Chill Out In Style With Kannai’s CBD Massage Candles


Brewing Creativity created the branding identity for Kannai’s collection of CBD Massage Candles. The name was inspired by a witty way of asking “Can I” – hence “Kannai Relax?” “Kannai Chill” “Kannai Live” – “of course you can”. Founded by LGBTQ women in San Diego, we wanted to use colors from the rainbow and matching the scent with still a classic feel to the packaging.


The logo features triangles & hemp leaves to connect the identity with the brand’s mission – an elevated cannabis experience. The candles can be used as regular candles, or you can use the melted oil as CBD massage oil.

The collection features 3 scents, Relax “Lavender & Chamomile”, Chill “Green Tea & Lemongrass”, Live “Orange & Goijiberry” with colors reminiscent of that mood. Each scent meant for a specific mood, find your chill, relax your mind and live in the moment.




Designed By: Brewing Creativity

Client: Kannai

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Give The Gift Of Wine With Baby Brunello


By: Casha Doemland


Have you ever rolled up to a party with a bottle of wine and felt like it wasn’t enough? Or, perhaps upon arrival, you glanced at the counter and realized everyone had the same idea as you? Well, it’s officially time to step up your wine-giving game with a personal touch by Baby Brunello.

“Baby Brunello is a unique modern-day time capsule created to replace the letterpress card usually attached to a gifted bottle,” starts Neil Roadman, designer at The White Room. “It provides people with a more opulent and meaningful way to showcase cherished bottles and mark special occasions. A scroll is placed inside the capsule recording key attributes about the wine itself and conveying a personal message to read later.”


As for the name, it’s derived from Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino wines, with the latter being affectionately known as Baby Brunello. “With that name, everything seemed to fall together as we started to develop ideas around celebrating major life milestones with our new product,” says Baby Brunello founder Justin Kimball.

Little did the duo know, the process to create such a heartfelt gift would be more extensive and time-consuming than they originally anticipated.


“Shelf presence became a crucial aspect of our research along with reviewing luxury wine packaging positioning,” says Roadman. “An elaborate document was created to show brands in the marketplace that weren’t necessarily parallel products but focused on speaking to the luxury demographic.”

After establishing the positioning, a further strategy was developed to determine the look of the product as well as where to source the materials to match.  This proved to be a challenge because the tubes were sourced from China, slowing the entire process.

They also wanted the product to be completely sustainable – there’s a glass tube,  a bamboo top, and the paper is from Neenah’s box line. Not only is it recyclable, but it’s also made from post-consumer waste.





“When we started designing the packaging, we came up with three completely different concepts based on our market findings,” states Roadman. “It was very important for us to have this product stand out while still maintaining a high level of sophistication. Every design element was considered including patterns, the logo and how it could work with a rotation of imagery, and so on.”

The importance of rotating imagery is linked to the series of commemorative occasions such as weddings, corporate gifts, birthdays, baptisms, childbirth and collectors because each should transcend the occasion as opposed to being generic.  So, five backgrounds in varying vibrant colors were produced to reflect just that.


Plus, if you’re gifting to the collector, the capsule is the perfect identifier that will simultaneously warm the heart with its personalized message.

You can do no wrong when giving the gift of wine, but it’s time to put on those big boy or girl britches and elevate it with a unique and personal touch. No more showing up to your dinner parties or picnics with naked bottles.  



LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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Cheez Balls Are Back, You Disgusting Monsters

Planters Cheez Balls.jpg.jpg_12115430_ver1.0_1280_720.jpg

By: Casha Doemland


If you’re going to get technical, cheese balls never really left the shelves. Target, Walmart and surprisingly enough, Office Depot, keep the large plastic tubs you remember stocked on their shelves.

The big news is that Kraft Heinz’s Planters is returning to the world of balled cheddar this July to serve up a hint of nostalgia in their retro-styled tubs. Not only that, but Amazon and are the only vendors included in the initial rollout, although brick and mortar stores will be added in the future.

According to Planters head of brand building Melanie Huet, “We heard many impassioned pleas for us to bring Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls back over the years, and we wanted to give our fans a chance to reunite with their most-missed cheesy snack.”

Don’t worry, it has the same delicious taste you remember, and is sure to get cheese dust on everything you love and hold dear to your heart.

