TaylorMade — The Green is Greener on the Other Side

“Good packaging is a creative solution to a business challenge. In the case of TaylorMade, that challenge was simple: to sell more golf balls quickly while clearly communicating TaylorMade’s product superiority on a shelf dominated by competitors.”

—Derek Springston, Creative Director, Moxie Sozo



TaylorMade is loved for its 40-year history of developing innovative, performance-driven products for amateur and professional golfers alike. Players like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Jason Day have played its products to countless wins on the national stage. Even those new to the sport know the TaylorMade brand as an industry leader in golf clubs, bags, and other accessories. Brand affinity reached into every corner of the category but one: golf balls.

Despite consumers’ reverence for TaylorMade golf clubs, few consumers gave their golf balls the same respect. Despite superior products and professional representation, sales for TaylorMade golf balls fell short of those of other leading brands in the category.



TaylorMade engaged Boulder-based creative studio Moxie Sozo to reimagine the brand’s on-shelf presence. To succeed, the new packaging would need to be disruptive and engaging, challenging consumers’ purchase habits and inspiring them to try something new. Moxie Sozo did precisely that, using a combination of design and production techniques—including custom typefaces, 3D-graphics, multi-level embossing, debossing, spot gloss, matte finishes, and custom die cuts—to effectively communicate the advanced technology and superior quality of the ball.





Within months, TaylorMade gained substantial market share, grew its audience base and significantly advanced its market position. Perhaps more importantly, the packaging is helping consumers to experience the TaylorMade brand they trust in an aisle they may not have thought to look for it.


Agency: Moxie Sozo
Designers: Derek Springston, Nate Dyer, Kris Haro, Ivan Rocha
Client: TaylorMade
Location: United States

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Smart Hit Supplements Are Shaking Up The Market With Bold Geometric Packaging


Critical designed the geometric packaging for Smart Hit, a dietary supplement brand. With a bold color scheme along with black shapes, the design stands out within the market.


“Smart Hit is the first liposomal vitamin formula in Lithuanian supplement market. This formula has better vitamin observation than the regular vitamins, therefore it is a smart choice.

Smart Hit SKU family has 5 products featuring different properties. To enhance individual product specifications different colours and patterns were applied. Each pattern is unique and dynamic inducing consumer to analyse and recognise afterwards. The design solutions matches the revolutionary product. Both mathematically detailed.”



“As the product is innovative the infographic schemes are used to explain liposomal formula on the side B of the packaging. The illustration visualises the benefits of the formula and how it works, introduces the other Smart Hit products.”










Design: Critical

Client: Valentis Pharma

Photography: packshot.lt

Location: Vilnius, LIthuania

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Dry Run Is Serving Up Natural Artisanal Honey


Dry Run Honey Company, a boutique apiary nestled between Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain and South Mountain, has a passion and commitment to producing quality artisan raw honey from organically kept bees. Unfiltered and unheated, the way nature intended—no nonsense between the hive and the kitchen.

Dry Run Honey turned to Octavo Designs to develop the packaging design for a new line of premium honeys set to hit shelves in late 2018. They wanted something truly unique—a design that would not only showcase the nature of their exceptional product and the passion that goes into it, but one that will stand out in a growing market. With a project this fun and delicious, the Octavo team found themselves abuzz with some pretty sweet concepts. In the end we let the honey do a lot of the talking and let the packaging celebrate the beauty of nature and the fruits of its labor.


Starting with the bottle itself, we wanted to honor the origin of honey—we turned to Baltimore Glass Decorators to silkscreen Dry Run Honey’s delicate wildflower illustration directly onto the jars. This provided a stunning canvas for the clean, modern lid closure label and jar label, tying everything together in a beautiful and cohesive way. From top to bottom, each feature of this design connects. The lid closure label tops everything off, honoring Dry Run Honey’s brandmark enclosed within a signature honeycomb, and down its slender side, the company’s tagline, “PURE. LOCAL. SWEET.” We carefully designed this label to merge perfectly with the wrap-around jar label that showcases the Dry Run Honey logo, series’ flavor, apiarist’s signature, and important raw honey instructions. The added bonus of the silk screened illustration and the label’s strategic low placement: eye-catching golden refractions produced by the wildflower that shines through the golden honey within.

Dry Run Honey Company’s approach to beekeeping inspired our team’s approach to this project. We wanted a look and feel that stays true to their philosophy and appeals to their target market: those who take pride in local, artisan products. Honey-lovers who appreciate all things organic, simple, and sweet will appreciate showcasing these remarkable jars.



Designed By: Octavo Designs

Creative Director: Sue Hough

Senior Designer: Lisa Gorham

Graphic Designer: Cory McNamee

Silk Screen Printer: Baltimore Glass Decorators

Printer: Label Aid

Location: Frederick, Maryland, USA

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Dona Spice Sodas Are Bringing A Clean Typographic Approach


We love the clean typographic approach for these tea beverages. Zachary Ruden designed the look for Dona Chai, a spice tea soda brand.

“About the company: Dona Chai is an indie maker of spice-based tea concentrates & sodas. Thoughtful ingredients, quality focused, spice obsessed. We began in March of 2014, brewing chai concentrates. Since then, we’ve discovered our love for spices. They are beautiful, exotic, and versatile beyond masala chai & savory foods.

We bring you news: We now make a thing called Spice Sodas.

Pink Peppercorn Lemon

Turmeric Honeybush

Juniper Lime”





“Brewed in house, with real spices, herbs & flowers, and less sugar.

Our branding was intentional. This line, compared to our classy, timeless concentrates, is bold, wacky, poppy, and fun. It is a true reflection of what is inside the can.

They are now being produced. We will begin with NYC distribution next week.”





Designed By: Zachary Ruden

Location: Brooklyn, NY USA

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Fanta Debuts Adorable Cans Just In Time For Halloween


We love these absolutely adorably illustrated Fanta cans that are here just in time for Halloween.

“Each year, Fanta releases a series of limited-edition soda cans to celebrate Halloween. We were thrilled to be chosen by Coca-Cola to create this year’s campaign. The result is a deliciously wicked assortment of bottles, cans, and multi-packs that stylishly capture the spine-tingling spirit of the season. Available now for a limited time wherever Fanta products are sold.”





Designed By: Mattson Creative

Designer: Luke Bott

Creative Director: Ty Mattson

Design Firm: Mattson Creative

Client: Coca-Cola

Creative Lead, Coca-Cola Design: Yiwen Lu

Project Manager, Coca-Cola: Alison Bates

Location: California

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Check Out The “Freakshow” With This Wine


Makers & Allies created this expressively illustrated wine label for Freakshow Zinfandel.

“The Freakshow Zinfandel is the newest of the ‘Freakshow’ wines by Michael David Winery in Lodi, California. The brand is known for its bright colors and unconventional design that celebrates the strange – reflecting, in many ways, the Michael David Winery team itself.”



“Since Lodi is particularly known for its Zinfandel, we knew that we needed to create a design that stood out from the other Freakshow varietals, and from the other wines on the shelf.

The design features a custom illustrated, bold female Fire Breather, and is embellished with gold foil, sculpted embossing, and spot varnish. The entire label is full of colorful characters and fun small details waiting to be discovered!”





Designed By: Makers & Allies

Client: Michael David Winery

Printing: Multi-Color Napa

Location: San Luis Obispo, USA

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Canadian Yogurt Liberté Gets A Modern Makeover By Stand MTL


By: Casha Doemland

Founded in 1936, Canadian yogurt company Liberté began with fresh and high-quality ingredients, producing cottage cheese and sour cream. But it was in 1964 that they began making yogurt, and to this day they are one of Canada’s most beloved brands.

In 2016, they elevated their core value and made the necessary changes to become an organic brand. When they elected for a redesign of their company and products, Stand MTL, a Canadian-based agency, spearheaded the project.


“We’ve been working with the Liberté team since 2010 and have seen the brand triple its market share since,” begins Jimmy Berthelet, founder of Stand MTL. “An important part of this impressive growth is directly linked to Liberté’s contributions to the Greek yogurt category. They are the first national brand to see the potential for great tasting products that are creamy, satisfying, delicious and contain 0% milk fat. They also grew the brand with intelligence, integrity and hard work.”

When it was time to redesign the brand, Stand MTL knew they had to get to the heart of the company. So they started asking questions. What does Liberté stand for? What makes them better and different? What inspires, motivates and defines the company?


“We then took a closer look at our competition, both here and in Canada and around the world, in order to give ourselves a proper view of the organic category in dairy as well as non-dairy contexts,” shares Simon Brisebois, Senior Brand Manager of Liberté.

These findings allowed the team to see the full potential of the brand and to conceive over 200 design directions that covered a variety of target markets and territories. The best of the best reminded consumers that Liberté is synonymous with quality, integrity, purity and an exceptional taste.

“The final design platform was inspired by one main idea – the proper presentation of the fruit inspired by early century botanical illustrations,” begins Caroline Blanchette, artistic director of Stand MTL. ” We found and mandated an American illustrator, Douglas Schneider with whom we worked on the different illustrations that are supported by a simple graphic approach that places a clean brand element at the center of the packaging and a cream base color that emphasizes the natural, pure organic nature of the products.”


Schneider started the process by sketching designs based on the moodboards Blanchette created. When the designs were approved by Liberté, they moved forward with color, lighting, texture and detail. From there, the work was scanned and digitally retouched so they could deliver a consistent and well-balanced design across the Greek family collection.

These designs, while minimal, elevate Liberté as a brand in the Greek yogurt aisle compared to the original designs that had a more traditional feel with the product towards the top and a picture depicting the flavor at the bottom against a white background.




“We worked for over two years on this organic platform as it was the first iteration of the Liberté brand and we see it moving forward. We want people to feel that the packaging is a part of the product,” states Manon Pelletier, project lead. “Obviously, the Liberté team was key in making this platform take flight. They demonstrated real vision and courage and trusted us enough to go all out instead of tweaking the current design out of fear of losing business.”


