Vestalia Cookies Are Sure To Put You in a Good Mood


These cookies are perfect to go along with coffee or tea, with some seriously bright and inviting packaging to boot.

“Vestalia is a brand of exceptional cookies that gives a fine delicate taste, joy and a great mood. The packaging design and identity of Vestalia cookies fully reflects the spirit of our time. It’s bright, rich, with nothing superfluous in it, and the customer’s attention is focused on the product itself.”


“In developing this brand, Brandexpert designers consciously abandoned the classic elements used for cookie packaging, including obsolete images (for example, mills) and the traditional yellow color. The design of the Vestalia logo is beautiful in its brevity: stylish modern typography makes the brand perfectly visible on the shelf, and the scarlet heart clearly points to your favorite product. The basis of Vestalia’s brand identity and packaging design is a bright and vivid color palette. Shades of Tiffany, natural green, sky blue and expressive purple color were used to differentiate products. The macro approach to photography focuses on the product itself, its impeccable quality and natural taste.”





Agency: Brandexpert
Location: Moscow

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Check Out The Bold Packaging for The Alternative Meat Co


Redfire Design created the bold packaging for The Alternative Meat Co, a company that is changing up the way consumers view plant-based protein.

“The times are changing – especially within the Food and Beverage industry. With ever increasing consumer concerns surrounding safety and sustainability practices within the Food industry, The Alternative Meat Co are challenging the notion that you need meat in your diet to obtain protein. With their exciting new range of 100% Plant based protein products, they’ve truly cracked the code, providing a viable, exciting and environmentally ethical alternative to Meat – a tasty and versatile product that looks, cooks and tastes like Meat, but is ‘Grown, not bred.’”



“We developed the AMC brand from whoa to go, mixing a quirky, bright and funky approach to visuals and brand language. The brand was positioned to appeal to those consumers on the fence about Vegan/Vegetarian options and those who would appreciate the alternative option. The packaging was designed to really pop on shelf, utilising strong colour blocking and bold illustrative elements that emphasise a fresh, hand-crafted approach. This carefree tone is reflected in the brand language on pouch and features in the copy for the first range of 5 flavours.”




Designed By: Redfire Design

Creative Director: Colin Downing

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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What If Nike Tried to Sell You Mascara?


Today, brand experience is now more important than ever. Brands try to convey a unique sense of identity, and the very notion of that identity is deeply intertwined with the value the brand provides its customers.

But if you have a brand with a strong presence and a trusting consumer base, can that brand extend themselves to new places and create products we wouldn’t normally associate with them?

For instance, when we talk about Amazon, we don’t just think about books anymore. We think of them as a virtual department store or grocer, a destination where we can get everything under the sun.

We tasked a group of young and emerging designers with creating extensions of well-known brands by imagining that they’ve unveiled a line of personal care and cosmetic products. 

And this wasn’t just any re-brand. Designers were to not only take the core characteristics of familiar brands and expanding them into a new line of products, but also consider the unique attributes of their consumers as well.


Close your eyes and try imagining a brand like Nike getting into the cosmetics game.  It’s no easy task and that’s just what Kim Michelle chose for her Art Center Project. This sporty line of cosmetics feels right at home with the brand, so much so, that we could see ourselves buying a tube of their everlasting liquid lipstick.






Designed By: Kim Michelle

School: ArtCenter College of Design

Instructors: Andrew Gibbs & Jessica Deseo

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10 Match Packaging Designs

kkArtboard 1 copy 38-100.jpg

Matches can make for a great promotional item, or a keepsake to remember a specific place. We’ve picked out 10 match packaging designs that capture attention and elevate the matchbox to be more of a collectible. 

1. Strike Matches By Hay



2. Keap x Object_ify Matchbox Set




3. Central Cevicheria Match Box



4. Celebrity Matches



5. Iverna Matches by Illume



6. Four Ways to Light the Perfect Match



7. Candlefish



8. Kokeshi Matches




9. Match One



10. Skeem Design Safety Matches

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Give Your Pets the Best With This Tailored Subscription Box


Subscription boxes have increased in popularity throughout the years, so it’s only fitting that a subscription service exist for pets! Pet company pawTree has come out with their own subscription box that is decorated with playful typography and illustrations.



“PawTree is a story of unconditional love between pet parents and their pets. The brand offers customized nutrition plans based on a simple to use pet profile system that helps take the guesswork out of choosing the right food for your pets. Now get what you want for your pet when you want it with MY pawBox! Nutrition, treats, toys and supplements are available to ship each month customized to your pet.”




Agency: Brand Agent
Client: pawTree
Executive Creative Director: Bruce Wynne-Jones
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Brandon Kirk 
Art Director: Andrea Castañeda
Illustrator: Michael Hornsby
Copywriter: Brooke Sloate
Art Production: Paula Tellez, Xavier Little and Robert Self
Account management: Angie Vasquez
Photography: Emily Valdez
Printer: Pollock
Location: Dallas, USA

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This Beverage Just Might Be The Key To Preventing Hangovers


Had a rough night? Riley&Riley is a new company that specializes in producing a drink that prevents hangovers.

