35 Olive Oil Packaging Designs

Olive oil is an essential for any kitchen, and the beautiful packaging solutions for this widely used condiment are a testament to its importance. June 1st also happens to be National Olive Day, so in order to celebrate, we decided to compile a list of our favorite olive oil packaging designs.

1. Special Care Goes into Making Each of these Olive Oil Bottles Unique


2. Grovestone Olive Oil


3. Ros Caubó


4. Punton Di Leone Olive Oil


5. ΔOGMA extra virgin olive oil


6. Agrovim


7. An Olive Oil that Pays Tribute to the History of Greece


8. The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Tenute Librandi


9. Kopos® | Limited Edition


10. Olive Oil Cooperative of Viannos


11. Ilípula

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12. El Cantizal Olive Oil


13. Tithasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil


14. Luxury Oil


15. The Secret Keepers


16. S’ARD Olive Oil


17. OLIA Olive Oil


18. Olive Joy


19. Typuglia Olive Oil




20. California Olive Ranch


21. Hi. I want to follow you!


22. Auro



23. Myst Ultra Premium Olive Oil


24. IONIA Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil


25. Penema® | Esterra Olive Goods


26. Olive by Gino’s Garden


27. ekoBrachia


28. Gkazas Olive Oil


29. Notio Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


30. Hito


31. Ladolea Organic E.V.O.O


32. Koronaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil


33. Soligea


34. Ritual Bloom Olive Oil


35. Anthia Products

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The Brief 5/30/17: Design News You Might Have Missed

Here’s the latest:

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Up Your Brand Experience with these Free Downloadable Dielines from Neenah

Consumers of today have high expectations for brands—they desire personalized, tailored experiences, and the brands who can deliver are the ones that gain loyalty. To make things easy, Neenah has just released Explore 5, the latest addition to their popular explore series. This particular lineup features five strategic, creative, practical, and tangible ways to enhance customer experience at every touchpoint from a holistic approach. And the best part? You can download the samples of Explore 5 completely free.

So what’s included? This installment explores the 5 E’s of Hospitality—Entice, Enter, Engage, Exit, Extend—with innovative offerings to truly make an impact for consumers. Find out what Explore 5 has to offer below for packaging designers, and head over to Neenah to get your own.


Great for: bringing a retail space to life

IMG_9482 2.JPG


Pique a guest’s interest by combining style and substance with tabletop forms that can double as flower vases or candle holders while delivering an invitation to a special event. Get the visual impact by using imagery and text on each side. Two clicks of HP Fluorescent Pink combined with 4-color process, on ESSE® Cover, Pearlized White makes a stunning, shimmery impression for this tabletop invitation display. This clever invitation/ tabletop display is printed on an HP Indigo® 7000.


Great for: putting valuable info in one place

What sets the tone for a guest’s stay? The promise of Instagram-worthy memories sets the tone of this welcome brochure featuring fine dining and luxury spa treatments. This 4-color brochure adds brand value with custom paper treatments and high quality printing. Using CLASSIC® Stipple, Antique Gray to add depth to the cover illustration. Inside, the elegant touch of CLASSIC CREST®, Solar White, Smooth displays the hotel’s fine dining and luxury spa. An inserted spa treatment card makes a bold statement on new CLASSIC CREST®, Imperial Red. The outer wrap, printed with two clicks of Opaque White over 4-color process adds the finishing touch on new CLASSIC CREST®, Aubergine. All are printed on an HP Indigo 7000.


Great for: showcasing green/sustainable products

What can you do to express your brand promise? Transform utilitarian messages into your brand’s sustainability message. A unique shape and unexpected paper color draw to your brands’ mission. This hanger with a unique die-cut water drop, meant for a showerhead or doorknob, helps initiate  sustainable conservation with guests. This piece is printed on the new CLASSIC CREST® Military, 100C, Smooth Digital with three clicks Opaque White overprinted with 4-color process using the HP Indigo 7000.


Great for: gift boxes



What’s their takeaway? Nothing says thank you like sweet treats! Here, two small businesses partner to create a memorable parting message: A box of treats from a local artisan double as a B&B complimentary gift. This two-part, pop-up box evokes the essence of the shore with the boldness of ASTROBRIGHTS® Lunar Blue™ representing the sea and sky, while the textural felt finish of ROYAL SUNDANCE®Papers mimics a sandy beach. Both the box top and bottom are printed 4-color process.  The top on an HP Indigo® 7000, and the bottom on a Konica Minolta BizHub Pro C7000.


