Bayly & Moore is Capturing the Brilliant Madness of Love

Think Packaging designed the packaging for Bayly & Moore, a company that specializes in wedding photography. 

“Bayly & Moore wanted to make sure that the way they handed over a couple’s finished wedding story was a beautiful ‘full-stop’ to that whole adventure. Considering the industry has become heavily digital, dominated by online galleries and social media posts, we aimed for a tactile and experiential way to deliver what was essentially a USB of image files and to bring back the excitement of getting a well-travelled package from the other side of the world.”





“The inner was designed to be kept readily available, to easily sit on a coffee table or a shelf at home without looking out of place. The chosen direction was a book style pack, bound with a 270gsm Ebony Black Colorplan wrap encasing multiple 1.5mm lightweight E flute corrugated layers, housing each individual element within its own custom cut-out. This not only locates everything with zero movements but creates a seamless, multi-joy opening experience – upon lifting each piece out, another unexpected surprise awaits underneath. 

As a further touch point, the front side of the book has thumb grooves sculpted in to suggest the opening, as well as a soft, self-locking closure utilised from waste material and implemented into the design using an almost tongue and groove aesthetic. So whilst remaining functional, this opens and closes beautifully to reveal or seal the precious memories inside.”

“The outer/mailer was also met with a handful of attention. Staying compact as possible for mail, yet robust enough to take the potential punishment of international adventure. The depth is a true and snug fit, yet the width and length are oversized for ultimate protection. Utilising an angular design it not only creates beautiful, clean and sleek lines but generates extremely strong and intended impact zones. To maximise the experience of unboxing, a tear-strip was tailored; sealing the package and creating the feeling that something previously untouched lay within. 

As you peel the mailer open, a glimmer of what’s inside is seen, revealing the book and the brilliant madness of love.”






Structural Packaging Design & Ideation: Think Packaging
Brand & Artwork: Super Standard
Client: Bayly & Moore
Final imagery thanks to & copyright © Bayly & Moore
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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Terra & Cor is a Coffee Concept With An Earthy Feel


This coffee concept comes with a funky yet earthy feel. Terra & Cor is a line of coffee designed specifically for a local Brazilian restaurant.


“The challenge here was to create a line of 3 coffee blends to be sold at Terra & Cor – Contemporary Gastronomy. The restaurant’s proposal is a flexible, creative and cheerful cuisine with surprisingly well-prepared dishes that prioritize fresh ingredients and local products. Located in Porto Alegre, South of Brazil.”




Designed By: Musen Design
Illustrations: Mariana Sartori
Architecture and Interiors: Bem Bolado Architecture
Location: Brazil

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Each of These Beers Come With a Unique Label To Match Their Personality


Given the nature of craft beer, it’s only fitting that each beer has its own personality, and thus each beer deserves its own unique label. This is the case with Argentinian brewery, Kerze who has come out with a line of unique labels for each of their brews.

“Kerze is a micro-brewery formed by a big brewing family located in San Luis, Argentina. Since 2010 they have kept the same passion for the beer world and a strong obsession for quality itself.”









“We developed a new branding and visual identity that reflects the traditional craft beer culture and values, but also the playful and ‘out of the box’ personality of the owners.  

Besides, we thought of and designed seven different labels inspired directly and conceptually on the own name of each taste of beer they have. The idea was to focus and provide each beer with their own universe and personality, always under the main brand umbrella. In this way, we achieved a conceptual, visually attractive and collectible series of labels for all the craft beer lovers.”








Creative Direction: Amateur(dot)rocks
Art Direction: Ivo Pallucchini – José Bessega
Design: Ivo Pallucchini – José Bessega
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Typography is The Star of This Wine Packaging


Stupendous Studio designed the packaging for CALÉ Wine, taking a simple yet bold approach. The main element of the packaging is the typography, which is comprised of a striking condensed typeface that takes on the life of the package.


