Mama & Boo

Mama & Boo is a cosmetics and skincare line specifically for moms-to-be. From cleansers to creams to sunscreens, the company provides products with ingredients that are safe for mothers. With packaging and branding designed by Thinkpanther Design Studio, Mama & Boo captures the essence of the joys of parenthood for its products.

While motherhood certainly comes with its difficulties, there is also a sort of wonder and magic that mothers experience as they go through their pregnancy. Mama & Boo elicits this joy and happiness, with lovely, peaceful, and carefree designs. The floral illustrations indicate it’s a feminine cosmetics line, while the colors change based on the product. A mother and child in matching clothes play among the branches, capturing a sweet moment in the life of a mother. These feel-good, positive feelings allow consumers to create more of a bond with the product, getting them more emotionally invested. Furthermore, the wooden caps on each item keep the appearance grounded, indicating that the ingredients are pure, safe to use, and from the earth as opposed to created entirely in a lab.





Designed by Thinkpanther Design Studio

Client: Mama & Boo

Country: Thailand

City: Bangkok

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Run Riot

Run Riot is a wine dedicated to the big wild boar that regularly rip up vineyards. Stranger & Stranger developed the packaging for this pinot noir, giving the wine a little bit of attitude.

The weathered yellow label features a feisty boar on the front with the name of the wine askew, almost as if each letter were trying to escape it. Both the illustration and the text have a long shadow, giving consumers a clear vision of the later time in the day that the wine is portraying. The label is not perfectly straight on the edges, and the image shows some stray ink splotches, giving buyers the sense that the wine is a more unique choice. On the top of the screw top closure we see three tiny boar prints, a small yet fun discovery one makes when opening the wine that gives it a bit of character.




Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Country: United States

City: New York

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Hardy Coffee Co

Delicious coffee beans, right from Colombia, Kenya, and Peru. Hardy Coffee Co is a rugged and hearty roastery that provides excellent, approachable coffee in Omaha, Nebraska. Fruitful Design created the branding and packaging, communicating the hardworking ideals for the company that fuels the difference-makers, innovators, and leaders who make their city great.



With a strong wild buffalo in their logo, Hardy Coffee Co adopts a tough and industrious attitude. An easy visual language is in place to help indicate the origin and type of coffee, while the color palette and font choices are straightforward and no-nonsense. It’s clear to the consumer that they’re getting simply good coffee. The beans come in resealable brown bags, and the black labels add a bit of seriousness to the look. Large, all-caps letters for the brand name communicate a confidence that is undeniably alluring to consumers looking for delicious coffee done right.


Designed by Fruitful Design

Client: Hardy Coffee Co

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Cha Tzu Tang

For the 51st Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, Cha Tzu Tang is a special gift set given to the filmmakers. Victor Branding Design created the packaging for the box to share a bit of the local culture with the recipients.

“The design is the Taiwanese cultural and creative product appointed by Golden Horse Awards. Golden Horse Awards is not only one of the most high-profile film events in Chinese Movies Industry, but also the most representative film award in Taiwan. The idea of ‘Cha Tzu Tang’ comes from the land of ‘Taiwan.’ It not only follows people’s warm emotions towards the traditional culture of tea seeds, it also combines local printmaking artists’ works, which are unique and combine culture and creativity, and which are now cultural and creative products that belong to Golden Horse exclusively.”

Incorporating a bit of traditional tea culture along with local artists’ work, Cha Tzu Tang is a wonderful gift that can serve as a perfect reminder of the time spent at the Golden Horse Awards. The lid to the gift box easily lifts up, displaying the line of beauty products, and bottles have their own little nook to rest in. Each item looks like a magic potion, specially crafted with ingredients from the region. The products, from the body lotion to the shampoo each have their own coordinating color on the label, popping against the black graphics.  


Designed by Victor Branding Design

Country: Taiwan

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Chocolate Expression

Organic dark chocolate and caramelized almonds—no, this isn’t heaven, it’s just the latest chocolate bar from Monsieur Truffe. Designed by Hybrid Expression, this fanciful treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

“This organic 70% dark chocolate with salted caramelized almonds by Monsieur Truffe is our latest (edible) obsession. Wrapped in this darling packaging design and illustrated by Melanie Miles makes this one special drool worthy treat. Monsieur Truffe are known for their use of high quality ingredients with their single-origin chocolate range presenting the rich breadth of regional expression the cocoa bean is capable of. Like us, they are committed to sharing their artisanal approach of their craft with the community which makes this the perfect collaboration. The packaging features fine detail illustration and a playful theme which is a distinctive style of Melbourne based designer Melanie Miles.”

The whimsical illustrations on the label truly make Chocolate Expression unique. Light, dreamy colors and small plants and animals appear all over, giving the bar a bit of a magical quality, like Snow White traipsing through the forest. On the front of the label, a black square features the Monsieur Truffe name in a handwritten font, making the chocolate bar feel like it was created and packaged as part of a small operation.


Designed by Hybrid Expression

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Phase 2: Glossier

For the simple girl, not to get confused with the basic girl, because there is nothing basic about this new phase from the ultimate cool girl line, Glossier. Founder Emily Weiss launched Phase 1, Fall of 2014 and it was a hit with models, beauty influences, and cool girls everywhere.





Make good choices. Phase 2 products are designed to live with you, not on you, to enhance what you already have going on. It’s makeup that’s inspired by the coolest girls on the planet, made by beauty editors, and optimized for your real life.

The packaging is minimal and white while being youthful and confident. This phase is consistent with all the products Glossier now has in their, everyday, and essential collection.





