Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink – Blossoms Featuring Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) by hehehe

br> Promo video for Shu Uemura Hong Kong.
The concept of the video is based on the idea of showcasing Charlene Choi’s process of maturity and transformation into an attractive female figure. Switching between reality and imagination, the video portrays Charlene as the life of a flower while a flower artist is working on mastering his “artpiece”.
Launched in February 2014.

Client: Shu Uemura Hong Kong
Created by hehehe
Key Talent: Charlene Choi
Illustrator: Kristopher Ho
Curator: Kevin Mayao (Fame Glory)
Music: Eric Kwok

SIREN FLORAL CO. // Behind the scenes CA by thecostasisters

br> The planning that went behind Katie + Max’s wedding In Saddlerock Ranch Malibu, CA

>>> We’re sure everyone knows by now how much we adore California, it’s kinda become our second home, so part of this years adventure was spent at Rachael’s house in Encinitas. We can’t put into words how much we love this lady. We’ve been admiring her & her work for ridiculous amount of years & now we’ve become family // It was an absolute treat to be able to see how hard this little one works & how much effort goes on behind the scenes at SIREN FLORAL CO // We’re all guilty of drooling over the outcome of her floral stuffs but who’s ever stopped to think of the process she has to goes through to get there? We were lucky enough to be there every step of the way & OHMY it was the most beautiful adventure

After Rachael brainstorms ideas with her brides, she goes on to create a totally unique vision to suit their wedding perfectly in her clever little head // Then first stop Flower market.. We settled into Rachael’s truck with Cash making himself at home on our laps & drooling all over our faces.. Rachael warned us to bring a coat, but as if we thought to bring anything remotely cosey for our California trip, we completely underestimated how cold the flower market would be. FREEZING. Straight away we could see the market has become Rachael’s second home, the staff were filling Cash with treats, showing Rachael all the floral wins & catching up on life tales. Totally unexpected atmosphere at a market, American’s make our tummy tickle

As soon as we arrived back to Encinitas, Rachael set up a table in her front garden, pulled up what looked like 500 buckets of assorted florals & instantly began to put her vision into a creation reality. Plucking flowers outta buckets pulling them apart & sorting them into mini glass bottles in crates // We watched in absolute amazement as making the arrangements came so naturally, she made it look almost effortless to come up with these displays, the whole process was super therapeutic.

After a day of prepping the little bits, we packed everything back up & road tripped towards Malibu, to be closer to the wedding // A little town called Topanga Hills became our home for the next coupleuv days, we parked up into the cutest airbnb we’ve ever set our eyes on, with a wrapping porch around the house, hammocks hanging all around & a massive tipi set up in the garden for naps. Safe to say we were in heaven & already dreading leaving this place // After some exploring & filling our tummies with the catch of the day we got back to werk, Racheal & her wonderful little helpers began to make magic stringing together some beautiful green table garlands ready to be adjusted at the wedding // Saving the best till last.. We’ve all seen that Rachael goes all out on her incredible bouquets & she made no exception for this wedding. We’ve never seen so many peonies & dahlias in one bouquet, perfect mixture of red pink & purple.. ahhhh.. we wanted to explode when we saw the final thing – as did Katie, the bride who’s reaction was priceless.

Watching our favourite vendor set up at our dream wedding was such a surreal experience. Rachael & her team began placing the prepped flowers in their places, adding finishing touches & we couldn’t believe what a different floral makes. Siren Floral Co absolutely smashed it, don’t even get us started on the isle buffalo head. WOW.

floral melody by I Make Films

br> //

issue twenty seven
hair + makeup: abbey love //
model: lauren @ chadwicks
florals: jardine botanic //
styling: carla burrell
styling intern: kate brice
photography & videography by julia & dan at swoon weddings: