing driven ladies. It’s fun and cheeky while still embracing a completely genuine vibe.

“What’s a gal to do when she’s out rushing between meetings in the city and needs a place to drop in and catch up on work or email, or to get ready before drinks and dinner with friends? Or a spot to network or find inspiration, or to just hang out and unwind? The Wing is a new women’s social club in New York that offers a multi-purpose home base for getting things done, or recharging and not doing much at all—a place where women can work and connect while they take on the world.”






“Pentagram’s Emily Oberman and an all-female team of designers have developed a brand identity for The Wing that draws on the history of suffrage graphics and vernacular design to create a visual personality that’s smart, empowering, and more than a little fun. The project encompasses everything from the logo, messaging and collateral to environmental graphics, the Wing website, branded amenities for the club, and most of the products for the online shop.”

“Co-founded by the high-powered political and media relations strategist Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan, a former director of ClassPass, The Wing is envisioned as a place where women from different fields and backgrounds—writers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and engineers, working in spheres as varied as politics, media, business, science, entertainment and the performing arts—can come together and have a creative exchange. (Gelman has called the concept a ‘Soho House for bad-ass women.’) The Wing launched this fall with 350 members, and is already a huge success, with a lengthy waiting list for new members and plans to extend the idea to other cities.”

“The Wing is located in the Flatiron District, just off of historic Ladies’ Mile, a neighborhood that a century ago was home to some of the leading women’s social clubs. At the time, there were more than 600 such clubs in New York alone, mostly organized around social issues. The Wing updates the concept to create a haven for working women.”





“The Wing is situated in the 12th floor penthouse at 45 East 20th Street, and the name references the idea that the club is a section of the building, as well as a place where women can soar. (The members are also ideal ‘wing women.’) The 3,500 square foot space features open working space, a café, library, conference room, phone booths, and a ‘Personal Space’ with showers, lockers, pumping room, and makeup room where members can get a blow-out. The interiors by the celebrated designers Chiara deRege and Hilary Koyfman evoke a cool apartment, with a mix of contemporary and vintage-inspired furniture and wood plank floors.”

“The Pentagram team worked closely with Gelman and Kassan to develop branding that felt authentic to the club’s bold point of view. The challenge was creating an identity that would appeal to a diversity of women without pandering or being stereotypical. Gelman and Kassan are witty, opinionated and incredibly savvy about politics and pop culture. (Gelman is the best friend of Lena Dunham and is said to have inspired the character of Marnie on ‘Girls’—but is way nicer.) The pair met their match in Oberman and her team, who are also political junkies and pop-culture obsessed and wanted the program to reflect the founders’ hyper-attuned aesthetic and smart sense of humor.”





“Oberman and her team discovered Gelman was a fan of the classic branding for New York’s legendary Restaurant Florent, which was inspired by vernacular design. The Florent identity was designed by Tibor Kalman at the groundbreaking M & Co., where Oberman started her career, and used sly humor and subtle touches to help create a unique and echt New York sense of place. The designers wanted to take a similar approach for The Wing—and develop branding that appears underdesigned at first glance, but is full of small, thoughtful details that add up to a cohesive experience and vision for people in the know.”

“The Wing logo takes the form of an iconic letter ‘W,’ a simple monogram that also references the familiar signage for a women’s room. But the identity utilizes a series of 30 different W’s, a nod to the eclectic makeup of the membership and its diversity of perspectives and different voices. The W appears in a wide array of historical and contemporary W’s, everything from Wonder Woman’s distinctive wing-spread symbol to unusual typefaces such as Alpha Sausage, Cottonwood, Mythos and Retail Script.”

“The wide-ranging W’s introduce an element of visual surprise that keeps the identity fresh and unpredictable, and endlessly flexible. The hero W appears alone as a bold insignia—welcoming visitors at the club’s front desk, and as the cursor on the website—or as a motley crew of miscellaneous W’s that form typographic patterns. This heterogeneous approach is filtered throughout the program. For instance, membership cards have been produced in three different styles, so members can choose their favorite, and come in slipcases labeled ‘New York Woman.’”




“The logotype and primary typography is set in the straightforward sans-serif Bianco, with the W of ‘The Wing’ signature set in the variant Bianco Serif, to give the letter little wings. Bianco Serif is also used for secondary typography and text. The hero W is a slightly redrawn Cruz Swinger and is meant to be strong and bold and curvy and unusual.”

