Untitled Takes An Atypical Approach To Wine Packaging With Their Labels


Onfire Design created the atypical wine packaging for Untitled. Featuring handwritten-typography the label stands out against other minimal or foiled wine labels out on the market.

“Lee Winston, an Auckland based winemaker wanted to create a statement. While wines that are made in New Zealand are extremely good and highly regarded, they are very ‘samey’. Same standard varieties and blends. Even those claiming to be different are only doing so through their branding; the wine remains the same. Lee wanted to challenge this by creating unique wine blends with unique branding.”




“The wine itself is inspired by some of the true great winemaker and regions in France (such as Champagne and Chateauneuf-du-Pape). By using their traditional winemaking methods, Lee reinterpreted the blending to create a range of non-vintage, multi-regional, and multi-varietal blends—a red one, a white one, and a pink one. Three truly unique wines.

We created the name and brand story for this disrupting brand. Finding inspiration in the winemaking process, the blends will alter slightly per season depending upon the grapes that are available and tweaks in each recipe. In essence, these wines will always be a ‘work-in-progress’. A fixed name did not do this process justice, hence ‘Untitled’.”






“A ‘wine editor’ persona was developed for Lee. Similar to a film editor who creates a finished film from multiple shots, Lee creates these blends in a similar fashion with grapes. His ideas and musings are captured in a ‘stream of consciousness’ manifesto with typography influenced by his love of music, indie music magazines and the love and attention that go into creating mixtapes. Various parts of the manifesto influence each blend, these are physically joined up with tape to illustrate his hands-on process. Lavish foils, embossing, cap branding and other embellishments have been omitted to create a brash, loud statement against the uniformity of today’s wine industry.”






Designed By: Onfire Design

Creative Director: Matt Grantham

Designers: Georgina Brothers, Tim Wightman

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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This Gin Comes With Wonderful Details and An Old School Vibe


Think Bold Studio designed the stunning and intricately detailed packaging for Fox Tale, a Portuguese Dry Gin.

“Fox Tale is a premium edition Dry Gin from Portugal, printed in blind emboss and turquoise and gold foil, the label has a vintage mood while looking fresh and appealing to a young audience.”










Designed By: Think Bold Studio

Designer: Hugo Marques

Location: Portugal

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Wölffer 139 Comes Out With a Canned Version of Their Adorable Cider


It’s hard to miss this wonderfully patterned cider packaging. Following up on their original work for Wölffer 139 Cider, IWANT has created a canned edition of the product for the popular brand.




“Five years since we named, branded and packaged the Wölffer 139 Cider range it has grown from a few thousand bottles to huge volume sales. Whilst we work on some new flavour varieties we have also been working on canned versions of the product with view of taking these further afield across the US.”










Designed By: IWANT
Location: London, UK

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Drav is a Charming Beer With a Vintage Vibe


Drav is a super quality beer at a democratic price for the young and free. Wedge was approached by the company’s founders to build a brand around this feeling. We studied the codes of iconic beers to develop a new modern icon for today’s culture. One that believes pink can be for anyone.

From the brand strategy to identity to packaging to digital to local depanneur, Wedge became a trusted partner from idea through production. Wedge called on friend and photographer Alex Blouin to capture the true spirit of Drav in an editorial manner.




Windsor was selected as the typography for the logomark. A vintage classic paired with the modern typeface Swiss provided the just the right contrast and personality.

The overall design and expression played a crucial role in sales for the brand, driving it’s success. The founders happily can not stock enough of it.

Please Drav responsibly whether enjoying an ice-cold-ish can on the rooftop or in Mother’s basement.




Agency:  Wedge

Client: Menaud Brewery and Distillery

Client Brand Manager: Charles Boissonneau

Creative Director: Justin Lortie

Strategic Director: Sarah Di Domenico

Designer: Olivier Laporte

Art Direction: Justin Lortie, Olivier Laporte

Photography Art Direction: Justin Lortie, Guillaume Vaillancourt

Photographer: Alex Blouin

Web Designer: Guillaume Vaillancourt

Graphic Production: Jolin Masson

Packaging Production: Wedge

Packaging Printer: Carey Colour Inc.

Packaging Manufacturer: Ball

Location: Montréal, Canada

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Podpunkt) Designs The Baby Care Product of Our Dreams


By: Casha Doemland

Babies are the gentlest of humans, and their products should be made, or at least purchased, with that fact that in mind.

