The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Coca-Cola Bow label

This is a label innovation which allows the consumer to peel away a section of the label, pull a tab and the label pulls together to form a festive Christmas bow/ribbon.
The project was inspired by a hand made version of the label on glass bottles of Coca-Cola and has been engineered into a commercial, high speed applicable and cost efficient version. 

The graphics were specifically developed to provide aspects of the iconic Coca-Cola logo on the bow when formed.
The Label is applied at up to 120M per minute on high speed filling lines in more than 30 different filling lines in more than 20 Countries.
The Christmas bow label is a perfect way to connect the Coca-Cola brand with our consumer during the holiday period and give some joy to our consumers.


Designed by The Coca-Cola Company

Country: Belgium

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Xoxolat – Chocolate Bar Packaging

Vancouver chocolatier XOXOLAT (sho-sho-la) retails Canada’s largest selection of single origin chocolate bars. Xoxolat’s own line of chocolate bars required a packaging redesign in order to compete with more established brands. It required a lower cost of packaging that could be produced in small quantities.

Our solution was to create two different wraps for the two types of bars produced: single origin (grey) and unique flavour combinations, such as pop-rocks and bacon, (fluorescent red). The wraps contain information common to all bars while we illustrated the outer bellybands to provide a sense of the origin or flavour of the chocolate bars. The bellybands are printed digitally in short runs as needed.


Illustrator: Andrew Schick / Miles Chic

Art Director: Sean Carter

Designers: Andrew Schick/ Miles Chic / Sean Carter

Printer: Hemlock Printers

Designed by Carter Hales Design Lab

Client: Xoxolat

Country: Canada

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: The Six Mile Pencil

We wanted to get people re-engaged with the humble pencil and in turn creativity itself. After some (very scientific) testing, we worked out the average pencil can draw up to six miles. We gamified the pencil with mile markers down the body of the pencil. The more you sketch the more mileage you rack up, therefore encouraging creativity.

Essentially we re-branded pencils and a bold move like that needs bold packaging. The bright yellow, monochromatic pack with matching pencils and notepad act as a head turner and hark back to the old school stationary we used as kids. Graphically, we maintained a super minimal, utilitarian style that works well against the vibrant yellow. The pencil on the front wraps the whole way round the pack to signify distance but also throws up a nice playful tone associated with the fun of creativity. The black foil type and the deep buckram finish reinforces the quality of the product inside and feels great to hold. As you push the inner pencil tray open, the box sneakily reveals a mini 50 leaf notepad. Finished with black foil and buckram, with the words “Let Your Thoughts Travel”; the notepad signifies the start of the creative journey.

The pencils come in both mile and kilometre versions and were created in house as a self initiated project. The pencils sold worldwide through Kickstarter and are now directly through our site.


Designers: Benny Lyon + Mat Lyon

Manufacturers: Chambers Pencils – Nottingham UK

Designed by LYON & LYON

Country: United Kingdom

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Cracking Creativity

Just Design is a specialist packaging agency that enjoys fun-loving, hard-working, mutually-rewarding relationships with its many clients. At the end of 2015, the agency’s creative team asked themselves how they could cut through the end-of-year festive clutter with a seasonally-inspired gift that inspires and delights but also ties back to the company’s core principles of people-centric design, passion and innovative thinking. 

They came up with the imaginative cracker, a play on traditional table decor. As December approached, larger-than-life crackers arrived on client’s desks. Each opened with a genuine bang to reveal three unique gifts. The first was a pair of laser-cut cardboard sunglasses (a twist on the traditional cracker crown that relates better to the Southern hemisphere’s sunny festivities) reminding people that “you don’t need eyes to see, what you need is vision.” Next was a fortune cookie in the agency’s signature yellow (replacing the traditional chocolate) and foretelling “your future is anything you can imagine it to be with Just Design.” Last was a flat-packed, assemble-able stationary holder in the shape of the country’s national animal – the Springbuck, which has a reindeer-esque quality but is uniquely local – accompanied by a yellow JD pencil and the words “write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. 

Complex concepts were handled with minimal materials and embellishments so that the gifts and outer cracker come together beautifully as a stylish set. All of the elements were created out of natural card to be elegantly simple with highlights in the agency’s signature black and yellow. 

Clients responded with enthusiastic joy. The gift served to showcase Just Design’s unusual take on the ordinary, skill with packaging, and unbounded creativity. The pencil holders can be found on lots of desks as an ongoing reminder of the agency and all they stand for. Overall it was an engaging, interactive and memorable way of thanking clients, evoking a smile, and keeping he agency top-of-mind.





Art Director: Thelmarie Brink

Designers: Gisela Harck, Louwrens Venter, Nina Wehmeyer

Photographer: Stefni Cruywagen

Copywriter: Ciara Louw

Designed by Just Design

Country: South Africa


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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: MOSCHINO Barbie® Doll

The MOSCHINO Barbie® Doll is a fashion statement of epic proportions, from her buoyant locks and head-to-toe leather ensemble to her attention-grabbing packaging. Bold logo treatment and graphics highlight the perfect partnership between the creative and quirky fashion house and its muse, Barbie® Doll, while a perfectly positioned pack-out displays her oh-so-chic accessories. A unique stitching effect on the large window box mirrors the quilting of Barbie® Doll’s jacket and gives the package that extra touch of luxe.

 Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Christina LaBianca

 Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Christina LaBianca

 Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Christina LaBianca


Designer: Janet Tsuei

Copywriter: Anna Ziss-Patton

Engineer: Kambiz Betaharon

Manager: Suzanna Lakatos

Director: Corinne Maffin

Vice President: Kim Culmone

Designed by Mattel, Inc.

Country: United States

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Oros

Oros creates scientifically inspired outerwear apparel that transforms how people protect themselves from environmental extremes. Using a proprietary aerogel technology, their products enable mobility, performance, and edge. Co-founded by two friends who were tired of feeling encumbered by the bulk and layers of existing outwear gear, the company needed assistance in building not only their business, but their brand. Interbrand helped Oros craft a stronger foundation through brand strategy, brand experience consultation, and world-class design.

Based on the insight that the core Oros target consumer seeks extreme adventure, Interbrand determined the target desires a brand that empowers and enables them to go where they’ve never been before. This allowed the team to arrive at the company’s new brand proposition: “Conquer your Everest.”

Due to trademark issues, the work completed for this start up also included crafting a new name. With the company’s vision and brand strategy in mind, the new name became Oros, the Greek word for mountain. This name represents adventure, challenge and conquest and reflects the essence of the original name, Lukla. Through the brand strategy and naming process, the theme of Peak Performance arose and became the creative idea for all touchpoints. 

The new brand mark utilized this creative idea as a springboard. The logo uses a simplified triangle shape to create a visual link to the mountain peak in both its letterforms and icon, creating a distinctive identifier for the brand. 

This visual representation of the brand also manifested itself through a premium packaging experience. At the close of the Kickstarter campaign used to jumpstart their business, Oros had a commitment to send several thousand first generation jackets to their early backers. They needed an innovative box that is iconic and ownable, which would also create a memorable opening ceremony that delighted consumers.

Interbrand created a custom box that was inspired by the new brand elements and embodies Oros’ brand essence. Working with a corrugate supplier, the team created a custom, stackable triangular box that visually communicated the brand proposition and presented the product in a unique way. The result was a premium looking, but inexpensive, way to deliver their jackets that matched the high price point of their apparel and elevated the perception of their young brand. The innovative package structure, as well as the brand’s verbal and visual assets, expresses the Oros identity to consumers at the first interaction with the product, when the package arrives at their front door. 

The identity elements were also translated to existing digital mediums such as the brand website, as well as Facebook and Twitter sites. 

The brand is launching new products in Winter 2016. All products will have the brand mark showcased, and orders will continue to be shipped in the custom boxes. The Oros team is excited about the opportunities to come and is thrilled with the work completed by Interbrand. “We couldn’t have asked for a better branding agency!” – Max Squire and Michael Markesbery.




Designed by Interbrand

Country: United States

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Man Crates presents: Smash and Grab Gift Cards


Man Crates is an e-commerce company building awesome men’s gifts that strengthen relationships and celebrate fun. Our mission is to help customers honor and thrill the men in their lives by injecting humor and adventure into their gifts. It’s not just about the awesome products inside, we aim to create unforgettable gift experiences.

Smash and Grab was born out of the seemingly impossible challenge to make gift cards exciting. Gift cards are impersonal and forgettable, but they’ve survived as necessary evils due to their convenience and practicality. We wanted to redeem the gift card’s underwhelming reputation with a package and process that was exceedingly more interesting and entertaining.

We began with the packaging. There’s nothing noteworthy about an ordinary white envelope: the traditional packaging of gift cards, bills, and jury summons. But a gift card sealed inside a rock solid concrete brick reading “SMASH ME” will definitely raise some eyebrows.

We developed a silicone mold around a prototype brick and laser-cut lettering, then began experimenting with different mixtures and densities of concrete to determined the most efficient and durable material. After a few thrilling smash tests, we’d successfully designed a process for sending gift cards enclosed completely in concrete.

Along with the concrete-encased gift card, Smash and Grab includes a ball-peen hammer and safety goggles. To fit the adventurous, hands-on experience of the Smash Brick, we printed a buffalo plaid design onto the cardboard insert, then created shape-specific cutouts for each item. 

Finally, we created a distressed, red and black buffalo plaid box to house the smashing equipment. And to maximize the bewilderment of the recipient, we intentionally left out any instructions other than the “SMASH ME” lettering on the brick and a “Good Luck” offering printed on the inside of the box flap. 

The Smash and Grab Gift Card began as a boring gift card and became a bold gift experience of delightful demolition.


Designed by Man Crates

Country: United States

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Sunbeam Marc Newson Packaging

Sunbeam have collaborated with Marc Newson for the design of a new kettle and toaster. This range is vibrant, futuristic, and yet immediately familiar. The iconic design of the products is complemented by the packaging, unique to these two items within the Sunbeam range.