“In tandem with the visual identity, Oberman and her team worked closely with the Wing founders to develop messaging that captured the club’s fearless spirit and attitude. The team imagined The Wing as a place where everyone from Fran Drescher to Issa Rae to Fran Lebowitz might possibly cross paths. Like the graphics, the messaging mixes contemporary vernacular with a smattering of sass.”

“‘The powerful graphics of the suffrage movement were a perfect point of reference, as they came out of women’s clubs,’ says Oberman. ‘At the same time, we wanted the identity and messaging to be fun and playful. This is a social space, and everyone there is smart, witty and outspoken. The branding needed to participate in the conversation.’”

“The messaging has a sassy, knowing tone that encourages members to feel they are part of the club. The designers created manifesto posters that declare ‘The Wing is a home base for women on their way,’ a nod to women’s suffrage. Towels are definitely ‘Hers,’ and the tote identifies its carrier as a ‘Bag Lady.’ Oberman and team loved designing the merch. Some favorites are a ‘1-800-Hotline-Wing’ pin (a play on the Drake hit), Ladies’ Mile socks and an inspiring women pencil set. For the welcome kit sent to the first 200 members, the team designed a set of custom poker cards with the tagline ‘Game Recognizes Game.’ The package also included custom notebooks and a personalized note from the founders.”



“The cheeky tone of voice is offset by a look and feel that is simultaneously scholarly, elegant and feminine. The color palette is a pale take on pastels, inspired by paper goods like stationery and cards—classic ways of communicating. The main brand color is pink, reclaiming a polarizing color for many women, but in a cool, modern hue. The precisely considered secondary colors include mint green, deep navy blue (Oberman describes it as “ballpoint-pen blue”), gray and black, with golden mustard accents.”

“The branding is integrated throughout the interiors in environmental graphics that help make the space inviting and one-of-a-kind. The ‘W’ logo is also emblazoned on custom tabletops in the café, and appears as a pattern in the custom tile of the bathrooms and even on the shower caps. The Personal Space is identified in blazing neon, and for the wallpaper in the beauty room, the founders commissioned the Brooklyn illustrator Joana Avillez to create a custom pattern of women doing different activities like yoga and hailing taxis.”

“As part of their work on the project, Oberman and her team have become members of The Wing. ‘It’s a new kind of creative space, and we’re proud to have helped bring it to life,’ she says. ‘We can’t wait to see the amazing collaborations that it will foster among such an incredible group of women—and we’re already making more stuff!’”


Designed by: Pentagram

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A Customized Perfume that’s as Unique as You Are

People love purchasing products that are unique and feel personal, and it doesn’t get much more personal than Formel, a perfume concept from Elvira Jacobi. With a formula and packaging that is based off of your personal information, likes, and dislikes, no two perfumes are alike.

“Swedish designer and entrepreneur Eric Ericson gave us an assignment to come up with a concept, design and packaging for a perfume with relevance to our time.”





“My concept is based on personal vanity, the individualized society and the pursuit of self-realization among the population in the West. I wanted to make a perfume that was based on a person’s personal information. That would be things such as name, current residence, social security number, allergies, blood pressure, characteristics, interests, different choices or online-history from social media.”

“All this information turns into a code, a recipe or a formel (formula). A scent that’s built like a classic perfume with base note, middle note and top note but based on you as a person. The packaging works just the same, digitally printed boxes with unique patterns for every perfume.”


Designed by: Elvira Jacobi

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

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This Colorful Sarong Packaging will take You on an Instant Vacation

Most people reserve sarongs for a beachy getaway, but this packaging concept for Peranakan Hipwrap Sarong will have you wanting one for everyday. Bright colors and elaborate patterns make it an absolute standout, and it honors the history of Southeast Asia. Developed by Zilin Yee, the project intends to tell a story with beautiful, natural elements.

“Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum located in Melacca, a world heritage UNESCO site is a combination of three terrace lots that were acquired in 1861. Four generations live in the house before it was opened as a museum in 1985.The museum is name derived from the term Baba, an honorific manner of addressing a straits-born gentleman and Nyonya which addresses a Straits-born lady.”



“Its goal is to preserve the house for visitors hoping to honour the Peranakan Spirit and keeping it alive for many generation to come.”

