Blush Parnell

Blush Parnell:

What a week! Eight months after spotting an empty space which screamed out to be filled with beautiful things, Blush Parnell has opened its doors to the public. Retail was never on Kelly’s agenda – there is a natural fear of the unknown and the fickle nature of the retail world – but with a lot of sleepless nights spent envisaging a way to create a space that offered something a bit different; something that we have always wished for ourselves – she took the proverbial plunge and decided to give it a go! God loves a trier right?

Blush Parnell is our dream home – it is a space where we can create floral arrangements for weddings and events in a place of beauty, as opposed to the garage at Kelly’s place! It thrills us to be able to share the exciting, mad, messy chaos that is involved in shaping our brides’ vision for their big day, or our client’s brief for their event. While we work at the back of our gorgeous brass workstation, the rest of the store is yours for perusing – you are free to wander and watch the process, whilst gazing at the gifts we have carefully collected to enhance your life. ‘Beautiful Things’ will always be on offer at Blush Parnell, and we aim to constantly refresh the offerings so there is always something new to treat yourself or that special someone with.

Our flowers – what we are ALL about – are sourced direct from the grower as frequently as possible – which enables us to stock the best quality blooms – and they are exclusive to Blush – meaning we really do offer something particularly unique. Our Columbian Roses in particular – aka. heaven on a stem – will blow your socks off, and they will continually be available to the public to take home per stem in one of our custom-designed and very practical Blush carriers.

We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us – the phone is already ringing off the hook and our new website is being pumped with orders! With this blog we will provide a commentary about our collaborations, events, gift items and the growers and team that make Blush Parnell what it is.

So pop in anytime to see what we are about, grab some fresh cut flowers to grace your table at home or gift to a friend – we hope you enjoy our new home as much as we already do!

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Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles

It’s the first week of May! Start on the right foot with a bit of inspiration from our Top 10.

















9. 17.5 JUICE


10. ProVision Contact Lenses

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Oss Craft Distillery

“There’s something about Oss.” Norwegian agency Kind developed the branding and identity for Oss Craft Distillery, a producer of the traditional Scandinavian aquavit. The result tells a story that represents Oss well and instantly attracts the target audience.

“When Kind was asked to brand a new innovative twist to the traditional Scandinavian aquavit, we went to the core: the Scandinavian soul. Our goal was to bottle the Scandinavian spirit. We have developed the name, visual identity, storytelling, package design and overall branding for the new liquor initiative. An ambitious company that aims to challenge the major vodka and aquavit companies worldwide.”



“There is something slightly mystical and secretive about Scandinavians. While often regarded as reserved and cold by the outside world, behind their rather icy facade, they are warm and colourful people once you actually get to know them. Oss Akevitt reflects the part of the Norwegian mentality that is hidden from view, the colourful, sweet and playful side.”

“‘Oss’ is the Norwegian word for us. Oss Aquavit is inspired by the myth about the Scandinavian mentality and lifestyle. There is something slightly mystical and secretive about Scandinavians. While often regarded as reserved and cold by the outside world, behind their rather icy facade, they are warm and colourful people once you actually get to know them. The word ‘Aquavit’ comes from the Latin ‘aqua vitae’, which means the water of life.”

“Where many of the peoples of the world are like peaches—open and welcoming on the outside, but perhaps a bit difficult to really get to know—most Scandinavians are more like a coconut—cold and hard on the outside, but very soft and sweet inside. Oss Akevitt reflects the part of the Norwegian mentality that is hidden from view, the colourful, sweet and playful side.”

Oss captures this dichotomy well, in some ways being crisp and straightforward and in other ways warm and playful. The gray and colorful label are one in the same, it’s simply a matter of getting more acquainted with the bottle. Even the letters that make up the brand name have personality that can be seen as both odd and interesting, depending on how you look at it.





Aquavit is the national spirit of the Nordic countries and it has been enjoyed for generation after generation. Traditional aquavit is often served neat or together with beer. If drunk neat, it is often served with traditional food that has been smoked, salted or cured, such as the traditional Christmas dinner. Aquavit is served in small tulip-shaped glasses. Some people prefer their aquavit well-chilled, which takes some of the edge off the taste.”

“While the production of Oss Aquavit is based on the old traditions, it is colourless, and fresh fruit and berries from the best Norwegian fruit farms are added. This gives the aquavit a deliciously refreshing and modern taste. It is excellent to drink all year round – as an aperitif, in mixed drinks or just neat as a shot. We call it: Oss ‘the new aquavit’”






Designed by Kind

Country: Norway

City: Bergen

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Ekselence Macarons

Ice cream and macarons—a match made in heaven! Alexey Gorozhanin has developed the delightfully adorable packaging for Ekselence Macarons, an innovative line of ice creams that includes the decadence of macarons.

Ekselence is an absolute dream for anyone with a sweet tooth. The packaging shows a delicious combination of the subtle flavors inside the popsicles, and it almost looks as though the macarons, flowers, chocolate, and nuts are exploding out of the popsicle on the front. Although the flavors seem straightforward, the images imply that there is more than meets the eye inside each sweet treat. The photos of the popsicle take center stage on the packaging, appealing to those looking for a dessert that is more than just the traditional popsicle.




Designed by Alexey Gorozhanin

Country: Latvia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Hoxie Spritzer Cans

We’re well into springtime, and that means it’s time to bust out those refreshing, chilled drinks already. Hoxie Spritzer is a perfect choice. The wine spritzers come in two delicate flavors, Lemon Ginger and Lemon Linden Blossom with a rosé or sauvignon blanc base, and they’re a delicious mix of fruit and botanical flavors and some of your favorite wines.

Hoxie Spritzer has introduced their 4-pack of slender cans, ideal for a day lounging at the pool or relaxing in a shady park. Instead of the colorful labels we saw on Hoxie Spritzer bottles, the cans and and enclosed boxes stick to two colors that indicate the subtle flavors. The circular logo appears on both the box and sleek, silver cans, adding a bit of vintage inspiration. Don’t let this wine spritzer fool you, though. It may channel a bit of a retro vibe from the 70s and 80s when wine coolers were having their moment, but Hoxie Spritzer prides itself in using high quality wine, locally sourced produce, and natural extracts.








Designer: Eric Junker  


Designed by Hoxie Spritzer

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Merci Chef

Merci Chef is a line of frozen foods with a handmade touch. It’s the crossroads where consumers’ desires for something convenient and well-made meet. Designed by Tátil Design, Merci Chef makes cooking up an impressive meal easy.

“We seek to express freshness and care in the preparation of dishes. The diverse typography and handmade sends the message that the dishes are carefully prepared by those who know and like to cook. The black background brings contemporary and a gourmet touch, highlighting the dish iconic shape. Colors distinguish simple and direct way the different dining options.”

The packaging for Merci Chef features images of the ingredients and the final meal, letting consumers know that this is not your typical frozen fare. Different colors help to differentiate the meal types (like vegetarian or health-focused), while the black packaging gives the line of products a level of luxury. The combination of fonts resembles signs that one might see outside of a French restaurant, which clearly provides some inspiration for the brand name.


Designed by Tátil Design

Country: Brazil

City: São Paulo

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home