Little Blue Pot

Little Blue Pot may look like your regular jar of jam, but the flavor is something extraordinary. Coba & Associates developed the packaging for these unique combinations of jams, including cherry and black pepper, apricot and thyme, and plum and rosemary.



“The story of how sophistication and jam met. Little blue pot is a statement recognised by hedonists, gourmands, and all of those who enjoy food on the exclusive basis. We had a task of designing a luxurious product intended for foreign markets. Watercolor illustrations, sans serif fonts, simple typography, stylish and reduced style managed to create an elegant impression that encompasses both the look and feel.”

Little Blue Pot offers more than just the traditional jam flavors, and the packaging expresses this premium quality. Gold foil catches the eye and elevates the brand, creating an elegant border on the front label. Illustrations rest on the side adding in a bit of color that plays well with each hue of the jam. An elegant italicized font and a sleek sans serif font combine to create something modern and sophisticated, perfect for those with a more discerning palate.


Designed by: Coba & Associates

Client: Little Blue Pot

Country: Serbia

City: Belgrade

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Att tänka på när krukväxterna får flytta utomhus efter den långa vintern.

Nu börjar det bli dags att flytta ut några krukväxter
som har övervintrat inomhus under den långa vintern.
Tänker då givetvis på de växter som klarar av en frostnatt eller två.
I mitt fall är det olivträden & fikonträden.

Det som man då måste tänka på … ställ dem inte i gassande sol!
Så många gånger jag har glömt det & bladen bränns sönder direkt.
-detta gäller allt som oftast även utomhusväxter man kan köpa
i trädgårdsbutiken just nu,
de är ju uppfödda i växthus & klarar inte av direktsol på en gång-

Jag ställer allt som oftast ut dem på vår balkong mot gatan,
som enbart har sol på kvällen.

på balkongen_myrberg


Två av mina olivträd har alltså landat här,
fikonen & det allra största olivträdet står på skuggsidan i trädgården
på sol invänjning så att säga.

ut med olivträden _myrberg

Pelargonerna som jag har här ute just nu tål inte frostnätter
så de får jag plocka in under natten.


Hörrni … visst är det så, att den allra bästa tiden är nu.
Att kunna sitta här ute med sina små penseér,
kaffe, trädgårdböcker & planera inför de kommande härliga trädgårdsmånaderna.

Ja vad säger man … finns ju inget som slår detta :)



from @my casa

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Cuarentona (Fortyish)

Cuarentona (Fortyish) is a sultry spirit like you’ve never seen before. Designed by Enserio studio, this rich, dark liquor is packed up in a clear bottle and placed in a fishnet stocking to set the mood.



“Spend a good time with Cuarentona (Fortyish). Put over the table, remove her clothes, look at her, touch, taste… Cuarentona (Fortyish) is an alcoholic beverage made from green walnuts, herbs and spices, marinated with sweet anise for 40 days in the sun and calm.”

Made with nuts and spices, Cuarentona (Fortyish) offers a unique and striking flavor unlike other spirits. Enserio studio captures the essence of mystery and excitement from a confident woman, and the fishnet casing is a sexy and fun addition. The name is written in large sans serif letters, further emphasizing the bold experience the spirit offers to buyers.


Designed by: Enserio studio

Country: Spain

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Dog Balance

You strive to eat healthy and wholesome ingredients, but what sort of food do you feed your furry friend? Walwari pet food company asked ContentFormContext to create a brand identity for a dog food made with natural ingredients. Dog Balance dog food is sold under the name “walwari,” which is Korean for “bow wow.”













Dog Balance offers all the nutrition a dog needs using healthy ingredients instead of artificial ones. Adorable illustrations grace both the front and back of the packaging, showing the fresh ingredients as well as a food chart based on dog size. The illustrations are endearing and almost look like they came straight from a cookbook. Black packaging allows the images to really pop, and a small label in the top right corner makes for easier identification. Promotional images show the bag of food among a cutting board and all of the fresh ingredients, getting pet owners to think more seriously about giving their dogs more nutritious options like Dog Balance.


Designed by: ContentFormContext

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul

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Nebosvod will make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven. PLENUM Brand Consultancy developed the branding and packaging for Nebosvod, a confectionary shop located in Moscow, Russia. Finely drawn illustrations and rich, dreamy hues make this desserts stop even sweeter.








Nebosvod offers chocolate bars, pastries like cupcakes, and even coffees and teas. With sweets that are just as finely crafted as the packaging, Nebosvod feels upscale and offers the highest quality possible. The logo is delicate and almost feminine, making Nebosvod just as perfect for a tea party as a stop for dessert. Small, repetitive designs are dainty, giving the impression that their offerings have subtle yet memorable flavors. Small splashes of gold add to the luxury aspect of the brand.


Designed by: PLENUM Brand Consultancy

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg

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For the second time, Moscow’s cheese factory KARAT has turned to Depot WPF for new and updated packaging. They’ve turned the Violette cream cheese line into a delectable and irresistible choice, while also adding two more SKUs to the line. Violette is the newest product line under KARAT and now has seven flavors: creamy, with greens, cucumbers and greens, shrimp, chocolate, tomatoes, and mushrooms.



Creative director of Depot WPF Alexey Fadeev says, “The research showed us that cream cheese buyers lack emotions in its packaging design, while one doesn’t have to go over the top with freshness and naturalness, despite the fact that our competitors emphasize this. Our decision, on the one hand, meets all the requirements of the cheese category, on the other, it contains an element of playing, which certainly brings some brilliance and positive to the package. The image of Pac-man that can be read from the top of the tub is a bold move that a bold producer can afford to make.”