We have kept the packaging monochromatic, in matt cool grey with a ‘flash’ of colour from a small sticker that designates the colour of the product inside. When the customer opens the box, they are presented with the bold, premium finishes of the product. Bright-coloured resins, mirror-polished stainless steel, matt-finished metal and machined aluminium.

The minimalistic packaging graphic present a clean, sophisticated look. The flat silhouettes celebrate the form and details of the objects, and provide distinctive graphic elements for the packaging. All proportions are carefully considered and echo the great attention to detail in the products.

We have also taken into account how the packaging displays in a busy retail environment. The boxes have the same height and depth as one another, which created a seamless display. The monochromatic packaging can be stacked and formed into a neutral backdrop for product display in any retail environment.


Designed by Sunbeam Australia

Country: Australia

Art Director/ Designer: Daphne Law

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Yield Ceramic French Press

The YIELD Ceramic French Press is a functional and beautiful addition to the kitchen table. Our ceramic body maintains a consistent temperature throughout the coffee or tea brewing process while challenging the traditional notion that glass is the necessary material for a press pot. Measuring for a perfect pot of coffee happens on the front end of the brewing process and is not something to be eyeballed. Our matte white package with a contrasting gold foil depiction of the silhouette hints at the measurements and ever-changing levels of brew contained within.





Designers: Andrew Deming & Rachel Gant

Photographer: Kelsey Heinze

Designed by YIELD

Country: United States

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Cemento Mochica

Mochica. Northen strengh

Cementos Pacasmayo, the leading brand of cement in the north of the country, entrusted us to develop a new line of low cost products that reflects the pride and countless stories of effort and progress of the people of that area.

With the challenge of creating a more emotional brand, which would achieve a close relationship with its major customers (builders and self-builders), “Mochica” was born with a differentiated value proposition, which seeks to heighten the pride and strength of northerners.

Through a visual universe inspired by the culture of the same name, where earthy colors and diagonal cuts wrap the package, the main character, the Moche warrior, elevates reflecting the values and punch of northerners. Also, using the visual richness of the Moche culture, and accompanied by a strong and consistent typography, we created a pictogram system inspired by the past, under the great challenge of showing how to use the product in a synthesized way.

“Mochica” reflects the legacy of an advanced, robust and inspiring society for everybody.





Illustrator: Julio Ishiyama (Wondertaku)

Art Director: Pau Casals

Designer: Julio Ishiyama

Copywriter: Eduardo Íñiguez, Paloma Estremadoyro, Claudia Hidalgo

CEO: Armando Andrade

Designed by STUDIO A S.A.C.

Client: Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A.

Country: Peru

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Bevel Retail

When this savvy, sophisticated personal grooming system decided to move from online-only into the retail environment, we were tasked with creating a cohesive, elegant presentation for each component. 

Bevel broke new ground by offering stylish shaving products designed to specifically address the issues that many men ran into during their daily shaving ritual. When expanded their sales channels to market individual components in the retail environment, we helped them extend the elegance of the original all-in-one system into individual packaging with bold shelf appeal. 

And the experience doesn’t end when the box goes in your cart—the unboxing is equally elegant, featuring premium, telescoping boxes befitting their premium razor and brush, and simple, satisfying paper trays for the creams and balms. Simplicity meets masculine sophistication for an udience that is ready for some tailored attention.


Graphics by Bevel

Designed by UNEKA

Client: Walker and Company

Country: United States

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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: White leaf — hygiene papers b2b

The client said —
Our initial market is not the shelf we go for b2b but we are exploring the potential to expand the product distribution to the consumer market too. We target new clients and the clients we already have mostly in Greece but with an open horizon to other markets. These are professionals, large and small businesses like banks, hotels, companies, hospitals & clinics, organizations etc. Our common client (usually the supply / office manager of a company) evaluates and selects the product by researching the technical characteristics, price and obviously the brand image among others. 

The brand —
We designed a new brand from scratch. Named “White leaf” with a rich semiological references. The obvious reading is the verbal description of the product. The secondary message is double. Firstly in Greek the word “leaf” is also used instead of “sheet”. For instance it is expressed: “a sheet of paper (when you refer to paper)” – think leaf instead of paper. So the connotation drives you to read it as: “a white sheet (leaf) of paper” (Greek: ένα φύλλο χαρτί). Regardless this interpretation the word leaf still keeps it’s basic reference to nature that is the raw material which the product is made of. 

The packaging idea —
Hygiene papers conceived and designed as professional equipment. Differentiated from the clichés and visual decorations of mass market (butterflies, puppies, cute animals, etc.) the packs highlight the technical characteristics and info of the products that the consumer is interested in without having the “insecurity” of the shelf . Marked distinctly depending on the type of paper (gofre – smooth) the white background and clear structured typography create an aesthetically consistent result with a comprehensive feeling of softness and confidence that cleanliness and quality of the raw material provide.





Illustrator/ At Director/ Designer: Kostas Kaparos

Photographer: Kostas Gikas

Copywriter: Kostas Vlachakis

Printer: Hand towels box: Fokas packaging, Hand towels nylon: Paperaxon, Cartons: Pako

Designed by Caparo

Client: Eurosyst S.A.

Country: Greece

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