Great for: personal touches

How do you build brand loyalty long after the memories of a great stay, agreat meal, or a great experience have faded? A personalized note can go a long way in letting customers know you value their business. Let premium, tactile and sustainable paper differentiate you from the mainstream. This postcard delivers a memorable message on the new CLASSIC® Woodgrain texture, in the new Bare White shade, with 4-color process on the Xerox® iGen4.

Get your samples in Explore 5 and the entire Explore series are available for free download.


Neenah, Farmhouse Design

Printing: Fey Printing

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Aussie Agency Designs Gin Bottles Inspired By Land and Sea

Co Partnership, a branding agency based in Australia creates beautiful packaging for the food and beverage market that tells a story through their designs. For Dasher + Fisher, a new Gin range from Southern Wild Distillery in Devonport, Northern Tasmania, Co Partnership looked to the natural environment for inspiration.

“From the mountains, meadows, and oceans of Tasmania, Australia. Dasher + Fisher is a new Gin range from the Southern Wild Distillery in Devonport, Northern Tasmania. Named after two wild rivers from the region, our brief was to design the branding and packaging for an ingredient led gin with the aim to disrupt the spirits category with a modern approach. 

The three gins each hero an ingredient from a different part of the rivers journey; wild Pepperberry from the snow melt mountains, citrus and lavender from the lush meadows and Wakame from the treacherous seas of the Bass Strait. 

The Dasher + Fisher mark summaries this journey in a bold and graphic way, whilst the three gins hero their individual story using botanical illustrations which are amplified into the shoulder of the bottle, creating an eye catching ‘snowglobe’ effect. 

Following the rebrand, we worked with the Southern Wild Distillery to create their new identity as part of the new ‘living city’ regeneration of Devonport.”


Design: Co Partnership
Illustration:  Anne Hayes
Printer: MCC Label
Photography: Guy Davies
Location: Sydney, Australia

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Vibrant Coffee Packaging Inspired by the Textiles and Arts of the Beans’ Origins

If you can’t imagine getting anything done in your day without enjoying a cup of joe first, you’re not alone. Common Grounds celebrates coffee drinking, recognizing that it’s something people all around the world enjoy. Brandon Wherley developed a student project that would incorporate the origins of the coffee beans into the packaging.


















“Common Grounds is a coffee company that brings coffee drinking traditions from around the world to any coffee lover so that they can share in the universal experience of this drink. Coffee is consumed in different ways around the world, so instead of focusing on different roasts, Common Grounds sells coffee based on how it is prepared and served in 5 different countries. The packaging uses different patterns that are inspired by textiles or art from the country of origin. Each type of coffee is a set that uses special brewing devices or ingredients to prepare, which makes the drink unique. Everything you need can be found on the e-commerce site that was designed for the brand. Coffee enthusiasts can go on the site to order coffee beans and accessories individually, or as a convenient gift set. The site also has brand merchandise available for purchase and a blog with post that include things like detailed information about sourcing the coffee.”


Designed by: Brandon Wherley

Photography: Austen Hart

Art Director: Abby Guido, Tyler School of Art

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The Righteously Dank Ales of Pubstomper Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for a beer with a serious hoppy flavor, then check out the ales from Pubstomper Brewing Co. We love their seriously bold, strong approach that’s as eye-catching as it is simple, designed by Robot Food.

“With an uncompromising take on flavour, the West Virginia based brewery needed a brand as ‘righteously dank’ as their ales.”

“Pubstomper Brewing Company brews ales with more strength and character than your average ale. A single-minded brand focused on consistency and strength of flavour, Pubstomper approached Robot Food in need of an identity to launch their flagship product, a heady 8% ABV Pale Ale.”

“With a demanding audience of craft beer lovers, the young co-founders wanted to intentionally understate the flavour inside and give their niche market something totally unexpected. The new identity had to communicate – but not overemphasize – the powerful flavour and craft credentials of the brand.”

“Robot Food’s solution was a muscular identity with plenty of positive impact. The black, red and silver colour palette packs a visual punch, indicative of the strength and depth of flavour found inside, while a strikingly simple on-pack ingredients table lets the ale speak for itself. Typography is distinct and confident, with the logo’s distinctive ‘P’ an unmissable beacon front and centre.”