Via: Glossier

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home


There’s nothing better than a tall glass of cold beer to relieve your stress after a hard- days work. Designed by Diferente, Blondy is on the job and will give the ultimate satisfaction. Presented in uniquely shaped bottles, light brew is adorned with beautiful labels shaped like gears. A symmetrical and clean layout is used to make it easy on the eyes and give the brand a sophisticated touch it so desperately needs. 

“A burger is best enjoyed with a beer, that’s why Tio Joe decided that the first expansion of its brand was a range of rustic beers. Each beer of the range will be inspired in the memories of fields visited by Tio Joe. For Blondy’s case, a field where the sunset and the earth join together to grow out the purest and blondest wheat ever seen. The packaging maintains the differential elements of the branded house, and the flexible layout of the label will allow the incorporation of future beers.”






Designed by Diferente

Client: Tio Joe

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home


If you’re ever in the area, you must pop in for a cup of tea or two. Nord is an amazing restaurant that has it all, cookies, cupcakes, and tea galore. Designed by White Studios, the brand’s identity is fresh and forthcoming to the younger crowd. A sleek black and grey color scheme is highlighted with a burst of color while still remaining minimal. An entire alphabet infographic was created, adding a playful element to the brand and setting it apart from it’s competitors. 

“Nord is a bit of everything – bakery, coffee shop, coffee roasting, drink bar, squinted bar & restaurant. We cleaned up their old logo and created the identity around the different commodities and categories. We used icons and illustrations to display the range and tell a story around their concept.”

The ability to collaborate with different producers, talk about meat, fish, agriculture and manufacturing, matters most of all when it comes to food – that is the conviction to the people at Nord. The packaging is made with a different color range to distinguish taste, and give an easy overview. 

















Designed by White Studios

Country: Norway

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

New Sarum Brewing Cans

Want to expand you taste buds in the realm of beer? Try New Sarum and prepare to loose your mind. Designed by Big Bridge, aluminum cans are dressed in a special coat of arms. A color coding system is used for each can to make it easy to tell the different beers apartas well as help them stand out on supermarket shelves. A faded background illustration gives each beer a uniqueness and history into how it’s made. 

“New Sarum is a young brewery out to to refashion historical methods of creating consistent quality handcrafted beer in an old meets new style with modern ingredients.”



Designer: Jacob Voigt

Creative Director: Stephen Becker

Printer/Manufacturer: CanSource

Designed by Big Bridge

Client: New Sarum Brewing

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Saku Craft Cider

This cider is like no other! With the goal to create a brand that went against the mainstream, KOOR created packaging that is not only pleasant to look at but has become a collector’s item with a unique approach to cider label design.  

“The mainstream producer that wanted to attract those wanting something a little different an artisanal. This was executed without using the brewery logo, with calligraphic text being used to shake off mainstream brewery stereotypes, and custom watercolor illustrations used to portray the natural feeling customers desired. Translation: Sweet pear. With real honey, Estonian sweet cider from Saku. Cloudy apple. Natural Estonian dry cider from Saku.”


Photos by Märt Lillesiim

Designed by KOOR

Country: Estonia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Taylor Pass Honey Co.

There are many Honey Brands out there in the market but none as bold and striking as this one. Designed by Unified Brands, honey from the wonderful country of New Zealand is cultivated and stored in plastic jars for all your culinary pleasures. Each are color-coded according to which eco-system the honey was collected in. This not only helps consumers remember their favorite type but helps the brand stand out on the shelves. 

“Taylor Pass lies at the heart of one of the most untouched and breathtaking places on earth. This rugged, remote terrain surrounded by ocean, that no insect can fly across, is the place we’re proud to call home: The South Island of New Zealand.”

“It is here that you will find our hives – nestled amongst mountains and valleys where bees work the unique flora to produce honey with the signature flavours and properties of this land. No two of our hives are the same. They are delicate, individual eco-systems. To ensure they thrive, our hives require the care, passion and artistry of our beekeepers.”

“Technology is another crucial part of looking after our hives and bees.New Zealand honey bees are in decline and we have to work hard to keep our hives healthy. We monitor each hive to ensure it is flourishing, and our investment in world-leading geneticists ensures our bees not only survive, but thrive. Honey is the fruition of our work. Its integrity is key, so our processes are based on absolute respect for the product. With our intimate knowledge of our hives, we can tell exactly where each jar comes from – right down to the site where it was harvested. The way we see it, it’s all connected: this unique land, the bees and us. We have a responsibility to look after it all and hand a better world on to the next generation. 

Breaking away from traditional bee and flower category norms, Taylor Pass stands alone. With it’s more rugged crafted feel, the strong typography and a weathered hive device creates disruption while the use of embossed matt stock and metallic inks and foils helps maintain the brands position as one of New Zealand’s premium honey brands.”


Creative Director: Tim Holmes

Director: Mike Robertson 

Designed by Unified Brands

Country: New Zealand

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home


In 2015, Israel and Germany celebrated the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. What began with a cautious approach to one another has since developed into a true friendship, one where good friends not only share their experiences but also raise their glasses to each other. Inspired by this ideal Mazelprost, the world’s first hummus beer, has been created and is the official drink of the German-Israeli friendship, yet this honour has been interpreted in an humorous and down to earth way. 

“Mazelprost” combines not only two specialities the countries are famous for – hummus and beer – but also the Hebrew expression “Mazel Tov!” and the German word “Prost!”. Its transparent label, seal and colour scheme reflect current trends within the craft beer segment to give Mazelprost an optimistic and modern image. The twist lies in the transparent, peripherally label: If front and back of the bottles are placed next to each other, they are toasting to each other. 

In December 2015, Mazelprost was added to the collection of the Jewish Museum in Berlin.




Designed by BBDO Berlin / BBDO Tel Aviv / Peter Schmidt Group

Client: Embassy of Israel, Berlin

Country: Germany

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home