The Brief: 
‘Create a brand for the Riley brothers’ drink. You’ll need to consider everything, from the branding strategy to the design to the packaging.’ 

Riley&Riley Ltd. sell a drink that promises to prevent hangovers – it’s a mix of vitamins, rehydration salts, amino acids that break down toxins, caffeine and one secret ingredient. The company was founded by two brothers from Yorkshire – Tom and James Riley. They moved to London after graduating, set up their company and started manufacturing the drink.



The Approach: 
The main inspiration for this project was the effect alcohol has on the brain and consequently the eyesight. The typeface and graphic elements were created based on this very idea. 

The Process: 
The name of the drink (20/20) is placed partially on the front and on the back of the bottle label. The more the user consumes the more visible the logo gets. When the amount reaches the lowest point, the logo gets clear -this subsequently means the user has absorbed all the required ingredients. The most important thing anyone should do to avoid next day’s hangover is to rehydrate. That is the reason why 20/20 logo has been placed near the bottom rather than the middle or top of the bottle. The user is ‘forced’ to drink in order to rehydrate.






The Result: 
A system of clever graphic elements is designed in order to support a bold, fresh and elegant brand launch for the Riley brothers. 

Type: Competition Project
Duration: One month




Designed By: Panos Tsakiris

Location: London, UK

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Little Sumo Is a Fresh Conceptual Take on Gin


This simple yet playful take on gin packaging is a breath of fresh air. The Butcher’s Shop Design created this conceptual packaging for “Little Sumo,” a boutique gin brand from South Africa.


“’Little Sumo’ is a boutique gin brand crafted in Cape Town, South Africa. The idea was to create a brand that stood out against the flooded South African gin market that tends to have a ‘hipster’, craft and vintage design slant.

Little Sumo needed to fight for attention on the crowded shelf while maintaining a strong brand identity across numerous potential variants.

This project was originally designed for a client, but later cancelled.”




Creative Agency: The Butcher’s Shop Design
Designer: Kate Butcher
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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These Brews Are Blended Works of Art


Young & Laramore, working on the behalf of Upland Brewing Company, launched the refreshed packaging and advertising for Upland’s renowned Upland Sour Ales.

Sour ales—beers that are made with wild yeast and intentionally, often oppressively tart, acidic and/or funky—are recognized as being not for everyone. But for adventurous craft drinkers who appreciate and seek them out, the sours created by Upland are among the finest in the world. 



“Blended works of art” is the idea at the center of Y&L’s work—a concept inspired by details of the sours brewing process, and the importance of careful blending of different batches to create a complex, yet balanced flavor profile. 

Bringing this concept to life was a comprehensive rebranding that included a logo exclusive to the Sour Ales program, plus new packaging and advertising featuring artwork by noted Minneapolis artist Michael Cina. “Michael Cina’s style depicts a beautiful blend of science and art, each resulting in a stunning visual experience,” says Upland President Doug Dayhoff. “And it emphatically communicates the level of not only craft, but artistry, present in every bottle.” 








Started in 2006, the Sour Ales program program began as a way for Upland to experiment with a brewing style that went back hundreds of years in Europe, but was far less common in America. Since then, what began as a passion project for the brewery has evolved into something far greater, with accolades including a GABF Gold Medal and multiple World Class rankings from Beer Advocate. 

The packaging and advertising refresh positions Upland Sour Ales as a world-class drinking experience and Upland as masters of their craft—a position which will help drive Upland’s expansion of their offering and distribution beyond Indiana to the top US beer markets.






Client: Upland Brewing Co. 
Agency: Young & Laramore 
Executive Creative Director/Principal: Carolyn Hadlock
Creative Director/Principal: Bryan Judkins
Associate Creative Director/Writer: Scott King
Associate Design Director/Designer: Zac Neulieb
Chief Strategy Officer/President: Tom Denari
Account Director/VP: Nick Prihoda
Account Managers: Sarah Davis, Tibet Spencer
Artist: Michael Cina
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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How Pond Design Celebrated Pride Month With Absolut

Finalization bottle 1.jpg

Last June, Pond Design was fortunate enough to work with Absolut in creating a special edition rainbow bottle for Pride month. So enamored by the bottle’s hand-painted look celebrating LGBTQ rights, we decided to speak with Pond Design about working with this iconic brand.

Walk us through the design process that you went through for this project.

Pond Design: We started the project with the awareness that the Pride Rainbow Flag is an iconic symbol. This is both a blessing (immediately recognizable) and a challenge (can easily become a design cliché). For the Absolut Pride, we wanted to find a way to dress the Absolut bottle in the Rainbow colors in a unique and personal way. We initiated an extensive exploration process, investigating colors and pigments, different application and painting techniques, numerous painting tools and types of surfaces. We filled every inch of our workshop with sketches and drafts, until the whole space looked like one big, colorful and exciting rainbow.

Once we settled on a couple of interesting painting techniques, a new round of experimentation was done. Once we reached a substantial quantity of sketches, we started selecting the best bits and pieces. In the next phase designs were scanned and digitally reworked into a number of options that were virtually tested on a 3D bottle, twisting and turning them around to figure out what worked best.

After client approval and a round of finalization, the designs entered a test-printing period. Due to specific technical limitations, it turned out that we needed to rework the design almost entirely following the feedback from the pre-production agency. The designs were then optimized again for the suggested screen-printing technique. 

Exploration fingerpaint.jpg

Exploration painting 1.jpg

Exploration painting 2.jpg

Exploration Selection 2.jpg

Exploration workshop.jpg

Exploration Selection 1.jpg

Finalization Flag 2.png

What was one of the biggest goals you set out to achieve with Absolut Rainbow Flag Edition packaging and how did you accomplish it?

Pond Design: The goal was to express a belonging to a community and celebrating individuality, tolerance and diversity. We created at least a hundred versions of an extremely simple, well-known and iconic symbol in order to find the best way to express this sentiment.

Misc Iterations.png


How did you make this packaging feel unique and able to honor Pride, and not simply like you’d put a rainbow flag on it without a second thought?

Pond Design: The hallmark of an iconic symbol is its ability to communicate a wider concept and, when it comes to communities, being a unifier. Another quality is its innate resilience (e.g. an arrow can be drawn in a thousand ways yet still be recognized as an arrow). We worked with these aspects to find a way to express both unity, personality and uniqueness.

Finalization bottle 2.jpg

What was the most challenging part of this project?

Pond Design: To find the right expression and transfer it to the bottle in a way that would look and feel as genuine and honest as possible.

How did you create the flag to feel as if it’s been newly painted and sprayed on the bottle?

Pond Design: To select the right design, we looked for a combination of excitement (interesting and unique), technical feasibility (ability to be reproduced so it would feel as it was actually painted directly on the glass). The paintings were scanned at very high resolution and later carefully isolated and completely digitally reworked, cautious not to lose the initial hand-painted impression. In the next step, the artworks were screen-printed on the bottle in two steps. It turned out that the different colors required a different screening technique! Screen-printing also resulted in a tactile label, further enhancing the impression of the flag being painted directly on the bottle.

Finalization Flag 1.png



Finalization bottle 3 close-up.jpg

If you could pick one aspect of the finished design that you like the most or feel especially proud of, what would it be and why?

Pond Design: The way it feels lovingly hand-painted directly on the bottle and thereby expresses individuality, personality and belonging to the LGBT community.

 Share one lesson that you learned while developing the finished product.

Pond Design: When working with experimental printing techniques, it’s important that both agency and client have an equally clear understanding of the technical possibilities and limitations of executing the design.



The Team From Pond Design
Client Director: Fredrik Svalstedt
Product Manager: Niclas Hemlin
Designers: Clas Celsing, Fredrik Bladh, Karin Edström
Copy: Naama Forsrup
In collaboration with: Ardagh & Destrito

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Each Flavor of These Chocolates Comes With a Distinct Personality


Musk has designed this clever take on chocolate bar packaging for Szabelski Bakery. Each bar features a bright and fun illustrated character that represents the individual flavor inside.

“This is another project for the chocolate industry. In counterpoint to similar products on the market, which are often designed in the style of luxury goods (gold prints, dark packaging), we focused on a simple and light design.”



“The positive effect of chocolate bars (pictograms of vitality, strength, concentration, vitamins, etc.) has been illustrated with a series of brand heroes referring to a particular taste (Mr. Walnut, Blueberry Lady, Mrs. Plum, Mrs. Bitter).”





“Reflected graphics, that is reminiscent of playing cards increase readability regardless of the position on the table or shelf in a shop. On the obverse we designed a cutout through which the type of chocolate and flavor is visible.”



“For the project, we prepared copyright titles referring to Poland and the Mazury region (in the form of a game with known Polish proverbs) and a brief description on the back of the packaging.

The project involves the development of 16 different designs and flavors.”










Designer: musk
Client: Szabelski Bakery
Collaboration: Agnieszka Starzyńska (copywriter)
Location: Poland

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Job of the Week: Midnight Oil

Job of the week-02-03.png



Midnight Oil is a dynamic marketing agency dedicated to creating meaningful connections through experiences that inspire. A team of strategic thinkers, creative artists and expert craftsmen, Midnight Oil takes seriously its role as brand caretakers and culture-makers.

Learn More + Apply

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The Dieline’s Best of the Week

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