“A mix of Chinese and Malay culture, the stories tell how Chinese migrants settled in Southeast Asia and started their own families with the local Malay. People say, Peranakan is more Chinese than Chinese because they fully preserve the Chinese custom.”

“The objective of this project is to promote that ‘Peranakan Batik Sarong’ which inherits the unique of Baba Nyonya culture as a value collection.”






“Based on the traditional values of Kamcheng, which symbolizes strong bonding and close relationships between Peranakan women, this packaging design entitled the Kamcheng box presents a combination of Batik Sarong to symbolize the relationship of ladies and pass on the legacy of wearing the sarong.”

“The phoenix represents beauty and grace of ladies. The peony bloom symbolizes nobility and value of the ladies. The whole box symbolizes the female beauty and preserves traditional craft.”


Designed by: Zilin Yee

Country: Malaysia

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2mlLKW7

Huracan Is Putting the Fun Into Blowdrying

This hairdryer might just make us look forward to blowdrying our hair, as it has truly never looked better! ACHU! Studio designed the exciting and youthful packaging for Huracan, a best-selling Ecuadorian hairdryer. The pink box and the hero image of the hair dryer attract your attention right away while the brushstroke typography references the movement and the kinetic aspect of blowdrying your hair. 

“Huracan is a traditional hair dryer developed by Montero an Ecuadorian beauty enterprise. This hair dryer has been around for more than 20 years in the Ecuadorian market. Its high performance has helped it become the preference of all professional and regular customers over the years. In honor of this traditional design, we refreshed its packaging with a colorful, young and fresh proposal. The main object was to highlight its vintage design, but make it feel more updated, playful and stylish.”


Design Studio: ACHU! Studio 
Client: Montero
Art & Creative direction: Daniela Hurtado
Photography: Dayoco Studio
3d artist: Lilu & Woke
Location: Ecuador

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2lMiSTy

20 Ornate Vintage-Inspired Packaging Designs to Induce Nostalgia

The old is new again. We’ve been seeing lots of designs that are inspired by the aesthetic of the past, whether it’s vintage block type contrasted with hand lettering, blind embossed background patterns, ornate crests, or lithographic illustrations. Take a look back to the past with some of our favorite vintage-inspired packaging designs.

Learn more about the other big design trends for 2017.

Beautiful Delicate Macaron Packaging








There’s something about intricate gold detailing that makes a macaron all the more special. Designed by Blow, this luxurious Parisian macaron is elevated with packaging complementing the flavors of citrus, cocoa, vanilla, and berry. Colored boxes are adorned with gold foiling adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

Designed by Blow

Country: Hong Kong


Beau Cacao Chocolate is Almost too Pretty to Eat (Almost)











If you are looking for a chocolate that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your artistic eye, you have to check out Beau Cacao. Founded by Bo San Cheung and Thomas Delcour in 2013, Beau Cacao is a London-based chocolate company bringing an exciting new twist to the burgeoning bean-to-bar chocolate scene by sourcing single estate cacao beans directly from growers in Malaysia.

Designed by Socio Design

Chocolate Bar Design: Adam Gill

Country: United Kingdom


Pepsi Launches Limited Edition Commemorative Super Bowl LI Can








Super Bowl is an event like no other. That’s why Pepsi wanted to create a can that would blow its competitors out of the water. What started as a single commemorative can grew into a Houston-wide activation, with designs on billboards, tour buses and recycling bins. With the help of Theory House and Illustration Matt Stevens, The Pepsico Design & Innovation Center created a design that will last forever in the Hall of Fame. 

The can features a matte black finish with hand-tooled line art to celebrate the event and deliver a premium commemorative offering.

Designed by Pepsico Design & Innovation Center

Partnered with: Theory House

Illustrations: Matt Stevens

Country: United States


Gorgeous Vegan Chocolate Packaging






Chocolate so good you can’t take your hands off it. Designed by Gintarė Ribikauskaitė for Lithuanian brand Arc, packaging for this sweet treat is breathtaking. With hand-drawn typography these packages is to convey the winter and holiday spirit achieved using gold foil and filigree. 

Designed by Gintarė Ribikauskaitė 

Country: Lithuania


Celebrate Inebriation Day With this Alcoholiday Gift Set









In honor of this year’s Inebriation Day…oops we meant Inauguration Day, 1 Trick Pony designed this special gift set to help get you through the day. These two special edition bottles come together to make up one image, complete with elegant details such as metallic foil and a branded label placed cleverly to the side. 

Designed by 1 Trick Pony

Country: United States


The Luxurious Spirit of Monte-Carlo






There’s always something to celebrate with the luxurious spirit of Monte-Carlo. Designed by Hangar Design Group, champagne is embellished with gold foil accents and fancy typography. In an ultramarine blue or pearlescent gold, each bottle is truly extraordinary with a quilted pattern of the brand’s initials.

Designed by Hangar Design Group

Country: Italy


Elegant Details in CherryHills Market Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Packaging




Designed by Jenny Pfost, this line of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars uses filigree and intricate typography to best represent the fruitful notes in each product. A contrast of playful color pops and dark vintage design indices the consumer creating a sense of dynamism.

Designed by Jenny Pfost

Country: United States


Get Glam with Paponk POET Soothing Lip Color Packaging




Look and feel beautiful with Get Glam’s new line of soothing lipsticks. Designed by goninetyone, this makeup brand will give you just the right amount of “peppiness” in your step. With an elegant crest as the centerpiece and a navy and turquoise plaid pattern as the background these lipsticks are a must in any girl’s makeup bag. 

Designed by goninetyone

Country: Thailand


A Whiskey to Toast to Your Hopes & Dreams



A whiskey that’s been long in the making has finally hit stores in 2016. The founders of Hopes & Dreams have worked tirelessly to produce something they where proud of and with the combined efforts of The Well Established Co. and randomly selected casks, an “Old Enough” Whiskey was born. 

Designed by Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States


Drink Up the Oldest Spirit of France: Cyrano Armagnac











Based on the real life character from 17th century France, this spirit truly embodies the love story of Cyrano and Roxanne. Designed by Sand Creative, detailed gothic typography runs from edge to edge on the bottle while gold foil creates a halo around the age. A hand dipped wax cork gives the brand its authenticity complementing the traditional nature of the overall design. 

Designed by Sand Creative

Country: United Kingdom


Vibrant Italian-Inspired Packaging for Louise Fili Brillante Pencils











For years Louise Fili has been captivating us with her beautiful vintage-inspired typography and this piece is no exception. Designed on the box of color pencils, this is a great gift for any artist friend of yours. The theme is metallic elegance and it’s a far cry from the colored pencils we normally see packaged in bright colors. 

Designed by Louise Fili Ltd

Country: United States


Get a Refreshing Perspective with Beau Nash Craft Beer




Start your weekend a little bit early with Beau Nash’s craft beer. Designed by JDO Brand & Design, this beer is packaged like no other. With an elaborately designed label that can be read upside down and right side up, this design is though to the very last detail.  The blue details are rich and vibrant and the wax seal over the top of the bottle contributes to a more traditional feel, speaking to the age-old brewing process.

Designed by JDO Brand & Design

Country: United States


Premium Playing Cards Courtesy of Neil Patrick Harris







Anyone for up for a game of blackjack? Designed by Theory 11 in collaboration with Neil Patrick Harris, these deck of cards are jaw-dropping. Elegant, intricate, and stunning, every inch of this deck was handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. Inspired by art deco design, geometric patterns embellished with gold leaf create structure to the packaging and send the consumer to fantastical era of the 1920s. 

Designed by Theory 11

Art Direction: Neil Patrick Harris

Country: United States


Archie Rose Virgin Cane Spirit – Limited Release No. 1




static1.squarespace copy.jpg




Virgin Can Spirit released it’s first Limited Edition product from Archie Rose. Inspired by French Colonial Rums of old, Squad Ink packaged this rare-spirit-making tradition in a glass bottle wrapped with a label that gives the consumer a closer look at the journey from harvest to distillation. 

Designed by Squad Ink

Country: Australia


Thinking Tree Spirits






Inspired by Late Baroque mirrors, Hired Guns Creative created packaging for Thinking Tree Spirits that is ridiculously gorgeous. To create a highly dimensional package, a pop of purple foil and a colorful ornate frame raised to its highest relief with sculptured embossment was applied to take the spirit to the next level. 

Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Country: United States


Boodles Mulberry




A toast to this 171-year-old gin maker! With its remarkable passion for creating the best concoction of mulberries, raspberries, and currents, Boodles has continued to capture the hearts and glasses of party animals everywhere. The “sweet and subtle” liqueur can be enjoyed both warm and cold. Packaged with the same love as their other flavors, the beautiful glass structure is fitted with a metal top and embellished with a marbled purple and blue piece of art. 

