Another favorite “tiny house” in Venice

What do you do when you need a mini-vacation, but you don’t have enough time to go anywhere? Airbnb! I feel like in-town vacation rentals are the perfect outlet for unique staycations. Adam and I just spent a couple days at my other favorite "tiny house" in Venice (which I first discovered on Airbnb), and I completely fell in love with the space:

Meet the by @shophbleu. Isn’t it a dream? The fig vines are everywhere and are beyond beautiful. And the outdoor shower was the most gorgeous little place to relax and breathe:

At 400 square feet, this house is only slightly bigger than our Tiny Canal Cottage. But, much like our home, the numerous windows and doors make the space feel open and airy.

(My camera broke during our stay, so these photos are mainly iPhone. Sorry for the less-than-ideal quality, but the subject is so amazing that it hardly matters. Enjoy!)















(Via Blog – The Tiny Canal Cottage)

the Mjolk home for Kinfolk

nicole-franzen-kinfolk-1 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-2 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-3 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-4 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-5 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-6

So there are a few elements in the post which I really like. First, the photography of Nicole Franzen. She captures the most beautiful images. Then there is the Kinfolk home book. A must have, with great inspiration! Then, the online store Mjolk.

In this post, it all comes together, Nicole Franzen photographed the home of the Mjolk owners for the Kinfolk home book. Perfection! We already wrote about this great book before. And we still have a look in it once in a while, just to relax with a cup of coffee and great interiors and beautiful stories.

Nicole wrote about it on her blog as well, you’ll find the post here. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!