Fortunately for you and your tiny bundles of joy (or terror), Hagi, a natural handmade cosmetic company based out of Poland, has launched Hagi Baby, a line dedicated to infants and children. Just like collections prior, their products use almost zero additives and focus on clean ingredients like freshly pressed oils, delicate butter and plant extracts.


When the time came to design the packaging, Hagi Baby stayed faithful to Podpunkt), the creative agency who helped brand the company five years prior.

“We created the logo, identity and packaging for all the cosmetics, which were recently only dedicated to women,”  states Magdalena Dobruk, partner and customer relationship manager at Podpunkt). ” When the new line of baby cosmetics arose, we decided it would be more playful and express all the love and happiness the new life entails. Of course, we still wanted the product to be part of the brand which is simple and elegant.”


They thought to themselves, what is more fitting for a baby brand than cute animals?

“While it’s quite an obvious and common solution,” starts Dobruk, “we spread the animal around the packaging – you can see the head from one angle and the rear from another – since these are the body parts that require the most attention in a baby.”


With pastel watercolor designs against a white background, all of the animals are displayed in a soft manner. The original design featured holographic foil to illustrate the purity of water, and while the Podpunkt) team felt pleased with the work, they knew it wasn’t sustainable. They went back to the drawing board and discovered a similar effect with colorful gradients that could be printed directly on the box.

“The white background stands for pure, safe and delicate natural ingredients.” begins Dobruk. “While the pastel gradients show the glittering of light on the water surface, but also soap bubbles and playfulness, the things that a baby’s bath brings to mind.”


There are even little icons, one of which is a baby buttock (the company’s product design), to mark the type of product and where it should be applied.

“We like to think about function and usability, not only beautiful design,” adds Dobruck.

Hard work and well thought out designs pay off, as this past June, Podpunkt) received the 2018 Gold Medal Award for Health & Beauty Packaging at the European Design Awards. This powerhouse and collaborative team successfully added a new line while delivering the same respect and love of nature Hagi is known for.



Casha Doemland

LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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The Packaging For Luftbremzer Gin Comes With A Clean Modern Look


This gin packaging is definitely pretty in pink. Bunch created the modern design for Luftbremzer Gin, a Croatian spirit brand.


“Identity for the first Croatian gin-only artisan distillery, Luftbremzer.

Luftbremzer Gin is produced in small batches using the finest Mediterranean botanicals. It comes with a well-balanced flavour, starting with herbal-floral notes, a decent body comprised of juniper and ends with a distinct, rooty aftertaste. The distillery has become a place of craftsmanship and community inspired by quintessentially Croatian wine cellars, where visitors would learn from specialists whilst sampling all that the cellars have to offer.”




“The origin of the parrot comes from the name Luftbremzer, which derives from the old local word describing a bar regular who persistently talks to anyone who orders a drink. In addition, a component within the distillation process is named after the bird, that allows the distillate to flow through to the collection container.”









Design, Concept and Art Direction: Bunch
Parrot Illustration: Vedran Klemens
Location: London/Zagreb

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Skipping Rocks Labs & Just Eat Introduce Seaweed-Based Sachet Packets


By: Casha Doemland

Between the rejected Latte Levy, China’s ban on importing plastic-waste and the slew of cities and large companies ridding themselves of single-use plastic, the state of the UK’s plastic-waste woes are not new to anyone. In fact, according to the Guardian, “The UK alone produces more than 170m tonnes of waste every year, much of it food packaging.”

Just Eat, an online takeaway service based in the UK, is joining the front lines and finding ways to reduce the amount of waste in the delivery/takeaway industry. The push for sustainability began earlier this year, on April 1, when the company added a box that allows customers to opt out of receiving single-use plastic items like plastic cutlery, straws and sauce packets.

Now, with the help of Skipping Rocks Lab, a sustainable packaging startup based in London,  Just Eat is kicking off a six-week trial with seaweed-based sauce packets for ketchup and garlic & herb.


“We’re thrilled to be working with Just Eat to trial the use of our novel sauce sachets. They’re 100% plant-based, naturally biodegradable and decompose within six weeks, making them a natural and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic packaging,” said Pierre Pasiler, Co-founder of Skipping Rocks Lab.

The packets will trial at Fat Pizza, a Southend-based restaurant, and if all goes according to plan with the packets holding up in the market, consumers will see them across Just Eat’s 29,000 restaurant partners soon.