While the product may only be $1.99, that doesn’t mean you need to go out and see how many you can eat in one sitting or play chubby bunny with it. Either way, both scenarios end up with you having a stomach ache and falling down onto your knees repeatedly asking “why?!”  



LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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Viani’s Range of Italian Offerings Get a New Minimalistic Look


In 2015 moodley developed the new corporate design for Viani, a Germany based retailer for Italian delicacies. The last step was the revision of the packaging of Viani’s store brand. A quite important task. Not least because customers get in touch with a culinary brand in retail mainly by the product’s orchestration. So what was needed was a packaging concept that offers a high recognition factor despite having such a huge range.






The Viani store brand consists of a wide selection of different products, bunches and package sizes. moodley created special packaging for all product groups, that stages them perfectly. Certain highlight products stand out – with letterings, especially created for Viani. Naturally without losing sight of the consistent overall picture.

















Designed By: moodley brand identity
Client: Antonio Viani Importe GmbH
Art Direction: Nora Obergeschwandner
Graphic Design: Nora Obergeschwandner
Consulting: Alex Rehm
Rollout: Antonio Viani Importe GmbH
Location: Vienna, Austria

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Mexico-Based Delamar Serves Up Quality Seafood in Style


Parámetro Studio designed this clean packaging and branding for Delamar, a Mexican seafood and fish brand.




“Delamar is a Mexican company specialised in working with the best fish on the market. Our task was to develop the complete brand identity: naming, slogan, packaging and the overall communication. Our inspiration was the main product itself, the fish. We created a visual identity so simple and evident that our consumer will perceive it as friendly and trustable, even though it’s new on the market. For the packaging we chose a simple cardboard box to stick to the product selling budget itself, where we created a system of graphics that appear on the different boxes to create an appealing and dynamic experience every time.”








Designed By: Parámetro Studio
Location: Monterrey, Mexico

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Colonial is an Artisanal Rum From Guatemala With a Clean Look


Appartement 103 has designed a new visual identity and packaging for the historical Ron Colonial.

Born in 1953, in the heart of Guatemala, Colonial is an artisanal Rum that combines the exclusive process of Guatemalan rums and infusion of vanilla beans, fresh prunes and sun-dried raisins – all signature ingredients from the magical town of Antigua. With an outdated image, Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala spotted the opportunity to reconnect the brand with its loyal consumer base while engaging with new ones. 


“With the objective to re-vitalise this iconic brand, Appartement 103’s team had the privilege to visit Guatemala, being directly inspired by the city in order to create a visual identity that truly conveys the spirit of Antigua and its people.” Says Appartement 103’s Design Director, Marlon Watts. 

The intertwine play of graphic elements, illustrations and typography reflect the Baroque style of the 18th century preserved today as ruins are found all around the city. The strong logo communicates the name with confidence and pride in its origins, while the different elements of the label express the quality and handcrafted appeal that makes this rum so special.



Designed By: Appartement 103
Design Director: Marlon Watts
Location: Paris, France

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A Gloss and Pearl Varnish Gives These Minimalist Labels a Luxury Edge


Josh Wood is an Expert Hair Colourist, known in the industry as the’ King of Colour’. His recently launched Josh Wood Colour System, is designed to revolutionise home hair colouring. It includes permanent hair dyes, colour glosses, root touch-up products and colour-preserving shampoos and conditioners – all of which were created by Josh, with his insights and experience of over 30 years in the industry.


The labels for this exciting new range were designed by Pearlfisher and inspired by the brand’s focus on quality colour; although minimalist, these labels were looking to be a challenge to print.

Pearlfisher invited the Royston Labels team to troubleshoot the issue. After receiving some sample artworks and attending a briefing meeting, we created a series of wet proofs illustrating the potential of our intended specification: digital.





After further talks we jointly came to a decision: the range would feature matt white labels embellished with spot gloss and pearlescent varnish. The last step before we began printing was to provide a number of different colour versions for the benefit of both Pearlfisher and Josh Wood himself. Having received the final go-ahead we began the manufacturing process. 



The finished range is printed on white polyethylene (PE), a flexible, durable, and moisture resistant material perfectly suited to beauty products. To manage costs, but maintain quality we used CMYK and printed on a digital press. The most important element of the process was adding the embellishments. Key areas of these elegant matt labels have been enhanced with spot gloss and pearlescent varnish; though subtle, these textural details evoke a luxury look and feel. 