“Apart from adjusted brand platform and visual identity of Violette the shape and the packaging materials have also changed. Low-cost materials that were used before have been replaced with a combination of nice to feel high-quality plastic and cardboard. Form factor has also changed: smooth, ‘feminine’ shape prevails now. All these innovations fully comply with the positioning that was strategically built in KARAT rebranding last year: up-to-date Russian producer that can provide customers with high-quality world-class products. For the first time domestic producer has all chances to redistribute the leadership at the cream cheese market and drive out transnational competitors.”

Violette is a lively and delicious-looking choice. Beautiful pastel colors and mouthwatering images of the cheeses spread on crackers make consumers instantly want to pick up the packaging to learn more. Each flavor has its own coordinating color and the picture of the final product tempt the buyers. It also gives them an idea of how to easily use Violette cream cheese, allowing them to brainstorm even more ideas and feel more excited about buying it.

Pavel Rosenfeld, general director of Moscow factory of processed cheese KARAT, comments, “We have been working on reforming of Violette together with experts of Depot WPF branding agency for the entire last year. At the beginning of the project Violette was the main brand in the overall sales of KARAT, along with processed cheese, and #1 in sales in cream cheese category in some nationwide store chains. At the same time, we were falling behind our competitors in appearance of the package, which in customer’s perception looked more like sour cream than cheese. We decided to relaunch the trademark and offer our customers our traditionally tasty and natural cream cheese in a fundamentally different package. We plan to broaden our audience by proposing the new Violette to a new and active target audience, driving out the competitors and increasing our share to 30% in 2016.”


Designed by: Depot WPF

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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Nines Dressing

Nines Dressing is a prime example of upscale packaging achieved through downsizing. These convenient to-go packs, designed by Stebbings Partners, up the salad game by bringing a little black tie fashion to the design.



“A leading salad dressing wholesaler, acclaimed by restaurants for their range of great-tasting flavors, wanted to make the leap to retail. In order to earn space on grocer’s shelves, the new brand needed packaging that would grab attention and add value. When our research pointed to the growing demand for portable, single-serve products, our strategy took shape.”



“Having smaller than average dimensions, the packaging needed to speak to the dressing’s high quality, on-trend flavor profiles and a shelf stable attribute not readily found in other ‘to-go’ dressings.”



“The bowtie, a classic icon of refinement, anchors the visual brand and offers context for the company’s name and their family of premium products. Simple, colorful illustrations differentiate the variety of flavors and depict the all-natural ingredients.”

Nines Dressing comes in adorable packs that are perfect for individual salads and busy individuals who don’t want to compromise great taste. The tie graphic, art deco accents, and simple sans serif font make grabbing some dressing feel like a formal affair. Facts about the dressing, like it being gluten free and low in sodium, appears on the side in an italicized font, looking almost like a menu at a swanky restaurant. To continue with the upscale appearance, the dressing encourages consumers to “Always dress well,” making a clever play on words that adds humor to the brand’s image.


Designed by: Stebbings Partners

Country: United States

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The 1-Pack

To celebrate their 11th Anniversary, 1 Trick Pony teamed up with Taft’s Ale House to create a custom beer. It’s a bit of a recurring event—every year the agency sends an “obsessively branded” bottle of alcohol to clients as part of their annual tradition dubbed “The Alcoholidays.”



“Clients received their 16oz. can of beer in a ‘1-Pack’ – a gold foiled box with a perforated opening at the top that resembles an old beer can tab. 1-Pack’s were shipping to The Pony’s clients across the country – however, most of them have contacted the agency asking for another 1-Pack because they put the first one on display in their office.”



It’s easy to see why you’d want this gem on display. Beautifully designed with lavish art deco inspiration, The 1-Pack feels luxurious and classy. The black and gold are absolutely divine together while also elevating the quality of the product. Of course, the packaging still has its fun quirks, including a faux can top that encourages recipients to “Have a good one.” The beer itself features many of the same graphics seen on the gift box, shown in a subtle gray in the background. By having the cans packaged individually, it adds to the special quality of each one.


Designed by: 1 Trick Pony

Country: United States

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In BIG Pictures: Causeway Coast and Glens, Northern Ireland

We’ve just returned from a three day driving trip along the Causeway and the Glens, Northern Ireland. It’s easily the most iconic scenic stretch in Northern Ireland which encompasses the world famous Giants Causeway and several filming locations for the hit TV series Game of Thrones….

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DIY Rustic Industrial Pipe Table

Learn how to build this rustic industrial pipe table with this simple tutorial | A Burst of Beautiful

I’ll start by saying this post is a long time coming. I built this table months ago, and it’s been in our living room for quite some time now (so you may have noticed it in some of our home tour posts), but today we are finally getting around to sharing our tutorial.

Our DIY Rustic Industrial Pipe Coffee Table quickly became one of our top posts and we received a lot of positive feedback from those who tried to follow our plans. Since then, Alicia has always hinted that it would be nice to have a similar side table. As a husband, you learn to read between the lines when your wife makes a not-so-subtle hint. I kept this idea in my back pocket…

The post DIY Rustic Industrial Pipe Table appeared first on A Burst of Beautiful.

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Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles

Check out this week’s top packaging projects, a great range of beautiful package designs with impeccable details.





















10. Cito

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