“The new identity promises to grab as much attention online as it will do on-shelf, with sharp, clean graphics proving to be a winning combination in an execution that’s every bit as bold as their beer tastes.”

Cody Cheesebrough, Co-Founder of Pubstomper Brewing Co. said, “We needed an identity that would tell people where we’re coming from, something to stand-out against the mass market and would speak without pretence. After seeing Robot Food’s work on different design blogs, it was a no-brainer – they were the agency for us. Sure enough, they delivered with an identity that’s as punchy as our beer.”

Simon Forster, creative director at Robot Food, said, “It’s an identity that speaks for itself. Pubstomper is a niche brand for a niche market, so we wanted to create an iconic brand with no fuss, to cut through the clutter of the competition.”


Designed by: Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

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Custom Illustrations Give Lakes & Legends Brewing Co. a Seriously Artisan Look


The illustrations for Lakes & Legends Brewing Co. are truly spectacular, giving it a unique look to stand out in the saturated market of craft beers. The design, Ivan Trushin, sets the overall tone for the brand and showcases the unique beer lineup.







“A Minneapolis, MN brewery Lakes & Legends Brewing Co. sought design help from Ivan Trushin before they opened their taproom doors. The challenge was to create cohesive packaging that would embrace the brand’s farm-to-table ethos and give them a unique visual identity. The packaging needed to translate seamlessly across a multitude of components including; 350 ml labels, 750 ml labels, 4-Packs, Special Edition labels, Growlers, Keg Collars, Taproom Handles and promotional materials.”






“A bold, graphic style was created to give the brand a unique identity. Utilizing a rich color palette allowed us to differentiate each beer and give the brand visibility in a retail environment. Using woodcut printmaking as inspiration, we highlighted each beer’s story with a custom illustration to give the labels an artisan feel. The result is a bold take on farm-to-table culture.”


Designed by: Ivan Trushin

Photographer: David Amos

Printer: Imagine

Photography: David Amos Photography

Country: United States


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Stellar is Magical Makeup Inspired by the Cosmos


Stellar is makeup that will help you shine. It includes everything from foundation to lipstick is sure to find a place in your beauty bag and become a regular part of your beauty routine. Bruce Mau Design turned to the skies for inspiration for this gorgeous makeup line with equally striking packaging.









“Stellar is a high-performance makeup brand that features addictive colors and sensual textures. It delivers across all skin colors, with a particular focus on medium tones. The line features a full range of products that includes foundations, concealers, loose powders, blushes, lipsticks, and mascaras.”




“Taking visual inspiration from the cosmos, the brand identity and name allude to starry constellations. The word mark includes a dot that echoes both the North Star and a beauty mark. The colors used reflect the inclusive nature of the brand. Black and white represent night and day while a secondary opalescent palette vibrates across the full spectrum of light. Guidelines ensure product photography and model photo shoots reverberate the effortless, confident, and bold brand ethos of Stellar.”





“Working with the client, BMD developed all brand touchpoints—positioning and story, name, visual identity, website, packaging, campaign photography, and collateral—from the onset all the way to a successful launch across North American Sephora stores.”


Designed by: Bruce Mau Design

Country: Canada

City: Toronto

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The Many Faces of Mollusk Craft Beer

Mint has just unveiled some new work for Mollusk, a local craft brewery and pub that calls Seattle home.

“Mollusk is a craft brewhouse specializing in fresh and unique beer styles. The core flagship products, rotating seasonal beers, and premium offerings are wrapped with lush illustrated labels inspired by an eclectic mix of themes, every bit as artistic as the products they promote.” 

“Mollusk also produces a steady stream of experimental beers and one offs inspired by fresh local ingredients. To remain nimble and keep up with unique production demands, we rounded out the system with complimentary labels that are boldly utilitarian and designed to evoke unique flavor profiles.”


Designed By: Mint
Client: Mollusk
Location: Seattle, Washington

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Job of the Week: Miller


Miller™ is a rapidly growing boutique branding agency based in central NJ, approximately 1 hour from NYC. Our clients range from start-ups to international brands. We are best known for our work in consumer product branding – especially food, beverage, health/beauty and specialty goods. As an agency, we are known for our promoting a great work-life balance. Happy designers = happy clients!

Learn More + Apply

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