“As an independent business owner, I want to make sure I’m doing my part to help fight plastic pollution in the takeaway industry,” said Sunny Chhina, Owner of The Fat Pizza, in a press release.  

“I think the commitment Just Eat has made to reduce the impact of plastic waste is fantastic and I am thrilled to be part of this exciting initiative by trialing the use of Ooho! Seaweed-based sauce sachets in my restaurant,” he added.


Casha Doemland

LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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We’re Digging The Millennial Pink Look Of This Craft Beer


We’re digging the millennial pink look of these brews. Kingdom & Sparrow designed the packaging for Anagram, a new Romanian craft beer brewery.

“Anagram Brewery was built by husband and wife team, Paul and Raluca, to develop and brew high quality and distinctive craft beer in Romania.

Anagram came to us wanting a flexible label design so they had the freedom to work with local artists and photographers on their backgrounds. They wanted to bring innovative style to what is otherwise a traditional beer scene in Romania.”


“We created a distinctive, minimalist logo mark that plays on Anagram’s brand name. We chose a contemporary pink hue to contrast with the black logo, paired with lifestyle imagery inspired by summer days near the ocean in California – a nod to Paul’s background.

Anagram launched their first beer at the end of May 2018 and they’ve had a lot of interest in this initial brew. Watch this space for more news on their successes!”



“‘We were looking for someone who could translate our brand values into a visual concept and we found a great match in K&S. Not only do they specialise in craft brands, they also know their craft beer. By taking the time to listen and understand us, they came up with proposals that were hard to choose from! Their flexibility, availability and promptitude made the working process smooth. We are delighted with the result and have had so much positive feedback on the brand and design from everyone already.’ Raluca Baran-Candrea, Founder at Anagram Brewing.

‘The time spent over a few pints of beer was enough to create a great connection.’ Paul-Andre Baran, Brewer & Founder at Anagram Brewing.”





Designed By: Kingdom & Sparrow
Location: Falmouth, United Kingdom

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perfect steak with herb butter, cauliflower puree & french-style carrots

serves 2

Good morning all you loved-up l’il couples out there – this is a recipe for you…perfectly cooked (more on that) steak with creamy, addictive cauliflower puree and ‘French-style’ baby carrots. OK, first up the perfectness of the steak is obviously open to debate as some people like theirs still mooing (apologies to the lovely vegos), and others like them incinerated. This cooking method is designed for big fat (5-6cm thick at least) steaks, and will leave the steak with a caramelised, seared exterior and a uniformly pink just-cooked (not the wobbly texture of ‘blue’ meat) inside. This results in my favourite textures, and  if I am going to eat a steak (which is a rare (pun intended) thing indeed), this is the only way I want it cooked. They are then topped with flavour-packed, grunty herb butter and served alongside my favourite pillowy cauliflower puree and just-cooked thyme and garlicky, honey-buttery (so many adjectives this morning- whaaat?) baby carrots. It is a quickly prepared, indulgent dinner for two and I’d love to hear if you try it! If you have your own perfect method for cooking steak as you like it, obviously just do that, and give the herb butter and sides a whirl…

Right then, what else is news? I have just finished an epic week working at My Food Bag in Parnell – crikey, it was full on. I was filling in for a stylist away on holiday, so prepping and plating/styling dishes for photography. MFB is such a slick operation I loved seeing a big-budget business dealing with what I do, and now just have to figure out how my modest budget would allow for a version of their lighting set-up – it was super impressive. It was also bloody fun and a welcome change to be working surrounded by a team rather than my normal solo-endeavours, but this week (actually starting this weekend) I must crack on in my normal way with a load of work ready to be done. Due to the busy week (and the absence of a few of my besties) I didn’t have a lot of energy left over for any social life, but did manage to squeak in one drink with a dear girlfriend which was just enough to keep me sane! Meanwhile Hoob has roared into his final semester at uni ‘firing on all cylinders’, which is bloody fabulous, and Pog is still working in the idyllic surrounds of Markington Hall before heading off to Greece and the completion of his European sojourn. (Missing my lovelies after our gorgeous holiday, thank God for my ridiculous schedule to keep me occupied!). Right, I haven’t exercised all week so it’s time to haul arse before getting stuck into some work. Bye for now, have a great weekend – more recipes coming again soon…

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