“CALÉ is a small production of a ‘pitarra’ style wine from Coria, province of Cáceres region of Extremadura, Spain.

Calé is produced using traditional winemaking methods which includes fermentation in clay pots dating back to the Roman Empire.”





“The design concept incorporates each colour of the Extremenian flag (green, white and black). The production of the artisanal wine using traditional techniques extends through to the packaging with the use of green wax as a seal and a manual brass stamp. Each seal is manually created and therefore unique. The number 17 on the top references the year of production. CALÉ is silk screen printed on the bottle in a bespoke condensed typeface, FM CALÉ.”



Designed By: Stupendous Studio
Location: London, UK

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This Wine Packaging Was Inspired By The Vines That Helped The Harvest


Mousegraphics has come out with the design for Hatzimichalis Wine. The design is simple but features illustrations of vines, directly referencing the winemaking process.

“The briefing: ‘We need a good packaging for our two new types of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot.’

The target consumer: International market”


“The design: Designing for wine packaging is probably one of the most difficult tasks in the field as the market is product-crowded, ever expanding and highly competitive. We opted for the rather unusual choice of a non-transparent, white bottle which would favor the stark simple black design of vine growth. We were inspired by the elegant geometry of the long lines of grape vines as they unfold and stretch within the actual vineyards. We transferred this image on the wine packaging while taking into consideration the look it will have on any market shelf. By providing for a continuous design that links the bottles in space we attempt to conjure the very image of those vineyards in their natural habitats and salute the beauty and wisdom of the age-old design of grape cultivation. We differentiated the white and red wine varieties by coloring the bottle corks accordingly.”





Designed By: Mousegraphics

Location: Athens, Greece

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Tyme Fast Food Delivers Healthy Meals In Reusable Jars


By: Bill McCool

Maybe because it scratches that persistent OCD itch, but there’s something deeply satisfying about looking at layers of food in jars. From the very first moment images of mason jars crammed with intricate layers of grains and greens started popping up on Instagram, foodies everywhere dropped their flat-Earth images of dressed-down kale and cranberries for all things Ball.

But let’s be honest here. While you might have a cabinet full of mason jars for optimal salad presentation in the office lunchroom, you can’t pack your lunch every day, especially when you’ve hit the snooze button for the fourth time this morning.

And that’s why you need to start grabbing your lunch from Tyme.


Tyme is vegan fast food housed in a screw-top container that’s healthy and immensely eatable. Based in New York City they have five Manhattan outposts where you can choose to pick-up directly or have your meal delivered directly to you.

Started by The Fat Radish’s Phil Winser and former Burger King executive Felipe Hallot, they wanted to create a fast food experience where healthy eating and sustainability were front and center on the menu.

It’s the perfect grab-and-go-meal for both city-dwellers on the move and people that enjoy seeing their food touch, with options like their Indian and Mexican jars, chockful of the best ingredients like turmeric roasted cauliflower and cilantro brown rice. There’s also their original jar which features chickpeas, a green tahini sauce, black rice, and honey mustard beets (it’s also the only option on the menu that isn’t vegan because of the honey).


But the true beauty of their entire fast food concept is the jar. Just because you’re ordering fast food, it doesn’t mean it has to be wasteful. Normally any meal you grab on-the-go comes housed in packaging that’s ultimately destined for a landfill. With Tyme, they’re packaging all of their meals in a reusable jar.  Even the fork that’s included with the meal is biodegradable too and it goes straight to the compost bin with your leftover food.

But now you have this jar, right? What happens to that?


Sure, you could go home and use that jar to plant some herbs, use for future leftovers, or just keep as a never-ending home for swear coins, but you can also take the jar back to Tyme for a dollar off of your next meal.

If all goes according to Winser and Hallot’s plan, you might just have your own nearby Tyme available for super fast and healthy delivery. Until then, you’ll have to settle for following them on Instagram while longingly gazing at their stacks and stacks of deliciously jarred food.