We are delighted with the finished product, and pleased that this challenging and complex collaboration resulted in such a successful outcome.







Design: Pearlfisher

Label manufacturer: Royston Labels

Photography: Alex Bibby

Location: UK

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Notion Brewery Labels Incorporate Craft Through Bespoke Collagraph Prints


Notion was a repositioning proposal for a brewery wishing to target a younger audience demographic. Notion are an artisanal craft brewery, devoted to producing a fresh array of beers with the belief that there is a beer for everyone. The manager began his brewing journey with his father, a lifelong home brewer who previously served with the Navy. After his father’s passing, the brand was developed to continue his legacy. The branding conveys their nautical background and incorporates a clear element of craft whilst the layout allows the different beer styles to embrace their inspiration and express their individuality.




Some notable elements are: 

The logo symbolises rope and a star which represents the naval background of the manager’s father. 

The beer labels express the hand-crafted element through unique collagraph printed textures, each created using the ingredients from the corresponding beer style. 

The fluid shapes used to contain the printmaking textures are a modern representation of the liquid nature of the product and a subtle link to their oceanic story.




Designed By: Jason Phillip

Image of Hops: maxpixel

Location: York, UK

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Doctors Orders Serves Up A Unique Take On Bitters

Concepted by Jena Salvatore, Doctors Orders sought inspiration from the original use of bitters. Packaged in a traditional brown glass bottle and paired with a fun, colorful label, these bitters will undoubtedly be a hit at your next gathering. 

“Doctors Orders is a line if coffee bitters that will enhance any cocktail, both alcoholic and not. Bitters were originally a staple in most apothecaries and mainly given as medicine. The bottles used are reminiscent of old medicine bottles that could have been seen in one of these shops, however with a new and modern design. Bitters are now used as a blend of herbs and spices to add to any drink. This set of bitters comes with a tri-fold pamphlet that gives cocktail recipe recommendations for each bitter flavor. These coffee flavored bitters will appeal to the coffee lover and cocktail enthusiast, being exactly what the Doctor Ordered.”



Designer: Jena Salvatore

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Vancouver Vendor Sells $37.99 Hot Dog Water


By: Casha Doemland


In a day and age where you can purchase 14-karat gold plated staples and cereal is used to coat your fried chicken and hot wings, nothing should cease to amaze you. Yet, at a car show in Vancouver earlier this month, one vendor has jaws dropping and the internet buzzing.

Douglas Bevans, CEO of Hot Dog Water,  legitimately sold boiled organic beef hot dogs in Voss look-a-like water bottles.

What’s nuts, is 60 people actually purchased them at $37.99, or 2 for $75.

The Hot Dog water, according to Bevan’s signage is, “Keto compatible, weight loss, increase brain function, look younger and increase vitality.” All of which is made possible because of the “sodium re-uptake” provided by drinking a full liter of Hot Dog water.

If you take the time to read all of the text and make your way down to the history, you’ll soon discover that Hot Dog water is a hoax. In fact, it’s more of an experiment to see how much marketing plays a role in consumer purchasing.

Bevans is no CEO, rather he is a tour operator and performance artist who simply had an idea, saw a way to execute it and has now created worldwide buzz.

When asked why he chose to do this, he told The Canadian Press, “We’re helping people, empowering them to use informed decisions in their purchasing choices. That is the message behind this.”



LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.


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Sonia Boyajian Creates The Ultimate Portfolio


Anna Jaques helped jewelry design, Sonia Boyajian design and create a full portfolio for her to showcase her work, equipped with her press release, editorial features, lookbook and more. 

“Sonia Boyajian is a Los Angeles based designer that has been creating jewelry for over 18 years. She has been commissioned to design pieces for Scarlett Johansson, Nina Ricci, and Interview magazine.”


“I was asked to design a limited piece of print that would celebrate her work including mentions in press articles, fashion editorials, and designer collaborations. We created a custom fabric bound box, which held two main books; a press book and a designer collaborations book, along with a selection of lookbooks.

This piece of work was also used for the CFDA portfolio submission, where we added two further designs; fold down inserts to show the development of Sonia’s latest collections.”











Design and Creative Direction: Anna Jaques
Client: Sonia Boyajian
Printing: Kingsbury Press 

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