Designed by Boodles

Country: United Kingdom


Bisto, Oxo & Paxo Limited Edition Tins









Want to beautify your pantry. Fill it up with Premier Foods’ Limited Edition Tins. Designed by Robots Food, these gorgeous coffee tins are something consumers would proudly display in their kitchens, and either keep for refills, or reuse for other purposes. Decked out in two shades, a vibrant red and electric blue, the packaging is striking and is playfully inspired by the Union Jack and London skyline. Perfect for all roasts, this line is definitely something to look out for at your local Tesco. 

Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom


Campo Bravo Tequila






Great for the cold or warm season, Campo Bravo Tequila should be a staple in everybody’s liquor cabinet. Designed by Stranger & Stranger, intricate illustrations and designs is what makes this packaging so special. Inspiration was taken form Mexican art to create the patterns that envelope the snarling wolf. The glass is raised at the back of the bottle to form a second wolf with teeth and claws in defense mode. Splashes of turquoise add in just the right amount of bright color, allowing the fine details to stand out even more.

Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Country: United States


Hall & Marciniak Wine







If you’re looking for an extra special wine to toast the evening with, check out Hall & Marciniak Wine. Designed by Swindler & Swindler, the packaging for this sparkling bottle will leave you breathless. Subtle yet elaborate filigree runs across the entire label along with the wine’s name and vineyard of origin framing the design in gold. The embellishments are printed in such a way that takes a quite traditional bottle of wine to a more modern appeal.

Designed by Swindler & Swindler

Country: France


Coda Brewing Co.








Cheers to new beginnings and great beer. Designed by Varnish Studio, packaging for this beer series is out of this world. With vintage written all over it, Coda Brewing Co. takes pride in their long-lived tradition. Each style is bottled in a beautiful structure embellished with floral and botanical illustrations framed around gold. The metallic ink finds its way on the back of the label outlining the brand’s inspirational story. A signature of the founder “seals the deal” offering the consumer a sense of quality and certainty that this beer is where it’s at. 

Designed by Varnish Studio

Country: United States 

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2l3wV5d

Pickled Goods Need Packaging Design Love Too

Cultivate redesigned the packaging for Bartons Pickles, a UK based company that specializes in pickled goods. The labels are colorful, well-organized and balanced from a design sense, as the information on the labels is clearly laid out in a visually appealing way.

“Bartons Pickles is a family-run company based in St Helens (UK), specialising in handmade chutneys, sauces and pickles. Established in 1905, Bartons are now stocked in a wide range of both independent and supermarket stores across the North West. As big fans of their products, we at Cultivate were delighted to join them in giving their brand an extra pinch of flavour.”



“When it came to focusing on the brand’s overall image, our aim was to modernise, refine and add consistency to the packaging, whilst savouring the traditional elements already associated with the popular local pickler. The previous look had begun to feel dated when compared to competitors and ran the risk of blending in on busy supermarket shelves. Celebrating their 110-year heritage, the new labels are particularly striking and really allow the product to stand out.” 

“To preserve the existing brand personality, we illustrated Eddie—the familiar face of Bartons Pickles—and kept him at the forefront of the identity. Drawn in-house by one of the Cultivate team, the illustrated logo has a distinct and recognisable quality that serves to add to the personal, handcrafted nature of the product. Although refining the visual style, we retained familiar elements, such as the Bartons wordmark and product colours, in order to aid brand recognition.” 

“Some of Bartons best-selling products, including Piccalilli, Silverskin Onions, Mint Sauce and Chip Splash, are now available in the new look, with the full project consisting of around forty labels across the range.”


Client: Bartons Pickles

Studio: Cultivate

Designer: Andrew Stuart

Illustrator: Dominic Coley

Location: UK

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2ltRWJT

Et Cetera Wine is Bringing Some Flair to Your Glass

Shumi Love Design created the packaging for Et Cetera wine to help it stand out against the competition amongst the shelves. We love how playful this label is and how it incorporates a variety of design techniques. The foiling especially adds a nice tactile quality to the product while also elevating it and adding a sense of class.