The trust, while rewarding, also played a role in Stand MTL’s greatest challenge as it required courage to go all out while making sure they stayed true to the brand in a confident and creative manner.

“At the end of the day, our only true measure of success isn’t awards of recognition, but commercial success,” starts Berthelet. “In a year or so, we will be able to properly evaluate the impact of the new platform, and we are confident that the impact on brand perception as well as sales will be significant.”



LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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Job of the Week: Love.




With the packaging department at LOVE. flourishing after more global brand appointments and Pentaward wins, we need a skilful Creative Director to head up the wider design team.  

We’re after a world-class creative to own the responsibility for the agency’s packaging output, leading the team in the creation of simple, effective, surprising and empathetic work.

LOVE. does a bit of everything; brand design, experiential and environmental design, packaging, graphic design and advertising.

Learn more + Apply

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Angel’s Envy Bourbon Releases Engraved Wooden Case For 2018


Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon is released one time a year, and this year the marketing department decided to do something different. Instead of having a hinged door, the stunning, engraved lid of the box slides off to reveal the Kentucky Whiskey in all its glory. 

“In 2011, Angel’s Envy released our first Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels. The next year, we introduced an extremely limited Cask Strength version pulled from a handful of our best barrels. Spirit Journal named it the best spirit in the world. Each year’s release since has been distinctly unique, and stands as the finest whiskey we create.” 



Creative Director Sarah Conley explains the package, “We release our Cask Strength just once per year; it’s our most exclusive spirit. Naturally, the packaging must reflect that. From the look and feel to the general heft of the box, every detail has to communicate super-premium. This year’s package was redesigned around the insight that customers wanted to display the bottle within the box, and that previous years boxes were being displayed with the hinged door open, taking up twice the space on the shelf. The magnetic lid can be entirely removed and placed behind the box, or hung on the wall.”



“Created by Bourbon Hall of Fame Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, Angel’s Envy is inspired by his lifetime spent crafting the world’s finest spirits. Given the Highest Recommendation by Spirit Journal, celebrated by Whisky Advocate, The Bourbon Review, and awarded Wine Enthusiast’s highest bourbon rating, Angel’s Envy is unlike any other whiskey you’ve ever tasted.”



Designer: Sarah Conley, Angel’s Envy
Client: Louisville Distilling Company / Angel’s Envy
Manufacturer: Multi Packaging Solutions
Development Oversight: Roger Van Dusen, Bacardi Packaging
Photography: Aaron Gang Photography
Location: Chicago, USA

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Mr. Black Cold Brew Has a Mystical Look


Mr Black coffee liqueur, also known as “cold drip coffee perfection” has a broad following from its home of Australia to the UK, with plans to launch in USA next year.

With a growing consumer base the brand had outgrown its fashionable label and needed to strengthen its positioning, and inject purpose to engage new consumers and set it up for growth.

Co Partnership were tasked to build more meaning into the brand, starting first with the primary pack, building a suite of equities that not only work hard on pack but also in brand activation and digital platforms.



We did this by investigating what values were at the heart of Mr Black to attain the truth to build our story around. We discovered a love and reverence of real coffee, a daily ritual ingrained in modern Australian culture.




With just enough mystery to be part alchemy, part magic, we developed the brand positioning of ‘Spiritual Awakening’ which inspired the design of the coffee bean eye logo.

Working with NYC illustrators ‘ The Young Jerks’, we brought the positioning to life with mystical process icons and a new back label revel.

Together we established an iconic brand for Mr Black that ensures it has ongoing relevance for its consumer and dominates the market for years to come.


Dieline_2018_Mr-Black-3-new 2.jpg


Designed By: Co Partnership

Creative Director: Zoe Green

Art Director: Max Harkness

Illustrators: The Young Jerks

Location: Sydney, Australia

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This Natural Cosmetics Brand Has Some Seriously Sleek Packaging


Luminous Design Group designed the seductive packaging for Crocus Collector, a natural cosmetic brand.

“The naming, logo and packaging design for the Crocus Collector range of natural cosmetics. The product range uses as main ingredient the crocus plant, the cultivation of which has a history that spans over three Millennia and is lost in the depths of Mythology where there are dozens of versions of its Origin. In one of the most significant references to Crocus during the Minoan Bronze Age, a fresco of the ‘Crocus Collector’ was found in the NW part of Knossos Palace in Crete, as well as in the ancient City of Akrotiri in Santorini, dating back to 1700 BC. A blue colored monkey is illustrated gently harvesting Crocus Flowers.”















Designed By: Luminous Design Group

Model: Souzi Kouol

Location: Athens, Greece

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Check Out This Dynamic Cereal Packaging


Scd designed this dynamic packaging for Fitgraan, a new brand of cereal and cereal bars.

“Fitgraan is a new brand of cereals. They wanted to have a brand and packaging that reflected a healthy and good quality of products.”






Designed By: scd

Creative Director: Natalia Delgadillo, Ana Mesa

Brand Lead & Design: Camila Morales

Photographer: Ana María Mesa

Artwork: Jonathan Cediel

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

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