Bill McCool
Bill McCool is a freelance writer based out of Los Angeles. Though new to the world of design, he has always been a storyteller by trade and he seeks to inspire and cultivate a sense of awe with the work and artists he profiles. When he’s not winning over his daughters with the art of the Dad joke, he is usually working on a pilot, watching the Phillies, or cooking an elaborate meal for his wife.

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BTL SVC is Serving Up Delicious Hand Crafted Cocktails


As the handmade and craft cocktail market takes off, enjoying a quality spirit is as easy as ever. Colony has designed the packaging for BTL SVC, a new company that specializes in delicious ready-to-drink cocktails.

“BTL SVC provides handcrafted premium cocktails in the convenience of a ready to drink package. As anyone can see in most liquor stores this is not a new concept, but what sets BTL SVC apart, and was our focus in launching the brand, is the dedication to quality and cocktail authenticity that has not been seen in this single serve package style.”



“To launch the brand, BTL SVC smartly started with the classics. Dedicated to craftsmanship and premium ingredients, this lineup and its packaging illustrates the care and skill that goes into these original cocktails and BTL SVC’s product.”





“The digital expression of the brand needed to capture the experience of a well-made cocktail, with the twist of the convenient ready-to-drink package. Using a combination concise copy and large imagery to illustrate the simplicity and quality that is the brand, with colors and styling to enhance the perceived value, we aimed to present the brand as high-quality and handcrafted, yet truly uncomplicated.”




Agency: Colony
Client: BTL SVC
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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These Organic Teas Are Here To Help You With All Your Medical Needs


New Zealand based agency Redfire Design created the elegant packaging for Puraty Organic Teas. Given the medicinal quality of these teas, it was only fitting that botanical illustrations adorn the packaging.

“We love it when we’re tasked with launching a new challenger brand. 

Our first challenge was naming and positioning the brand to reflect the organic and pure qualities of the medicinal tea range. Our strategic and creative process birthed ‘Puraty Potent Organic Teas’.”


“From here we crafted the packaging design, taking cues from the Materia-Medica encyclopaedia – a basis for many modern medicines today. This set the foundation with amazing botanical illustrations and brought colour to our on-pack design for striking shelf presence. 

With global online e-commerce opportunities we then designed and developed a Shopify ecommerce website with a full Chinese version as well. Then we began the marketing drive to grow online traffic, sales and a tribe.”




“Social media was integral to the product launch. We developed a content strategy to reach and engage potential customers around the world with various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Redfire produced content to deliver targeted snippets of the Puraty brand message, mixed with contests and sample giveaways. Community management and reporting was our ear to the ground, providing insights into the preferences of the community over time.”



Designed By:  Redfire Design
Creative Director: Colin Downing
Art Directors: Colin Downing & Natasha Alimova
Designer: Natasha Alimova
Photography & Images: Colin Downing, Anna Massey, Darryn van de Sandt
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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A South African Traditional Favorite Gets a Modern New Look


In South Africa, Mitchell’s Brewing is well-known for being the original in the craft beer market. Their brand needed a new look in order to appeal to the modern consumer, and thus The Butcher’s Shop stepped in and helped create this streamlined design.



“Mitchell’s Brewing was founded in Knysna in 1983, making it South Africa’s original Craft Brewery. Since the creation of the original label, the craft beer market has exploded in South Africa. The key strategic ask from a design perspective was how to make the brand feel relevant and modern but not too ‘craft’ and not too ‘mainstream’. The packaging also had to stand out on shelf amongst a very bold, design-savvy and competitive category.”






“The client requested a ‘revolutionary over evolutionary’ approach. The old label was completely set aside while important brand cues such as the logo and colour were maintained but modernised.”





Agency: The Butcher’s Shop
Designer: Kate Butcher
Creative Director: Kate Butcher
Marketing Consultancy: Watson Ferguson Consulting
Client: Mitchell’s Brewery
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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