“This brand was developed by the agency’s specialists in 2008 and since then has garnered notoriety both on the domestic and international market. Back at that time, the trademark looked original, premium, and different from everything presented on the product shelves. However, since then the market has seen the introduction of many new players in the signature wine niche, characterized by bright and attractive visuals, which made the Et Cetera brand somewhat lost in the competition. So the agency’s task for this project was to create an original, vivid and attractive design, relevant to the current competitive environment, while retaining the recognizability, the brand’s DNA.”



“The main step in the brand’s renewal was the change in bottle form and an original corking with wax, which make the product stand out and attract the consumer’s attention. The label design was also subject to substantial changes. First of all, one should note the new color scheme – black field and bronze elements – that looks temperate, stylish, and gives an instant impression of the product’s high level. While the label doesn’t wrap the bottle entirely, still the front and back labels are merged into one, which allows the label to work effectively regardless of the side the bottle is facing at the moment. The main visual accent was placed on the style-forming element of the trademark – the ellipsis sign – which was enlarged in order to emphasize the brand identification. The employed printing and post-printing techniques as well as the choice of artistic paper, all emphasize the product’s premium level and its exclusivity.”


Agency: Shumi Love Design
Creative Director – Valerii Shumilov
Photographer – Kirill Zmurciuk
Client – Et Cetera
Location: Moldova

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2ltKyy2

Get Higgidy With This Eclectic Packaging

An eclectic and eye-catching new brand identity for Higgidy, a British pie and quiche company, has been unveiled by B&B studio. The new identity embraces the handmade aspect of each product and the imperfection that comes with it. The result is a packaging design solution that elevates your average baked treat.

“The creative strategy led on the belief that ‘the best things in life are Higgidy’ – evolving the positioning from product to lifestyle philosophy. The resulting packaging for the brand’s 33 pies, quiches and sausage rolls, is inspired by an eclectic collection of ceramic plates. Illustrators collaborated to create abstract illustrations, inspired by the recipes, which appear cropped.” 

“A new round logo, which breaks the name of Higgidy up across two lines, makes a distinctive, memorable and easy to read brand mark. The logo has been artworked to look subtly different each time emphasising the look and feel of Higgidy products.” 

“Shaun Bowen, Founder and Creative Partner, B&B studio, says: ‘From the start, we were keen to help build Higgidy’s broader philosophy – and the company’s belief in the beauty of its imperfect pies felt like something that could evolve way beyond the food.'” 

“‘The packaging design was inspired by a lifestyle aesthetic born out of the beauty of imperfection, and the mismatched plates gave us the opportunity to tell a story around each recipe, either in terms of its inspiration, ingredients or associations. We worked closely with founder Camilla Stephens to truly appreciate each recipe, then with each individual illustrator to ensure the story came to life in the most appropriate way.'”


Agency: B&B studio

Location: London

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2lyQW5L

Jack Daniel’s On the Go

JDO Brand & Design has again partnered with Brown Forman, Australia this time to launch a new Jack Daniel’s ready to drink (RTD) product, ‘American Serve’ to target true whiskey lovers.

The new range provides the ‘perfect pour’ delivering one and a half shots of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 with a splash of cola, ginger or lemonade to give the authentic smooth taste expected from a classic American serve. 

JDO was briefed to develop a new and innovative way to showcase the American ‘look & feel’ of the RTD packaging to target a more sophisticated drinker and to help grow the RTD market and recruit new consumers. The teams were asked to design an RTD concept that was premium, modern, confident and authentic but that still held true to the strong Jack Daniel’s values of heritage and craftsmanship. The new design also needed to credibly own the ‘American Serve’ positioning in the Australian market. 

The new range design embraces American design cues and colours whilst retaining the tradition, provenance and heritage of the Jack Daniel’s brand. Lines have been introduced in the variant colour while small stars are added to the sub brand. The challenge was to adapt the Jack Daniel’s branding to fit a small 250ml can format and to give the new ‘American Serve’ branding enough prominence. The smaller can format helps differentiate from other Jack Daniel’s serves. 

Ray Smith, JDO creative director said, “We wanted to find the ‘sweet spot;’ the perfect balance between classic Jack Daniel’s and a new ownable identity for ‘American Serve.’ The challenge was to see how far we could push an American look & feel whilst still feeling credible in the Australian market.” 

Marissa Murray, senior brand manager Jack Daniel’s added, “JDO’s new designs will help us reach a discerning consumer who can now enjoy the perfect serve of legendary Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 with some of their favourite mixers, in a more convenient way.” 


Agency: JDO Brand & Design
Location: UK

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2kPwwbu